4 - Ante Tomic

7-1, 230 Power Forward/Center
Croatia International
02/17/87 (33.9 yrs)
Dubrovnik, Croatia
International Team
Mega Aqua Monta
Adritaic Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Post Skills
89 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Gregor Fucka

Borko Popic – 6/18/2008

Strengths: An extremely long and agile post player Very skilled in the post, he has a tremendously soft touch with both hands He incorporates a variety of moves (hook shots, fadeways to both shoulders, drop steps and up & unders) to get his shot off He is very effective facing up and putting the ball on the floor to attack He is able to use his long arms to make up for less than impressive athleticism Had some very good games in the tough Adriatic League For a young player he shows great patience with his back to the basket, rarely rushing his moves Plays angles well and uses counter moves in the post, making him a very difficult guy to contain when his game is on His jumps shot is still developing, but he shows nice range and his release and form are fairly fundamental Does not panic when facing a double team, instead shows his maturity and passing skills by finding open teammates Works hard establishing position, moving block to block and using seals to receive the ball in the best spot possible Knows how to draw fouls, using shoulder and pump fakes to get the defender in the air

Weaknesses: His biggest flaw and it may be the downfall that keeps him from succeeding in the NBA is his frail body, he is not only skinny but also extremely weak His shoulders and body are so narrow that he shows minimal promise of ever being able to put on any significant weight and adding muscle to his frame He relies on finesse too much and does not posses any physical toughness which would allow him to battle with more imposing big men Because of this deficiency, his effectiveness in the post is lessened since defenders can easily push him off the block and away from the basket as he is making his move Even though he reads motion well and is a threat to knock down open shots, he still has no potential to be a pick & roll threat because his screens are just not going to slow anybody down Many times, after making a nice post move, instead of shooting a 2 foot mini hook, he gets bodied out of position and is forced to shoot a 7 foot off-balance fadeaway Has games where he looks lost, he becomes passive and gets completely taken out of the action For someone with his height and at his position, he is a minimal threat as a shotblocker Defensively he gets outmuscled too easily and his footspeed is limited, as a result he has serious problems matching up with even subpar European level post players

Matej Lordanić – 2/17/2008

Strengths: At 7-1, has tremendous height and length … Offensively, he is a complete player with a variety of post moves and great touch inside. Has shown solid improvement in his play over the past few seasons … Tomic has great touch from mid-range and very nice mechanics … His offensive repertoire is rather impressive and he can score against almost any opponent. Versatile with the ability to play either with his back-to-basket or facing the basket … He is a great passer and also has good ball handling attributable to his playing the PG position in the past. Tomic has nice quickness, footwork and very good coordination for his size … Despite a slight frame has shown a willingness to bang inside in past competitions …

Weaknesses: He hasn’t made improvement in his body structure in the past year, and there is a serious doubt if he can improve much on it in the future. He is very skinny player and has narrow shoulders. This is the biggest area of concern as lacking upper body strength will make it very difficult for him to battle in the post at the NBA level … Really struggles defensively and often gets out-muscled in the paint by stronger players. Despite his great touch, surprisingly he hits free throws with just above average accuracy … Has problems when playing back-to-basket against physically stronger players. Not a great leaper, he’s more agile than he is explosive or athletic … In this season he has improved his defensive rebounding, but he doesn’t present a shot-blocking threat. despite being 7-2, he rarely dunks the ball prefering to lay it in off the glass …

Notes: He had been playing PG position until he grew up about 7-8 inches in one year. He’s expected to enter the 2008 NBA Draft, after withdrawing his application last year.

Aran Smith – 1/1/2004

Notes: He is from the town called Dubrovnik where he started playing basketball for the team also called Dubrovnik. Because that team is in lower stage of competition he wanted to play for Zagreb. That meant he cant play for Zagreb for one year because of regulations (similar to NCAA). So this is the first year that he is playing against tougher competition. He is a Gasol type of player as he can play SF, PF and C. Because he is born in 1987, he will probably play for the junior team next year. According to reports he didnt have a significant role for the national U-18 team in qualification but he he’s a year younger than other three C that play for Croatia. The good thing is that he is playing for Zagreb because they are known for developing young players.

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