3 - CJ McCollum

6-3, 197 Point Guard/Shooting Guard
Lehigh Senior
09/19/91 (30.9 yrs)
Canton, OH
High School
Glen Oak
Team Site Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling

NBA Comparison: Stephen Curry/Juan Dixon

Strengths: Combination guard whose game is marked by a lethal capacity for scoring … Averaged 21.9 points per game in 3 ½ season in Bethlehem … His off the dribble variety is elite—hesitation, rocker and crossover—excellent shiftiness and ability to burst through an open seam … He can score from anywhere, a truly unpredictable defensive assignment in the half court … Highly efficient in both isolation offense and the pick & roll, resulting in a score % of 49.2% and 45.7% as a senior in each respective situation … Renowned for his comfort level dribbling into a jumper from mid-range or distance; he’s also above 1 PPP shooting off screens and spotting up … He converted 33 three-pointers (52%) in 12 games last season … Hunts cheap points at the free throw line (6.7 attempts for his career, 82% accuracy) – has added 35-40 pounds since first arriving on campus and shows a proclivity for using his 200 lb. frame to draw contact … Capable of making appropriate in-air body adjustments following a bump … Plays with a palpable air of confidence; for every defensive design, he has the ability to counter … Cool under pressure in the deciding moments of the biggest games … Well-schooled and intelligent, operates like he’s seen it all before … Singlehandedly carried Lehigh to heights unforeseen. Plays well within the team concept, yet still possesses the one on one package to break away from it when necessary. 6’6 wingspan– major factor on both backboards (6.3 career, 7.8 sophomore) and creates absolute havoc in passing lanes (2.1 steals) … From a mental acuity and physical maturity standpoint, he’s ready.

Weaknesses: McCollum will need to further cultivate his lead guard and team running skills at the next level … At this point, he profiles as more of a natural scoring, combo guard … At 6’3, his primary position will need to be at the point … 2.7:2.4 collegiate assist: turnover ratio spotlights his weaknesses in facilitating for teammates (as well as lack of a potent surrounding cast) … His most popular media comparison, Damian Lillard, averaged 4 assists per game his senior year … Lacks explosive quickness or leaping ability — solid athlete, but at least in part reliant on court craft and change of pace to make due … Three-point stroke could use fine tuning (32% sophomore, 34% junior), but mechanics look good … Level of competition is a legitimate concern. While he showed well against premiere programs (36 against Baylor and 30 against Duke), he was not tested consistently … He was essentially able to coast through Patriot League play and still dominate … Does not have great feet defensively or look fluid moving side to side- his ISO defense is a liability … Missed the final 19 games of 2012-2013 with a broken bone in his foot. McCollum will turn 22 in September.

Notes: Measured 6’3 (in shoes) 192 lbs, with a 6’6 wingspan at the 2012 Deron Williams Skills Academy

Adam Ganeles 4/22/13