Damion Lee

6-6, 210 Shooting Guard
Louisville Senior
10/21/92 (28 yrs)
Baltimore, MD
High School
St. Thomas More
Team Site Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
85 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Roy Devyn Marble

Strengths: Has the height/size (6-foot-6) and length necessary to be effective at the 2-guard spot at the next level … Possesses big hands … Has great scoring instincts (is aggressive offensively) and was a prolific scorer in college … Averaged 19.9 points per 40 minutes (overall) … One thing to love about his game is his ability to knock down shots from the perimeter, as he has good shooting prowess … He should be able to carve out a role as a floor spacer for a team that needs shooting … He possesses NBA range on his jumper and can hit spot-up jump shots from a few feet beyond the three-point line … He prepares himself well to catch-and-shoot by squaring up, setting his feet and keeping his hands up and ready to catch the ball (catches on the hop) … Lee creates a nice rhythm for himself on his jumpers because he knows how to step into his shots … He brings more to the table than just spot-up shooting thanks to his ability to create perimeter shots in numerous ways … For example, he does a great job of making perimeter jumpers coming off screens, dribble hand-offs, and pulling up off the dribble … Is comfortable navigating (create scoring opportunities and passing)  pick-and-rolls … Makes defenders pay in pick-and-roll situations if they go under screens because he has such deep range on his shot … Operates well off flare screens (uses them to create open looks from the perimeter, attack into a pull-up jumper, or attack the rim) … He’s capable of creating shots as a straight line driver … Makes good use of his eurostep and floater (has a soft touch) in the half court … A threat to score on the break with a quick stop-and-pop jumper … Fills the lanes well in transition and attacks the basket for easy scores … Like to use eurosteps when going downhill to the rim (transition)…Does a great job of keeping his turnover numbers low … He’s a capable passer although his assist numbers might not reflect it (2.4 assists per 40 minutes) … Can drive and draw in the defense before kicking out or dishing to teammates … Has a solid feel for the game … Defensively, he’s committed and competitive … Has shown that he can fight through screens and stay attached to his man … Flies around and is active … Anticipates the passing lanes well and can make plays … He does have the size, height, length, and strength to be a solid defender at the next level … Rebounding was an underrated part of his game in college (6.2 boards per 40 minutes) …

Already 23-years-old (turns 24 on October 21) … Limited upside compared to some of the other prospects at his position … Average athleticism and body frame … Doesn’t possess great overall quickness (w/ the ball)  or a quick first step … Lack of quickness and strides leads to an inability to turn corners on his drives … Didn’t really show that he could take advantage of isolation opportunities last season … Although there’s no doubt in his ability to knock down jumpers, he is a streaky shooter (especially struggles on his pull-up jumpers inside the arc) … Has somewhat of a low release point on his shot, making it easier for opponents to contest and block … His shooting mechanics are not always consistent…But his inconsistency shooting the ball mainly stems from questionable shot selections … Takes too many tough jumpers (contested and off balance) and goes into ‘tunnel vision’ mode when looking to score … At times, he’ll shoot early in the shot clock without any of his teammates ever touching the ball … Forces the issue on drives instead of adjusting to what the defense does … Doesn’t always do a good job of picking his spot and knowing when to move the ball…Lacks explosiveness and extension around the rim … Plays below the rim … Has to work on being more strong with the ball around the basket as it affects his ability to finish in the paint…Instead of being able to finish, he would instead take highly contested floaters and runners … Needs to continue sharpening up his ball-handling skills, especially when he’s working with limited space … Loose dribble that’s too far from his body (makes it easier to steal the ball from him) … Can be predictable in the half court because of his tendency to always drive left or settle for outside shots … On the defensive end,  he’ll sometimes get lost when guarding off the ball … Depending on the matchup, he may struggle when guarding quicker and bigger wing players … Does not project to be a versatile defender (or offensive player for that matter) because of his size and length … Doesn’t have lateral quickness … Needs to work on his defensive stance (too up right)…Overall concerns about his defensive upside in the NBA …

Overall: For the past five seasons, Lee proved himself to be one of the most dynamic scorers in college basketball. However, it wasn’t until this past season that we got a glimpse of what he could do against top level competition. Lee was one of the best scorers among smaller schools in his first four seasons at Drexel University. As a freshman, he averaged 12.0 points per game. He averaged 21.4 points per game as a redshirt junior before transferring to Louisville for his fifth and final collegiate season as a graduate transfer. Playing against a tougher non-conference schedule and the ACC on a regular basis, Lee wasn’t quite the same player. He scored 16.6 points per 40 minutes compared to 20.8 during his final season as at Drexel. Looking ahead, the Baltimore, Maryland native could possibly find success in the NBA as a role player whose primary job is to space the floor. Despite his limited upside and age, his scoring prowess and long range shooting should be more than enough to earn him second round consideration in this year’s draft.

Tajh Jenkins 6/18/16

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