The first stop for the adidas 3SSB was in Indianapolis, featuring a solid crop of talent.

Koa Peat 6’8 190 SF – Compton Magic 2025

Peat’s getting his 17U debut off to a nice start, averaging 22.8 points (3rd) on 52.1% FG% and 10.5 rebounds (6th) (five offensive) per game. With a strong frame, good physicality, coordination, and athleticism, you wouldn’t assume he’s a freshman. He still needs some polish in the post and around the rim in general, but the foundation’s there and he has so much to work with, and already very effective down low with numerous above the rim finishes. He drew a lot of fouls at eight per game and while he doesn’t have a bad looking stroke, he has much room to improve his 50% FT%. He can put the ball on the floor a little but the versatility projects to grown even more over the next few years. Defensively, he blocked 1.8 (7th) shots per game, held his own down low, and moves well out on the perimeter. Peat and Compton Magic went 3-1 to start the season.

Elijah Fisher 6’6 185 SG – Elite 6 2023

Fisher’s a good athlete with a handful of dunks and finished well at the rim using either hand. He hangs, controls his body, and absorbs contact well when driving. His aggressive play led to shooting 7.3 free throws per game. He’s best attacking downhill and in transition, making some nice passes when leading the break. He flashed a nice pull-up jumper, but his shooting can improve consistency in all areas at 47.5% FG%, 14.3% 3PT% (1-7), and 65.5% FT% over the four games. Elite 6 finished the session with a 1-3 record, Fisher averaged 19.5 points (6th), 8.3 rebounds, and 2.8 assists to 3.3 turnovers per game.

Baye Fall 6’11 205 C – Colorado Hawks 2023

Fall (pictured) had a major impact each time he took the floor. He’s long, skinny, and agile, covering pretty good ground but he lacks strength in both his lower and upper body. He scored well within close but still has room to expand post-game and doesn’t consistently connect on his fadeaways. Despite the lack of strength, he plays physical and shot 5.3 free throws per game but only shot 61.9% FT%. He does travel a lot and picked up a share of offensive fouls which led to an area he can drastically improve in, turnovers, with 7.3 per game and 11 in the game against New York Wiz Kids alone. Overall, Fall was great with 22.5 points per game on 60.3% FG% and 10.8 rebounds (four offensive) per game, which would be place him in the top five in both categories, but the stats didn’t have him listed correctly. He made some nice passes out of the high-post and defensively, he blocked 3.3 (3rd) shots per game and disrupted plenty he didn’t get a hand on. Colorado Hawks finished with 3-1 record over the weekend.

Ian Jackson 6’6 180 SG – New York Wiz Kids 2024

Jackson was likely the best class of 2024 prospect in the event. He’s a good athlete with an effective crossover and changes speed well with the ball. He’s best in transition, where he made some impressive passes, but I would like to see him get to the rim more as he doesn’t beat his man often in the half-court, looking to shake his defender to get his jump shot off, rather than get into the paint. He also could move more off the ball as he tends to hang out on the wing the majority of the possession. Defensively, he sticks to the ball-handler well and the stats only have three of his four games posted, but he’s leading the 3SSB with 4.3 steals per game. His jump shot was hit and miss, sometimes hitting and impressive shot off the dribble after stopping on a dime, other times, missing knock down opportunities. He missed all all ten of his 3PT attempts his three games recorded. He also averaged 12.7 points, 7.3 rebounds, and 5.7 assists (2nd) per game.

Ja'Kobe Walter 6’6 180 SG – Team Trae Young 2023

Walter had an impressive weekend. They only have three of his four games posted, but he’s leading the league in scoring with 26.3 points per game while shooting 48.1% FG%. He didn’t have a lot of above the rim finishes, but he has a killer midrange game, pulling up when he gets to his spots or utilizing his floater when appropriate. He also shot well from 3PT, 42.9% 3PT% on seven attempts per game, with ability to freeze the defense with his dribble and hit shots in the defender’s face. He’s not real strong but handled some physical double-teams and shot seven free throws per game, shooting an incredibly reliable 95.2% FT% (20-21). His defense was solid and showed great timing on some no look lead passes in the half-court.

AJ Johnson 6’6 160 PG – Jalen Green Elite 2023

I only saw one of Jalen Green Elite’s games and Johnson was impressive. He’s got some strength to add, but he has long arms and solid quickness. He handles the ball well and can dribble into his shot, showing a nice pull-up jump shot. He’s under control in transition, a good athlete, and is well-balanced. With his ability, he can probably get to the rim more, but he had great success shooting in the game I saw against Team Rose with 16 points on 7-10 FG and 2-2 3PT. Defensively, he showed commitment and disruption on the ball, and averaged 1.8 steals per game. Johnson and Jalen Green Elite won all four games, averaging 11.8 points per game on 46.2% FG% and 60% 3PT% (6-10 3PT).

Flory Bidunga 6’10 215 C – Indiana Elite 16U 2024

Bidunga’s very strong and a powerful athlete, very quick off the ground without having to gather, and had many jams, including an and-one dunk where he wasn’t fazed by the defender’s contact. He’s a very good rim protector with a second best 3.7 blocks per game and keeps the opposition out of the paint when anchored down low. He’s currently 8th in rebounding in the 16U division with 9.3 boards per game in the three games the stats are posted for. Offensively, he was alert as a roll man in the pick & roll and he flashed touch. Although in the three games he has stats for, he scored 22 points per game and shot 93.94% FG% (31-33 FG), he has a way to go offensively, especially when he matches up opponents that are further along than what he’s facing on 16U. He only shot 36.36% FT% (4-11) on free throws, but he’s relatively new to the sport with raw talent to work with and his best basketball ahead of him.


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