This year the NBPA Top 100 Camp was back at full strength with over 100 of the brightest prospects taking place from June 26 to July 2. This was the first time in years they really concentrated on the Underclassmen classes and some of them really stood out. Below if a few of the standout of the camp that showed high NBA potential.

GG Jackson 6’9 PF/C Ridge View High (Columbia, SC) 2023

“Special” is an understatement. At a height of 6’9 and with great length, this young man can guard all 5 positions on the defensive end. He can handle the ball on the perimeter. He can also make plays for his teammates. However, none of those accolades are why I’m calling him special. He’s simply a throwback, he absolutely loves to ball. Even though he knew he was the best player on the floor, he treated all his teammates with respect and was consistently encouraging them. He had no problem giving the ball up to a teammate for a better look. He’s a 6’9 forward that can handle the ball on the break and in a half-court setting. He has very good court vision and will make the easy pass. At this point his jump shot can be erratic and he struggled quite a bit with the 3 ball. But on the defensive end, he’s terrific. He’s great on the switch and in help defense playing with a lot of energy. He’s a good shot blocker and changes a lot of shots. If I was to compare him with someone from a playing style and physical standpoint, it would be Bam Adebayo, although I believe he’s more skilled at this age than Bam was.

Omaha Biliew 6’8 PF/SF Waukee Senior (Waukee, IA) 2023

If you’re really not a student of basketball and you catch Omaha play, it would be easy to underrate him. First let’s start with his physical attributes. He’s 6’8, cut up, and an overall athletic specimen. He consistently guarded 4 positions during camp, and with a non-stop motor. He was very creative at scoring around the basket. He knocked down some timely mid-range jump-shots. He did struggle shooting the long ball. He needs to work on his handles which would really expand his game. His matchup against arguably the best player in the class, G.G Jackson was a treat to watch. He did an excellent job at not letting G.G. get setup in his favorite spots.

Bryson Warren 6’2 PG Overtime Elite (Little Rock, AR) 2023

He was the most complete Point Guard at the NBPA Top 100 Camp and was in total control of his team from the beginning of the camp until the end. Bryson has great vision and reads the floor well. He plays with good pace and was rarely knocked off his rhythm. He showed good ability of getting his teammates the ball and understanding of where they needed it. He shot it consistently, even from deep behind the 3 point line. He’s great at creating his own shot but was also very effective in the high screen and roll. His on the ball defense was decent most the time, and he really stepped it up during the playoffs. Being a scoring point guard, what impressed me most about him was how unselfish he was with the ball. He was a great communicator with his teammates, and very vocal all week.

Cameron Boozer 6’9 PG Christopher Columbus HS (Miami, FL) 2025

Boozer is a very special kid in the 2025 class. He has great size and athleticism for his age. He also has great footwork and hands for a player in any class. He has a soft touch and can knock down the occasional 3 ball as well. He’s got very good handles and has no problem playing on the perimeter. He can play with his back to the basket, and facing up. He knows he has a target on his back and doesn’t shy away from competition. I love his intensity and the effort he plays with. I’ve seen a lot of 15 year olds in my years of scouting and if he isn’t top 5, he’s definitely top 10 in all my years. I was really impressed with his willingness to compete. He was injured and could’ve shut it down, instead he came back and picked up where he left off. He also doesnlt appear to be a kid that is just more physically developed than the rest, he’s got a lot of developing left in him, a scary thought.

Darryn Peterson 6’5 CG Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (Cuyahoga, OH 2025

He may have been the youngest player in camp but he played well beyond his years. He’s crafty with the ball and has no problem getting to his spot. He has no problem being physical with older and bigger players. He rebounds well from the guard position. He showed when he decided to lock in, he could guard bigger and more physical defenders and give them problems. He has tremendous upside and the skies the limit. With that all being said he still has a lot of work ahead of him and we know how easy it can be, to become content and get complacent for cream of the crop, hyped up players.

Baye Fall 6’10 C Accelerated Schools (Denver, CO) 2023

The big fella knows what he is and plays to his strengths. Most of his offensive damage is done around the basket and most often he’s dunking it. He will surprise you and knock down the occasional 15 footer. He’s a monster on the offensive and defensive glass. He’s incredible at defending the basket. He gets a good amount of blocked shots but he changes many more. He’s very good at coming off his man and helping defensively. With his quickness and athleticism, he’s consistently beating other bigs down the court and finishing the break at the rim. There’s no other big in the country that can match his energy, length and athleticism. He does need to put some weight on and get stronger but that should come over time. What’s probably most impressive about his game is when he’s caught on the switch on the perimeter, he can sit down and cause the perimeter player problems on defense.

Jared McCain 6’2 CG Centennial (Corona, CA) 2023

He may not be one the biggest, fastest are most athletic combo guard in his class but he more then makes up for it’s with his intelligence, grit and craftiness. He came to camp last year as a shooting guard and was forced into playing more point guard. He struggled at times. One thing though, his shot never wavered. The young man can shoot and I mean shoot it from deep. This year he came back and was asked to play more point guard and not only held his own but thrived at it. He can get his shot off against anybody, no matter how long and athletic. He knows how to create space. His court awareness and vision was very impressive. He really thrives at the screen and roll. He’s become a way better on ball defender and is always good at defending off the ball. His ability to shoot the ball will take him a long way.

Flory Bidunga 6’9 PF/C Kokomo (Kokomo, IN) 2024

The big man’s a physical specimen. He’s long, athletic and plays with reckless abandon. He’s great at attacking the glass on both ends. He has a quick first and second bounce. Being new to the game, I was very impressed with his footwork and his touch from 10 feet in. He has to learn to taper off some of his aggressiveness because it tends to get him in foul trouble. He runs the floor like a gazelle and is very light on his feet. It’s scary because he’s so raw and it seems he hasn’t even tapped into his potential yet.


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