The 2012 PIT will take place April 11-14th.

For more infomation on the tournament from the official PIT website please visit: http://www.portsmouthinvitational.com

2012 PIT Rosters
*Expect changes.

Coaches : Larry Smith & Ben Moore
33Eli HolmanDetroitC6′ 10"26010.
41Greg ManganoYaleF6′ 10"24018.
42Keith WrightHarvardF6′ 8"24010.
15Larry AndersonLong Beach StateG6′ 5"2101453.11.90.349.141.969.8
5Jason ClarkGeorgetownG6′ 2"17014.
22Reggie HamiltonOaklandG6′ 1"17625.73.94.920.144.441.687.4
13Chace StanbackUNLVG6′ 8"21512.
2Jordan TaylorWisconsinG6′ 1"19514.73.741039.935.578.1

Coaches : Jim Markey & Patrick Dulin
30Laron DendyMiddle TennesseeC6′ 9"23514.
35Jarrod JonesBall StateF6′ 9"23414.
33Cameron MooreUABF6′ 10"23016.
20Rakim SandersFairfieldF6′ 5"21016.
10Kent BazemoreOld DominionG6′ 5"19515.
24Darryl BryantWest VirginiaG6′ 2"19517.
22Charles HinkleAmericanG6′ 5"20518.
5Zack RosenPennsylvaniaG6′ 1"17018.

Coaches : Max Gillespie & Jerry Hasty
13Julian MavungaMiami (OH)F6′ 8"23216.493.40.90.644.130.573.4
12TJ RobinsonLong Beach StateF6′ 8"2051210.
11Ralph SampsonMinnesotaF6′ 11"2417.
3Kyle WeemsMissouri StateF6′ 6"22615.
0Kim EnglishMissouriG6′ 6"20014.
1Juan FernandezTempleG6′ 4"19511.42.83.910.240.543.481.6
2Ashton GibbsPittsburghG6′ 2"19015.
4Kyle KuricLouisvilleG6′ 4"19513.

Coaches : Mike Head & Mark Butts
12Agustus GilchristSouth FloridaF6′ 10"24510.350.
4Wendell McKinesNew Mexico StateF6′ 6"23018.810.
13Mitchell WattBuffaloF6′ 10"22516.
2Dee BostMississippi StateG6′ 2"17615.63.35.320.239.134.375.9
3Braydon HobbsBellarmineG6′ 5"18512.
5Dominique MorrisonOral RobertsG6′ 6"21019.
1Charlie WestbrookSouth DakotaG6′ 4"20818.742.21.70.946.438.976.6
14Alex YoungIUPUIG6′ 6"21220.

Coaches : Dave Trickler & Eric Acra
14Steven IdletTulsaC6′ 11"24710.
12Yancy GatesCincinnatiF6′ 9"26012.
13JaMychal GreenAlabamaF6′ 8"240147.
11David MichaelsWhitmanF6′ 7"2152061.61.30.65546.378.8
2Nick BarbourHigh PointG6′ 3"17520.
4Oscar BellfieldUNLVG6′ 2"1909.
5Bradford BurgessVirginia CommonwealthG6′ 6"22513.
3Jordan TheodoreSeton HallG6′ 0"174163.

Coaches : Tony Holloway & P.J. Honore
0Henry SimsGeorgetownC6′ 10"23211.
21Michael GloverIonaF6′ 7"21518.
25Kyle O'QuinnNorfolk StateF6′ 10"24015.910.
22Bryant VoilesAugustanaF6′ 9"20914.
23Devoe JosephOregonG6′ 4"17716.
2Ramone MooreTempleG6′ 4"19017.
1Kevin MurphyTennessee TechG6′ 7"18521.
3Erving WalkerFloridaG5′ 8"17712.12.84.71039.937.181.3

Coaches : Billy Mann & John Kelly
22Garrett StutzWichita StateC7′ 0"25513.581.10.4155.632.382.1
14Terrance HenryMississippiF6′ 9"21012.
24Ken HortonCentral ConnecticutF6′ 6"198198.
23Ricardo RatliffeMissouriF6′ 8"24013.
20Wesley WitherspoonMemphisF6′ 9"2077.
25Jorge GutierrezCaliforniaG6′ 3"19513.15.34011.20.144.53274.6
11Scoop JardineSyracuseG6′ 2"1909.
10Gerald RobinsonGeorgiaG6′ 1"18014.

Coaches : Leo Anthony & Martin Oliver
12Xavier GibsonFlorida StateF6′ 11"2487.
13Eric GriffinCampbellF6′ 8"19015.
4Chris JohnsonDaytonF6′ 6"20112.
3Herb PopeSeton HallF6′ 8"23615.210.31.411.647.135.661
5Jet ChangBYU-HawaiiG6′ 4"19017.83.521.50.341.730.166.4
2Kyle FoggArizonaG6′ 3"18813.
10Matt GatensIowaG6′ 5"21215.
1Casper WareLong Beach StateG5′ 10"17517.


  1. Machado & Sacre are
    Machado & Sacre are Borderline 1st rounders or early 2nd rounders..Scouts had Machado as the 1st or 2nd best playmaker in the country, teams like OKC or Pacers might select him with their late 1st round pick..If he had a poor showing at Portsmith..That might effect his stock..All Star settings like these are mostly guard dominated and big men get the ball,so Sacre possibly made the right decision..Teams will be looking at him during workouts to see his court speed & his athleticism..Sacre has a NBA body,improved his rebounding numbers this year..And does a great job of drawing fouls and getting to the line…

    A guy that really needs to be on this Roster is Kris Joseph of Syracuse..I guess he thinks he’s a lock to become a 1st rounder..But he didnt make any improvements to his game..His stock has fallen so far that he might not get drafted…

  2. agree with Rudeboy, these

    agree with Rudeboy, these tourneys purpose have always been to move players stock up…now that the draft been reduced to 2 rounds, these players here are either trying to move into the 2nd round period or possibly "sneak" in the 1st round.

  3. And alot of Times are

    And alot of Times are dominate the ball and play selfish while trying to show scouts thier games and Big Guys in these Tourneys Rarely get the Ball in positions to score…So they have to do other things that Stands Out……


  4. I don’t think joseph’s play

    I don’t think joseph’s play this year was so bad tht he won’t even get draft. I think he’s at the least a lock for the early-mid second simply off of his athletic ability and defense.

    Alex Young I think made a terrific decision to play. His stock is late first, but could fall down to mid second just as easily. Having a dominating performance with some good combine numbers could lock him into the late first.

  5. How come Rob Jones of St

     How come Rob Jones of St Mary’s isn’t participating? He could use more scouts watching him, he averaged 15pts and 11rebs last year and could be a good physical small forward backup or a stretch four off the bench 

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