3 - Marcus Williams AZ

6-7, 207 Point Guard/Shooting Guard
Arizona Sophomore
11/18/86 (33.9 yrs)
Seattle, WA
High School
2006 Statistics
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
89 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Steve Smith

Matthew Maurer – 1/5/2007

Strengths: Versatile player who creates mismatches at his position Excellent ball handler who uses his crossover to get past defenders Moves well without the ball Decent finisher around the basket Possesses great court awareness and understands how to utilize his versatility to attack opposing defenses When motivated, Williams can be a very good rebounder Excels at taking one or two dribbles and pulling up from mid-range Talented passer who sees the floor extremely well Showed great composure even as a freshman … Has three point range on his jumper Has a scorers mentality and can put up points in bunches Uses mismatches to his advantage as he is capable of using decent post up skills against smaller players When Williams is driving he does a great job of drawing contact and getting to the free throw line Has played the game this year with a better attitude and has worked on being more mentally tough His combination of a 7 foot wing span and his skill set with the ball is illegal …

Weaknesses: Not a cloud piercing athlete like most at his position This has led some to question if he can guard NBA shooting guards Defensively he doesnt always play with enough intensity Rarely disrupts the passing lanes and doesnt show great defensive footwork Settles for jumpers too much at times instead of driving into the lane Not a big fan of physical contact, which can bring up the question of his toughness Shot selection is questionable Could stand to gain more upper body strength Doesnt finish after contact occurs Has battled this year with consistency as his jump shot has been streaky Tends to be a little careless with the ball Is prone to making poor decisions during crucial points of a game Has really struggled this year shooting from the free throw line

Nick Prevenas – 1/10/2006

Strengths: A silky smooth wing … Very advanced at this stage of his development … Jumper rarely scrapes the rim … Range past the 3-point line, but his real strength is his midrange game … Excellent ball-handling ability … Excels facing up his opponent and taking him off the dribble … Can create his own shot almost at will … Terrific length for the position … Highly developed court awareness … Finishes well at the rim … Good quickness … Versatile … Game comes very easy to him … Great upside … Has the potential to be special … Has an 83 inch (7-1) wingspan …

Weaknesses: Consistency … Has a tendency to drift in and out of games … Needs at least 10 more pounds of muscle, which will help against more physical small forwards … Often finds himself out of position on defense … Settles for jump shots too often … Reluctant to take smaller players down low … Not very comfortable in the paint … Needs to improve rebounding … A good passer, but has the ability and the vision to be better … Should be a much better free throw shooter … Above average, but not a phenomenal athlete … Quiet personality, needs to become more assertive …

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