Romeo Langford is considered one of the top wings in his class and a lot of people think that he could end up in the lottery of the 2019 draft. We had the opportunity to catch up with Langford during the Adidas EuroCamp in Treviso: What were your impressions of the adidas EuroCamp in Treviso? Were you susrprised by the level of competition?

Romeo Langford: I was anxious to see the competition level and see how I could handle my own against older players. One thing that I noticed was that the players were stronger than me, but that makes sense because they were older than me. I will get there when I get older.
Did you have the chance to see Italy when you were in Treviso and do any sightseeing?

Romeo Langford: We stopped by Rome and saw the Colosseum. How is the recruitment going? How do you handle all of this pressure? I guess it has to be difficult for you with all these colleges approaching you.

Romeo Langford: My dad is doing all the talking. All this it’s a process, but it’s going really smooth. I noticed in Treviso that your parents aren’t really vocal when you play. They don’t like to give instructions and tell you what to do.

Romeo Langford: We are the same. We handle our emotions and don’t like to talk a lot. We are just focused on our goals.
Can you describe yourself and your playing style.

Romeo Langford: I am a scorer. I let the game come to me and do what I am good at.
Do you have a player you idolize or maybe a player you would like to use as a comparison?

Romeo Langford: I don’t really have anyone particular in my mind. My favorite player though is LeBron James.


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