DJ Wagner 6-3 165 SG – NJ Scholars 2023

Wagner was impressive in his three games; displaying nice 3PT shooting (50%, 8-16), passing with either hand, and ability to get to the rim. He posted an impressive 8.3 assists to two turnovers per game, with 12 dimes to one turnover in the game against City Rocks alone. He consistently waited on the ball screen and made proper reads. A strong ball-handler, with good change of speed and direction with the ball and operated well in traffic. He scored plenty from midrange as well. Defensively, he pressured the ball and a share of impressive stops with 2.3 steals per game. Wagner has no issue passing up a decent offensive look for a better one and knows how to make his teammates better. He didn’t show a lot of explosive ability but did show solid quickness. Wagner is currently leading the EYBL in scoring with 21.3 points per game on 49.1% FG%, and 18 points per game on 47.7% FG% over Session 2.

Mackenzie Mgbako 6-8 200 SF – NJ Scholars 2023 (Duke)

The EYBL’s third leading scorer (21 points per game), Mgbako was a tough cover for any defender. He consistently played hard, and although has tunnel vision at times, he’s an effective slasher and his strength allows him to finish through contact. His jumper was inconsistent, shooting 27.3% 3PT% over the four games, going 1-12 (8.3%) in game one but would shoot 8-21 (38.1%) over the next three games. He’s a very high-volume shooter, taking 18.8 shots per game, but as mentioned before, he was too much to stop. He’s a solid athlete as well and looked to put an exclamation point on his attacks with multiple jams over the session. Mgbako rebounded well with 8.5 per game as NJ Scholars sit 7-1 halfway through the season.

Aaron Bradshaw 7’0 210 C – NJ Scholars 2023

Bradshaw’s production was up and down each game, trading single- and double-digit scoring games, but always efficient, averaging 10.5 points on 63.3% FG%. He flashes a faceup midrange jumper and is shooting 18-20 (90%) from the free throw line over the EYBL so far. He struggles to put the ball down among other things offensively at this stage. He’s a bit slow moving his feet when he steps out defensively, but he has a lot of tools to work with his size and mobility. He averaged 7.3 rebounds per game in the session and is currently second in blocked shots over the EYBL with 3.3 per game.

GG Jackson 6’9 210 PF – Team CP3 2023 (North Carolina)

Jackson’s very shifty for his size, shaking his man on the perimeter and making smooth moves with the ball. He has a very effective fadeaway that you don’t see too often from someone his age and scores well inside, with 11.8 points per game on 52.8% FG% over the four games. He can score outside as well, shooting 60% from 3PT in Session 2 and 38.5% over the EYBL thus far, but he doesn’t become content and chuck up 3’s or drift to the perimeter when he should be working out in the paint, he has a good balance with his inside/outside game. In addition to his post-scoring, he’s a good athlete, finishing with dunks and averaged 12.3 rebounds per game in Indy, while currently second in rebounding over the EYBL with 10.5 per game.

Robert Dillingham 6’2 165 PG – Team CP3 2023

Dillingham’s a talented shot maker, with a quick square up/release and gets it off with just a little bit of space, but he’s so reliant on hitting tough shots at a high-volume. In Session 2, he scored 17.3 points per game at 50% FG% on 12.5 shots per game and 34.8% 3PT% on 5.8 shots per game. He’s a good driver, quick with the ball and gets in tight spaces, but he doesn’t take it to the rim as often as he should, and he finishes with his right hand no matter what side of the rim he’s on. His role and natural read on the game comes as a scorer, which is difficult at his size, but he did show a positive 4.5 assists to 1.5 turnover per game.

Aden Holloway 6’0 170 PG – Team CP3 2023

Holloway’s a very good shooter with touch from midrange and 3PT but had an up and down weekend in Indianapolis. In his first two games: 9.5 points, 6-27 FG (22.2% FG%), 1-13 3PT (7.7% 3PT%) but redeemed himself in games three and four: 17.5 points, 14-29 FG (48.3% FG%), 6-13 3PT (46.2% 3PT%). He plays well off the dribble, where he can go into his shot or get to the rim. He’s an effective playmaker too, with 4.3 assists to 1.5 turnovers per game.

Isaiah Collier 6’3 190 PG – The Skill Factory 2023

I caught one of The Skill Factory’s games against Vegas Elite and Collier was very impressive with 23 points (10-16 FG, 62.5% FG%), eight assists, and four steals. He’s so strong, quick, and explosive, making him very difficult to stop when going downhill. There were times he drove looking for contact over the simpler finish, but he has no issue converting at the rim. He made impressive reads and passes, currently leading the EYBL with 6.5 assists per game to only 1.9 turnovers. His 3PT shooting has been a bright spot, which has been a little bit of a concern for Collier, but he shot 45.8% 3PT% on six attempts per game in his four games. He played well defensively as well, sticking to his man on the ball and has a knack for clean swipes.

Kwame Evans 6’10 200 PF – Team Durant 2023

Evans is well-coordinated and has a set of tools and talent that most prospects can’t match at his age. He displayed athleticism and the lefty showed ability to drive and finish with his right. Although he prefers to faceup, he should look to utilize mismatches more down low, as he tends to drift and hang out on the perimeter. He gets good ball rotation on his jump shot but he tends to settle, rather than get to the rim, and his results have been inefficient: 9.3 points per game on 16-36 FG (44.4% FG%), 2-11 3PT (18.2% 3PT%), and 3-11 FT (27.3% FT%) over the four games. His rebounding has been underwhelming as well with 3.5 per game. As mentioned earlier, Evans is a high-end talent but still has a way to go to put it all together.

Thomas Power 6’9 210 PF – BABC 2023

Power doesn’t have the upside as the majority of the players mentioned but he’s been productive. He has good size and shows a blend of perimeter shooting and low-post scoring. He has a good release point and has had success from beyond the arc, shooting 40% 3PT% on five attempts per game in the session. He had other possessions where he would isolate and back his man into the post, showing physicality and ability to finish with either hand. He brought the ball up the floor at times, he has some trouble shaking his man off the dribble but he’s good with triple threat, taking advantage of drive and kick opportunities with some nice passing. Powers averaged 15.3 points per game on 43.1% FG%, eight rebounds, four assists, 1.5 blocks, and 3.5 turnovers per game.

Trey Green 5’10 155 PG – MoKan Elite 2023

Green came alive in the game against Team Durant. He’s not explosive and has his size limitation but he consistently created for himself and teammates. He shot very well to score 22 points while shooting 4-7 from 3PT. He’s effective off the dribble, changing speed to get to his spots, and hit some difficult shots at the rim. Green had a more productive and efficient weekend than some of MoKan’s higher end prospects as he averaged 16.8 points on 54.8% FG%, 58.3% 3PT% on 3.5 attempts per game.

Naasir Cunningham 6’7 180 SG – NY Renaissance 2024 (Overtime Elite)

Cunningham has good size on the wing and although he has a smooth release, he’s really struggled from 3PT range at 22.7% on 5.5 attempts per game in this session. In the game I saw against Florida Rebels, he helped try to erase a big lead, with success getting into midrange to rise up and shoot. He doesn’t have a lot off the dribble and would like to see him get to the rim more, as he’s a fairly effortless athlete and has much room to get to the free throw line more frequently, only shooting four free throws in four games. He’s not a high-level playmaker for others so improving as a shooter and expanding scoring arsenal will be important moving forward. Cunningham scored a total of 50 points on 51 shot attempts in four games, averaging 12.5 points at 41.2% FG% and 0.8 assists to 2.3 turnovers per game.

Sean Stewart 6’8 210 PF – Florida Rebels 2023 (Duke)

Stewart provides a strong frame and explosive athleticism that translates well on both ends. He elevates quick to finish jams, block shots, and secure rebounds, where he’s currently third in the league with 10.5 boards per game which is impressive for his size. However, he’s going to want to improve as a shooter, and it’s not just a case of missing shots, he’s not even attempting much, only one 3PTer over the four-game session and only five 3PTers over the eight-game season so far. He hasn’t had much success as a free throw shooter either. Even with his shooting concerns, Stewart’s a high impact player and averaged 14.3 points on 58.7% FG% and 10.3 rebounds per game.

Matas Buzelis 6’10 170 PG – Expressions 2023

Buzelis is skilled and crafty for his size. He ran the point at times, facing physical defense and face guarded when off the ball. He needs to add weight but scored with either hand even when pressured. Although his shot doesn’t get full rotation, the form’s good and he hit on 44.4% 3PT% (4-9 3PT). He’s one of the more intriguing prospects in high school and will be interesting to see how he continues to develop. Buzelis averaged 14.8 points on a very efficient 71% FG%, four rebounds, and two assists to 1.5 turnovers per game.

Jamari Phillips 6’3 170 PG – Paul George Elite 16U 2024

Phillips was big against Florida Rebels with 29 points (11-16 FG) and nine rebounds. He has a tight handle that he used to create and hit big shots. He created separation using crossovers, step-backs, among other dribble moves. His shooting range is limitless, and he had great success, going 6-9 from beyond the arc and 40% on 6.3 3PT attempts per game over the session. Phillips is a tough player and physical defender as well. He made some nice passes, but his facilitating can improve as he’s more of a high-volume scorer than point guard, averaging 18 points on 39.7% FG% and 2.3 assists per game.

Carter Bryant 6’7 190 SF – Paul George Elite 16U 2024

Bryant has good size and a strong frame. He also had a good game against Florida Rebels with 23 points and seven rebounds. He sees the floor well but overthrew a few passes, recording three assists and five turnovers in the game. He’s a good athlete who runs the floor well and got up big on a tip-slam on one play. Bryant averaged 10.3 points and 5.8 rebounds per game in Indy. An area Bryant can improve is shooting and overall efficiency at 41.9% FG% and 11.11% 3PT% (1-9 3PT).

Karter Knox 6’6 180 SG – Florida Rebels 16U 2024

The EYBL 16U’s current third leading scorer at 21.9 points per game, Knox showed off that ability in Session 2 with 24.3 points per game. He showed a smooth stroke with ability to shoot off the bounce and good athleticism, catching a back door alley-oop on one play. He also showed some ability to get physical and play through contact. He shot an efficient 64.4% FG% over his three games but his 30.4% 3PT% can improve, as well has his 50% FT% (8-16), but his perimeter scoring when watching him against PG Elite was on point going 5-11 from 3PT to score 25 points.

Cameron Boozer 6’8 200 PF – Nightrydas 15U 2025

Boozer is an athletic forward with a strong frame. He’s very well-coordinated with ability to faceup and play on the perimeter or on the low block where he can show off his fadeaway. He gets off the floor well with a minimal gather and isn’t afraid to dunk with the defense crowding the paint or throw down tip-slams when given the opportunity. With Boozer’s size, athleticism, and shooting ability make him an incredibly tough cover, especially at the 15U level.

Cayden Boozer 6’4 190 PG – Nightrydas 15U 2025

Cayden doesn’t have the size his twin brother Cameron has but still provides a strong frame and current strength level. He excelled slashing to the basket in transition as well as in the half-court; scoring through contact, hitting difficult shots at the rim, and showing no hesitation to finish with his left hand. In addition to his aggressive driving, he can stroke it from 3PT as well. He’s not a bad athlete either, running the floor with dunks and the finishing end of alley-oops.

Cooper Flagg 6’8 195 PG – Maine United 15U 2025

Flagg’s very well-coordinated with very good touch and release point on his shot. He stays squared up and can rise up to shoot over the defense. He had more success shooting from midrange than he did from 3PT but the range is there. He’s has much room to add strength but he played through contact and didn’t shy away from physical defense. He shows good footwork and use of pivots within close, also very good with his left-hand in traffic. Flagg handles the ball well, grabbing rebounds and starting the offense with ability to see the floor and pass as well. Maine United came up on the losing end in the anticipated matchup against Nightrydas, but Flagg was impressive in the game.


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