32 - Baye Fall

6-11, 205 Center
Arkansas HS Senior
12/21/03 (18.9 yrs)
Dakar, Senegal
High School
Accelerated Prep
Team Site Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Post Skills
93 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Pascal Siakam

Strengths: 6’11 big man … Great length. Covers a lot of ground on both ends with long strides … Agile, well-coordinated, and fluid athlete. Quick off the ground and effortless finishing above the rim … High motor and activity level, beats other big men down the court. Good potential as a pick & roll big man … Scores well within close and highly efficient. Scoring averages: 10.2 PPG 54.3% FG% NBPA Top 100 2021, 14.3 PPG 48.8% FG% Grind Session 2021-22, 5th best 15.8 PPG 66.7% FG% NBPA Top 100 2022, 18.1 PPG 49% FG% 3SSB 2022 … Solid looking stroke from midrange and the free throw line. While not consistent yet, there’s a foundation to work with and to expand upon moving forward … While he lacks strength, he doesn’t shy away from physicality and draws fouls at a good rate. Shot 5.2 free throws per game over the adidas 3SSB in 2022 … Consistently boxes out and very good rebounder on both ends. Converts offensive rebounds into baskets at a good rate. Rebounding stats: 5.5 (5th best 2.3 ORPG) RPG NBPA Top 100 2021, 7.1 RPG Grind Session 2021-22, 3rd best 10.8 RPG NBPA Top 100 2022, 4th best 10.1 RPG (4.5 ORPG) 3SSB 2022 … Light on his feet and his length allows him to defend on the perimeter, can switch when needed. Good shot blocker, especially coming help side, and disrupts plenty that he doesn’t get a hand on. Averaged 1.6 blocks per game over the Grind Session in 2021-22 and 2.8 per game over the adidas 3SSB in 2022 …

Weaknesses: Slight frame and has much room to add strength in upper and lower body. Struggles to hold position in the low post, ends up catching the ball further away from the basket than initially planned. Fumbles the ball when getting bumped in traffic … Has much room to expand his post-game and can improve consistency with his fadeaway and jump hook. Minimal ability to put the ball down and can improve offensive technique overall. Can throw up some sloppy shots and layups at the rim when he doesn’t dunk. Reliant on cleaning up offensive rebounds or a guard finding him in the half-court. Avoids using left hand. While he’s been productive and efficient throughout high school, offensive production will diminish at higher levels without an expanded skill set as defenders match his size and ability … Doesn’t stretch the floor. Although he shot a solid clip over the summer in 2022, he doesn’t shoot at a high enough volume to be a consistent threat from the perimeter. 3PT shooting: 0% 3PT% 0.5 3PTA NBPA Top 100 2021, 28.6% 3PT% 0.7 3PTA Grind Session 2021-22, 40% 3PT% 0.5 3PTA 3SSB 2022 … Not a bad looking stroke but can improve as a free throw shooter. FT shooting: 68.8% FT% NBPA Top 100 2021, 55.3% FT% Grind Session 2021-22, 67.3% FT% 3SSB 2022 … Picks up offensive fouls and travels a bit often. Can work on minimizing turnovers. Makes some nice passes out of the post but his floor game is lacking overall. Assist to turnover stats: 0 APG/1.2 TOPG NBPA Top 100 2021, 1.4 APG/3 TOPG Grind Session 2021-22, 1.5 APG/2.3 TOPG NBPA Top 100 2022, 1.3 APG/4.7 TOPG 3SSB 2022 … Older for class, will turn 19 in December of his senior year of high school …

Outlook: Transferred to Accelerated Prep for his senior year … Played in the 2022 UA Next Elite 24 …

Evan Tomes 9/11/22

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