17 - Vit Krejci

6-8, 190 Point Guard/Shooting Guard
Czech Republic International
06/19/00 (23 yrs)
Czech Republic
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
90 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Nando De Colo

Strengths: Versatile All Around combo guard, who can play in all perimeter positions… Has excellent size for a guard… Very good motor, always giving 100%… Nice length, with long arms… Solid, fluid athlete… Runs the floor exceptionally thanks to his long strides, covers a lot of ground on both ends of the floor… Good leaper off one foot… Can play above the rim… When he has time to gather he can finish plays hard at the rim, even in traffic… At his best on the open floor, loves to run in transition and can be an one man fast break… He can either start the break as the ball handler, or fill the lanes… Creative ball handler, can change direction and pace relatively easy and has some really good hesitation moves…Very good scorer when he receives the ball on the move… Has a very strong first step, especially going to his right… He can create his own shot… Knows to to create separation before shooting… Good shooter off the dribble, especially from mid-range… He has a nice looking Pull up shot, at least most of the times… Has shown some potential as a Spot Up shooter… Goes to the rim whenever he has the chance and is not afraid of contact, putting pressure on opposing defense… Attacks closeouts and drives hard to the basket… Can mix it up while driving with some Eurosteps, he is not just a straight line driver… He is creative at the rim, he doesn’t just try to finish plays strong… Has potential as a secondary playmaker and can even become a point guard if he continue working… Can read opposing defense and make some smart plays… Good passer on the move… Can play the Pick and Roll at a good level and see over defense thanks to his size… Good in drive and kick situations… Good rebounder for his position… Energetic on defense… Nice lateral quickness, can stay in front of some quick wings… Smart defender, fills the passing lanes and makes steals…

Weaknesses: Really, really thin frame… Has to bulk up considerably if he wants to be able to play at the next level, especially with his wild style of play… Upper body needs a lot of work… His arms are really thin and it’s not certain that he can bulk up without losing some of his mobility… Solid athlete, but not elite by NBA standards, especially if he is considered a guard… There is concern he might be injury prone due to frame, since he already had a major injury (torn ACL)… Has major problems finishing through contact because of his frame… He is fearless and doesn’t back down to anyone, but has big problems against physical opponents… Has a lot of ups and downs in a game… Shooting release is inconsistent… Streaky shooter for now… Feet aren’t always set when he is shooting… Has some wild misses in Pull ups, with shots being too strong because of his inconsistent mechanics… Needs to work a lot in Spot Up and Catch and Shoot situations, he is not a consistent threat from 3-point line yet… Average free throw shooter, which can be a reason to worry about his potential as a shooter… Enthusiasm can get the best of him and play a little wild… Has the tendency to force things on offense at times… He needs the ball in his hands to be effective… He has to be more energetic off the ball, cutting more often to the basket and not just standing around… Can suffer from tunnel vision when driving to the basket… Still has work to do as a passer… Can lose focus on defense, especially off the ball… Not always in good defensive position while guarding the ball, which makes it easier for his opponent to blow by him… Needs work in close out defense, has the wrong stance and depends too much on his length… Bigger wings (and guards) bully him in the post…

Notes: Coming off an injury that will keep him out for the 2020-21 season …

Stefanos Makris 11/17/20