The CP3 Elite Point Guard Camp and Jayson Tatum Elite Forwards Camp joined forces this year with each group working on skill development in the mornings (90 minutes CP3 and then 90 Minutes JT) and then had informal scrimmage runs with both camps combined for a couple hours in the afternoon from 2-4. While it was a bit of a three ring circus and difficult to catch everything at once, I chose to focus on the college players, but caught enough of the high school prospects to give some analysis of their performance. Houston Rockets advisor John Lucas, fondly known as “Luc”, had a touching tribute to Bill Walton court side in front of a small handful of scouts, saying simply, “He really was the best”.

Top NCAA Prospects

Cameron Carr 6’5 SG/PG Tennessee So.

Carr (pictured) was a player we zeroed in on in high school, as he not only showed shooting ability but very solid upside as an athlete. He struggled for PT as a freshman at Tennessee playing behind SEC player of the year Dalton Knecht, but made the most of his opportunity in Vegas to impress NBA scouts. Based on his athleticism, length and skill set, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that Carr could have a breakout sophomore season and end up a lottery pick. NBA scouts on hand agreed with this assessment. He made some absolutely jaw dropping, athletic plays, including dunks at the rim, as well as turning on the afterburners in the open floor to get by opponents. He’s got a very smooth pull up game, and creates well off the dribble. NBA All Star talent if his shooting becomes consistent (it was not in Vegas), and considering his high school play, and shooting form, there’s a real chance it happens this year. As Red (Morgan Freeman) said in Shawshank Redemption,  “Some birds aren’t meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too bright.”

Drake Powell 6’6 SF North Carolina Fr.

Powell had the most impressive camp from an NBA draft perspective. In high school, he built a reputation as an an elite athlete and defender that had trouble scoring. On Day One he put those notions to rest, at least for that day as he took over the gym with a scoring flurry of 4-5 baskets, a number of which came from outside the three point arch and also created off the dribble, isolating against pros. Chris Paul at one point decided to play him physical and push him away from from underneath the basket, and Powell casually dribbled, allowed Paul to push (and foul him) spun and hit a free throw range shot on CP3, which drew more ohhhs from the crowd. He was clearly in the zone, and even fouling him wasn’t slowing him down. Powell still must prove that he can be a consistent scorer and overcome the fact that UNC has not had a ton of one-and-done success, but the makings are surely there for Powell to become a top 3-5 pick after one season in Chapel Hill. The battles between North Carolina and Duke should be epic next season, as both teams figure to be contenders with loaded rosters and revive the rivalry to it’s past glory.

Isaiah Evans 6’6 Duke Fr.

Oozing upside, but still more prospect than player at the moment, Evans has a very thin frame so he’ll need to continue to work hard to add core strength throughout the summer. He’s got a body type and style that is reminiscent of former Duke player Brandon Ingram. He still struggles with contact and does most of his damage in catch and shoot, but the potential is there for him to become an iso player and score in the mid-range and around the basket as his body matures. The 7’foot wingspan and outside shooting stroke really put his upside in the elite category. He has the bounce to get up and finish on the break, but really needs a clear pathway as any obstacles make it difficult for him, without much strength at this point. He had moments and showed a competitive fire, but his lack of strength continues to limit his effectiveness.

Dailyn Swain 6-8 SF/PF Xavier

Swain was another real standout prospect at the event. He is a player that could end up having a breakout sophomore season at Xavier. He was very impressive with a physique of a NBA four and the mobility and speed of a wing. Swain shows very solid shooting touch with developing range and some ability to create. The footwork and ability to get out and run in the open floor is high level. He’s an NBA athlete who just needs to gain confidence and experience. Lottery is within his sights as early as 2025.

AJ Storr 6’7 SF Kansas Sr.

Storr looked a little lethargic and lacked pop in Las Vegas. He’s joining a strong Kansas squad and should be expected to have a big role for them. He can shoot a little and is a good athlete, but doesn’t really have a standout skill to hang his hat on at this point. With a chance to impress scouts in Vegas, he came out a little flat and looks more like a mid to late second rounder at this point.

Jarin Stevenson 6’10 C/PF Alabama So.

Stevenson has good length and a solid base. He shows some flashes at times with solid footwork and the ability to make some plays around the basket and the midrange. His intensity and energy level is inconsistent and he seems content to just be a good player. He’ll have a shot to be drafted over the next few years, as he’s got good length and some intrigue, but he didn’t do enough to make scouts take notice.

Kon Knueppel 6’6 SF Duke Fr.

On day 2, Kon took over the gym for a short time with a number of impressive scores and got a high five from former Dukie Paulo Banchero, (who absolutely destroyed everyone). A true throwback, Knueppel is one of the most entertaining players to watch as he maximizes his abilities at an amazing level. He’s sort of what Larry Bird or Nikola Jokic would look like if they were only 6’6 and even less athletic. He’s got all the tricks in the book, like the rec league guy that has played every day for 30 years, he knows passing angles, gets shots off using pump fakes, and has an absolutely masterful feel for the game. He passes teammates open for easy layups. With all that being said, it’s difficult to project him as a first rounder until he shows that he can be at least decent defensively and becomes a prolific shooter. Neither of those things are off the table next year and he could easily impact games to the same level or more than Kyle Filipowski did this season. If Duke wins it all this year, Kon will likely be reason number 2. He projects as a second rounder right now, but a very intriguing player to track.

Rylan Griffen 6’5 SG Kansas Jr.

The Kansas transfer showed that he’s a very good shooter when left open. He’s got pretty good size as a SG and plays with focus and energy. Where his game seems to be lacking is in creating scoring opportunities. He’ll need to become more proficient in ISO and pull up spots. He’s not the longest wing, but has a chance to play himself into being a late first rounder with a big season in Lawrence.

Top High School Prospects

Brady Koehler 6’8 Indianapolis 2025

Koehler had an impressive camp. He’s not a top 50 recruit at the moment, but based on his performance in Las Vegas, he probably should be. He’s got a focused and mature demeanor, has a very nice looking lefty stroke and shows some solid craftiness at setting up shots when guarded, even against higher level competition. He needs to get stronger and doesn’t blow you away with run jump athleticism, but can get up for ally oops and put backs and showed some solid leaping ability at times.

Darius Adams 6’5 SG/PG New Jersey 2025

Adams is a very crafty combo guard who has good size and a solid feel for the game. He shows a lot of scoring acumen with the ability to isolate and set up shots off the dribble. His passing and ball handling are point guard level, although he was with the wings on the JT Elite camp. Adams doesn’t blow you away with athleticism or speed, but is a high level prospect nonetheless with his skill set and competitiveness.

Tajh Ariza 6’8 SF/PF Westchester, CA 2025

Ariza has a great basketball body and is extremely fluid and athletic. When he’s on, he looks like a future NBA guy. His skill set still has a long ways to go, and he doesn’t always seem to play with a high motor. He’s still young, so there’s time to develop, but he does not seem to have progressed a ton in the past year. We’ll see if his shooting and ball skills improve in his final year of high school.

Caleb Wilson 6’9 PF/C Atlanta, GA 2025

Wilson is an absolute specimen and also has some very intriguing skills, with the ability to knock down outside shots and finish around the rim. He’s in the Jermaine O’neal mold, at least physically and skill wise, he’ll just need to develop more of a consistent motor to become something special and potential standout at the highest level.

Sadiq White 6’8 SF/PF Charlotte, NC 2025

White was consistently making highlight, above the rim finishes, proving to be one of the most explosive players in the gym. He’s still somewhat raw, but shows some potential with his shooting. If he can further develop as a wing, he shows a lot of upside.

Alex Constanza 6’6 SF/PF Ft. Lauderdale, FL  2026

Constanza was one of the more impressive high school kids at the event. He’s got power forward size, listed at 6’8 he looked an inch or two taller. He has a body that allows him to play physical but also shows the speed and agility to play some on the wing. Most impressive is his outside shooting stroke and touch. A class behind most of the high schoolers in attendance, and still one of the most impressive.

Jalen Montonati 6’7 SF Owasso, OK 2026

Montonati is one of the top shooters on the high school level. He’s got range well past the three point line and is a player that cannot be left open. He’s tall and has good length looking bigger than 6’7. What he’s lacking is great foot speed and athleticism. He may struggle to create shots for himself, but in catch and shoot situations he can be deadly.

Nate Ament 6’9 PF Warrenton, VA 2025

Ament shows a lot of upside as he’s got fluidity and athleticism and the size to play in the post but also the speed to cover ground on the perimeter. His shooting and scoring ability has a lot of promise. He still needs to add a lot of strength to his frame over the next two seasons, but otherwise, there’s a lot to like about his NBA upside, a potential one and done lottery guy.

Shelton Henderson 6’6 SG/SF Houston, TX 2025

Henderson is an explosive wing with some clear shooting ability. Unfortunately the high school kids played in the other gym during the scrimmage sessions so it was tough to see much of him. But clearly an interesting senior wing to track for the next levels.


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