23 - Darington Hobson

6-6, 204 Small Forward
New Mexico Junior
09/29/87 (33.3 yrs)
Houston, TX
High School
Calvary Christian
Team Site Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling

NBA Comparison: Chris Douglas-Roberts (less explosive)

Strengths: A versatile lefty, he has the ability to play a number of positions thanks to his size, length and skill set (but is most effective on the wing) … He plays with a lot of energy and emotion and leaves everything on the floor … His aggressive approach and attacking mentality allow him to contribute in various areas of the game … Can score in a variety of ways; he can attack off the dribble, shoot from deep or post up … He is a stat filler at the college level; a very active player who mixes it up and stays in the action at all times … Does not have the quickest first step, but he has a long stride and can cover a lot of ground to get past his defender … Dangerously streaky shooter, when he gets on a roll he can knock down contested jumpers from long range and has the ability and confidence to string together a number of makes … Much more efficient when he gets his feet set … Will look to use his size to post up inside, but is much more effective from the midpost, where he faces up and uses shotfakes and long jabs to create space and get to the hoop … Knows how to use his body to draw contact and get to the foul line … He has terrific rebounding instincts – he is constantly moving and looking to get on the offensive glass … Doesn’t give up on missed shots and uses his quick second jump to get tips around the basket … Very good passer, sees the floor and will look to make the extra pass to get teammates involved … Good transition player, runs the floor extremely hard and can make plays using his athleticism and energy … Tough minded player, has been hurt at times, but continued to play with injuries …

Weaknesses: A very inconsistent scorer, he goes through droughts regularly and has a hard time finding his shooting rhythm … Does a lot of things well offensively, but nothing great … Shot selection is an issue, he takes a lot of bad and offbalance shots that come early in the offense … Shoots an off balance jumper with poor body control, causing very inconsistent results … Not comfortable shooting off the dribble …Plays too fast and out of control, putting himself into tough situations where he is forced to make plays with very few options available … Tries to do too much with the dribble yet doesn’t have the smoothest handle, often trying to split defenders and attack through double teams causing him to lose the ball on a high number of possessions … Does not make good decisions in traffic … Lacks upper body strength and it shows especially when finishing against contact, as he struggles to complete plays against help defenders … Not comfortable finishing with his right hand … Shoots a lot of floaters and finesse shots in the lane, rather than going hard to the basket … Has to improve his freethrow shooting …  A good but not great athlete … Has a tendency to let his emotions get out of control … He is very old for his age, yet only has one year of high level college ball under his belt …

Borko Popic – 05/27/2010

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