22 - Casper Ware

5-10, 170 Point Guard
Long Beach State Senior
Cerritos, CA
High School
Team Site Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
86 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Tyus Edney

Strengths: Ware is a waterbug PG with serious jet-like quickness and speed…Flies around the court, and also is an explosive athlete at 5’10 with a compact 177 lb frame…Was a prolific and aggressive scorer, always is looking to put the ball in the basket…Able to find the way to the paint…Has some good handles, pretty shifty and has a real good 1st step…Has a natural ability to hit shots…Is a factor to score at all 3 levels, but likes to shoot the ball to get his points…Has NBA range on his shot and also possesses a quick release and the type of elevation needed as a small guard…Generally shoots a pretty ball…Loves to shoot off the bounce, and is effective doing so from as far as 25 ft…From mid-range, Ware is comfortable with basic pull-ups or when shooting after dancing with the ball from east to west…Probably is more effective as a shot maker from mid-range than from 3…Probably would fit best in an up-tempo offense, where his speed and quick strike scoring ability would be greater emphasized…Has the ability to elevate around the rim, and can actually play above the rim at times due to his very solid explosiveness and leaping ability…Shows good body control…Comfortable in the pick and roll, usually looks to score when in the pick and roll offense too…A pest as an on-ball defender, really uses his natural leverage and outstanding lateral quickness to pressure the ball up the court…Quick hands…Energetic player

Weaknesses: Ware is a small player and he isn’t a true floor general either, which is a concern…Really hunts his shots and doesn’t show the best shot selection, and doesn’t project to be an especially efficient player…Struggles dealing with length, especially around the rim…Was a 45% shooter from 2-point range in the Big West Conference, which further emphasizes his struggles around the rim…Played against lower level competition, and will have to adjust to facing more athletic and physically gifted matchups on a nightly basis…Even though he has good natural shot making ability, he is a bit of a streak shooter and is prone to trying to shoot himself out of slumps…Can play a bit wild at times…Defensively, he would struggle against bigger NBA guards, who would post him up and be able to pass and shoot over him effortlessly…Would probably get tied up in a lot of screens as well

Overall: Ware is an aggressive and quick shot creator and he can put the ball in the hoop in bunches…He would also be a fan favorite due to his size and style of play…But he’s severely undersized, isn’t a real PG and isn’t particularly as efficient as you’d like a guy who played against lower level competition…He’s another undersized scoring guard that we see all the time in draft discussions…

Jorrye Nixon 7/4/12

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