9 - Zhou Qi

7-2, 215 Power Forward/Center
China International
01/16/96 (27.7 yrs)
Henan, China
International Team
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Post Skills

NBA Comparison: Loren Woods

Strengths: Center prospect with great size, length and mobility … Elite help defender and rim protector with great timing, quick feet, mobility, and length … Covers a lot of ground defensively … Will contest shots not only at the rim but even close out and block jump shots … Very calm and smart player with good feel for the game … Rarely forces bad shots as he moves well without the ball finding open gaps … Soft touch around the rim and can finish with both hands … Can consistently hit a mid-range jumper and has developing 3-Point range … Above average and willing passer … Great ball handler for his size and can put the ball on the floor and get to the rim … Overall a two-way player that can contribute on many levels … Has shown improvement to his game since his rookie season in the CBA … Has gained weight during his time training in the USA preparing for draft workouts … All coaches have been said to enjoy working with him and that he shows the desire to get better … Lots of upside and a high ceiling if he can add weight … Has a good feel for the game in relation to most Chinese players …

Weaknesses: Lacks overall strength and weight to be effective to hold his own at the next level … Defensive rebounding could be a big problem as he often just stands around and relies on his height and length not boxing out his man, and the jump from CBA to NBA in terms of strength is significant … As a one on one defender has trouble guarding bigger stronger opponents if they get into his body …  Has a tendency to struggle in big games … Lacks mental toughness … Not a leader, very quiet and not vocal on defense … Slow release and has little lift on his jump shot … Has shown talent, but hasn’t dominated the CBA like fellow countrymen Yao or Yi did before they left for the NBA … Listed age is a question mark like many CBA players.

Summary: In terms of being an NBA player, Zhou Qi’s defensive abilities should carry over … He is currently not a scoring option on the Xinjiang Flying Tigers, and would also just be a finisher at the rim or spot up shooter in the NBA, but does have offensive skills … Right now obviously his limitations are physical as he will have a lot of trouble with stronger players, although he is not as soft as his thin frame suggests … Overall an interesting player with a lot of upside.

Notes: Was measured officially at the 2016 NBA Draft Combine at 7’1.25 (2.17 m) with a 7’7.75 (2.33 m) wingspan and standing reach of 9’4.5 (2.85.75 m) … Had a great Asian Championships being a big reason why China won the Championship, showed a lot of emotion and stepped up when nobody else did … Carried his play into the season before a broken nose forced him to sit out the all star game … After the All-Star break with various NBA scouts in attendance Zhou Qi in a face mask disappointed, not being able to play at the level he was before the injury … For the rest of the season and playoffs, he wasn’t effective and was even left on the bench during important stretches of the 4th quarter during the playoffs… Every time NBA personnel are watching, he does not seem to be able to perform to his abilities (Nike Summit, CBA, etc.) … Has not received official clearance to move to the NBA if he gets drafted in this 2016 NBA Draft … A buyout doesn’t seem to be an issue as money is not what the federation nor the Xinjiang team wants … Staying in China any longer would stunt his development.

2015-16 CBA Season Averages:

42 Games
34.2 Minutes
15.8 Points
9.8 Rebounds
1.5 Assists
1.1 Steals
3.2 Blocks
1.7 Turnovers

Lukas Peng 6/7/16

Strengths: Center prospect with very good length and mobility … Has great feel for the game … Very smart and shows good decision making … Good ball handler for his size and position … Can take it up the court if guards aren’t in position for outlet, will even take it coast to coast … Great touch around the rim and even extends his range out to the 3-point line with great shooting mechanics … Should be able to develop NBA 3-Point range with time … Runs the floor like a deer with long easy strides … Has great offensive skills fundamentally … Off ball movement is very good, and has a feel for finding open gaps and passing lanes … Has huge hands and long wingspan that allow him to make difficult catches … Above average passer for his position … Not as soft as his thin frame would suggest … Covers a lot of ground defensively for deflections and blocks … The best rim protector to ever come out of China with a combination of great timing and incredible length and mobility … Is a two way player who has the skill-set and talent to contribute on both ends … Very coachable and looks to get better … Possesses a high ceiling … Feel for the game is stronger than most Chinese players …

Weaknesses: Mental toughness has been a question mark … Doesn’t show any emotion, always has the same facial expression … Doesn’t have a killer insitnct or attitude … Lacks muscle and weight for his position … Defensively has had problems guarding the opposition’s import player … Defensive rebounding needs to improve, is often seen not boxing out or not moving to optimal rebounding position … Does not have a high motor … Not vocal enough, rarely seen directing the defense … At times too passive in the CBA not looking to attack, although he was much more aggressive in youth tournaments … Slow release and gets no lift on his shot … Compared to NBA standards is not considered an explosive athlete … Has not been able to show the dominance in the CBA that Yao Ming and Yi JianLian showed before they went to the NBA … His listed age is a question mark …

Notes: Was measured officially at the 2014 Nike All-Asia Camp at 7’1 (2.17 m)  with a 7’6 (2.28 m) wingspan and standing reach of 9’2 (2.80 m), unfortunately did not fully attend and only did individual workouts in a back gym … Reports are that he signed a 3 + 2 year option deal with the Xinjiang Flying Tigers this off-season … Is in the process of signing a long term deal with NIKE and should participate in the coming NIKE Summit which will really test him against international competition … Is already a core piece of the Chinese National Team …

2014-15 CBA Season Averages:

31 Games
29.1 Minutes
14.1 Points
7.0 Rebounds
0.7 Assists
0.8 Steals
3.3 Blocks
1.3 Turnovers

Lukas Peng 2/12/15

Strengths: Has quickly become the next great hope of Chinese basketball … Very quick for a big man … A legitimate offensive threat. does decent job in both man-to-man post defense and help defense … Handles and passes the ball well … Displays a soft touch, has shooting range out to the FIBA three-point line … Runs the floor well … Excellent fundamentals … Displays some guards skills, his dribbling and penetrating is way better than most big men … His defense from the weak-side is also much better than most Chinese big men which is why his timing is so good and why he has great shot blocking stats … His listed age is assumed to be true: 1996 and not changed. But there are sure to be doubts about that …

His athleticism isn’t considered to be among the top prospects but his skill level and feel for the game are very good … Needs to improve reflexes, not an explosive leaper at this point, not aggressive enough in post offense … Needs improvement in defense rebound positioning … Has already started to build muscles, but still needs to put on muscle, but not too much right away … Needs to improve man-to-man defense and strengthen his footwork and finishing ability and prevent injury … Still needs experience as his amount of games played is very low …

Notes: Name is pronounced: "Joe Chee" … Has become an overnight sensation in China after scoring 41 pts, 28 rebs,15 blks in an U-16 tourney in early February (2011) against Germany, had 26 pts against Bulgaria, 28 pts in a close game against France and 30 pts 17r 8b against Turkey in the finals, helping China win gold and earning MVP of the event … Zhou Qi began his basketball career playing with the Liaoning Youth Team in the 2005, at that time he was only 5’6" (172cm). In 2009 his height has reached 6’9" (205cm). Zhou is 7’1" (215cm) now, and is expected to grow into 7’2" (217-218cm)。He’s signed to a contract through 2013 so going to an American top NCAA schools could be an option, however his coach has stated he feels it is a better option for him to stay and develop in China …

*He is signed to play with Liaoning Sports Bureau until 2013. Right now he is training and playing for Liaoning Youth (Basketball) Team. After 2013, the Chinese pro teams will compete to get him …

*Dwight Howard is his favorite NBA player.

*His coach compares him to Wang Zhizhi (first Chinese center drafted – by the Mavs)

*Contributions from hoopCHINA.com

April 11, 2015

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