The 2024 CP3 and Jayson Tatum Nike Camps took place early this year, combining forces and running together at Coronado High School in Las Vegas on Monday and Tuesday, July 1st and 2nd. On hand were roughly 30 top tier high school and 30 college guard and wing prospects, split between the two camps, running through drills and then scrimmaging with the pros (Paolo Banchero,, Isaiah Thomas (UW), and Chris Paul among others) Jayson Tatum was there but did not compete in the scrimmages, likely due to some much needed rest after becoming an NBA Champion and a long season. A small handful of around 25-30 NBA scouts were on hand to see the event. Photo is Tyrese Proctor defending CP3. Thomas had the gym buzzing at one point on day one as he was scoring at will and putting defenders into purgatory. He can clearly play at a very high level in spurts. On to the report, here were a few of the standouts:

CP3 College Prospects

Jaland Lowe 6’3 Pittsburgh So.

Lowe stood out among the college group of players from the CP3. With a solid wingspan, he’s got very good size and speed and also makes very quick decisions with when to pass and when to shoot. He showed off his great vision and also really competed, going toe to toe with CP3 at one point and drawing some praise (from CP3)  for his hustle. Lowe can get stronger and tougher, but there’s a lot to like about his skill set and potential, taking over the Pitt backcourt with former teammate Bub Carrington being drafted 14th overall. Lowe can end up doing something very similar next season. He’s on track to be a first round pick next year and has a chance to be a lottery pick, depending on how his season turns out and how the class develops.

Tyrese Proctor 6’5 Duke Jr.

There’s good news and bad news with Proctor. The good news is that he’s clearly put in a ton of work on his body and looks like a different player with broad shoulders and a really strong physique. The bad news is, he didn’t seem interested in competing and looked like the same old Proctor, not giving full focus or effort for much of the time. It’s clear that he’s just a below average athlete, so perhaps the expectations were always elevated and he is more of a second round, fringe NBA talent. He’s not a great PnR playmaker for others and shoots it at an okay rate, but doesn’t really have what you would consider a standout skill. He’s a big combo guard and there’s always a chance he has a breakout season at Duke, but he’s running out of time.

Dior Johnson 6’2 UCF So.

The 20 year old point guard drew some interest for his efforts from scouts. He has a well documented checkered past and will have to go above and beyond to impress in order to be a draft pick as there’s a lot of concern from scouts, due to all of his off court issues. With all that being said, Johnson was one of the more impressive athletes and playmakers in camp. He’ll need to use the opportunity to it’s fullest to re-establish himself under Johnny Dawkins at Central Florida.

RJ Davis 6’0 North Carolina Sr.

Davis did RJ Davis things, competing hard and scoring well in the mid range. He’s a competitive guard who knows how to get downhill and score and can pass well enough to potentially earn some minutes at the next level. He has an uphill battle with a slight frame and lack of height, but he’s extremely tough and a very experienced guard with scoring ability.

Elliot Cadeau 6’1 North Carolina So.

Cadaeu still struggles to shoot with much consistency. He’s small enough where it’s almost imperative that he be a Patty Mills type that can overcome the lack of size with a deadly outside shot. On the bright side, Cadeau has a lot of time left in college to earn NIL money and improve his shooting  for the next level. But NBA scouts came away with more questions than answers after this event and a somewhat disappointing freshman season.

Dink Pate 6’8 OTE 2006

Pate is draft eligible and arrived at the event, stretched and then pulled out of the camp. No official word on why he didn’t participate. He’s well liked for his upside, and considered a potential mid first round pick for the 2025 draft. He’s got size and some skill potential, but still needs to gain experience competing against higher level opponents. As reported last week by ESPN, the Dallas native will play for Capitanes de Ciudad de México of the NBA G League next season.

Kanaan Carlyle 6’4 Indiana So

The Indiana transfer will attempt to build on his freshman year and show that he can sustain the standout early play as a FR for the Hoosiers. He’s got a solid jumper and good length, but has not added much strength and still struggles in pick and roll situations. At CP3 he did little to separate himself and did not seem to be pushing too hard. His shooting was just average and did not produce any real highlights to speak of.

Tony Perkins 6’4 Missouri Sr.

Perkins is a 5th year guy who is much more of a two than a one. He has pretty good length to make up for his 6’4 frame. He is a “smooth’ athlete and showed the ability to finish at the rim and had a number of dunks on put backs. While probably a long shot to be drafted, due to his age, he had a positive showing and potentially opened some eyes regarding his chances to be considered for a late pick.

Trent Perry 6’4 UCLA Fr.

Perry gives effort and has pretty good size for an NBA 2. He had a few nice plays throughout the camp, but nothing that was standout. He appears to be a guy that will be in college 3-4 years, and with a rugged frame and high motor, he should adapt well to Mick Cronin’s defensive style. He looks to be correctly rated in the class, in the 30-35 range.

Sion James 6’6 Duke Sr.

The Duke transfer from Tulane is an absolute specimen. His frame looks like he should be playing middle linebacker instead of on the wing at Duke. Absolutely ripped with muscles popping out of his ears, he’s a high energy guy who showed some flashes with his physicality and ability to pull up for shots. Perhaps a long shot for the NBA due to his age, but a big season at Duke could help his cause. There will be a lot of mouths to be fed at Duke this season with the amount of talent coming in, so being a contributor isn’t a given, but he figures to get a real chance.

CP3 High School Prospects

Trey McKenney 6’4 Flint, MI 2025 Class

Like James, McKenney is another absolute Goliath playing guard. If things don’t work out for him as a NBA or as a professional guard after college, there is always the gridiron, as he could develop an absolutely special frame for a tight end. But McKenney is super skilled as a guard with both shooting and passing ability. The huge size slows him down some as he’s likely pushing 230-240 lbs. He’s fairly nimble and quick on his feet considering his burly size, but as the levels of talent go up, increased speed with be imperative for his success.

Isaiah Denis 6’5 Davidson, NC 2025 Class

Denis stood out as one of the most athletic guards among the high school group. He still needs to refine his skill set and add more consistency to his shot, and become a better playmaker. But in the limited time scouts had to view the high school players while focused more on the college group, Denis made some nice plays and a solid impression.

Jason Crowe 6’5 Lynwood, CA 2026 Class

Crowe seems to always be a player that scouts come away impressed with. He’s not super flashy, not a high flyer or particularly explosive guy. But he has a very mature all around game. He makes great decisions, shows good vision and passing ability, and can really hit shots. He’s a lefty shooter with range and has really become automatic, with a quick release, and good ability to catch and shoot, or pull up. He was listed at 6’2, but appears more in the neighborhood of 6’4 to 6’5. Crowe is one of the top ten 2026 prospects and stood out as one of the top 2-3 high schoolers among the CP3 group.

Jasper Johnson 6’5 PG Link Academy 2025 Class

There are still some rough edges to iron out and plenty of toughening up and maturing left in front of him. But Johnson looks vastly improved over the past year. He’s grown and filled out and can really impact games. The talent is unmistakable, with shades of DeAaron Fox. He can be an elite level guard. But he has to continue to keep building and stay focused. The length, speed, shooting, playmaking. It’s very intriguing, with loads of potential. But he has to continue working hard and stay driven to improve to realize his talent.

Meleek Thomas 6’3 OTE 2025 Class

Thomas has an unorthodox style to him. He has some combo skill and plays with high energy and at times can be a little out of control. When he’s on his game is really effective, but he still must become more composed and mature with his decision making. He’s very assertive and was asking a lot of questions and trying hard to learn. He’s a fast and pretty long and athletic guard, but more of a scorer than a playmaker for others. His outside shooting shows a lot of promise. If he continues to progress, he’ll have a chance to be a one and done first rounder in two years.


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