The Iverson Classic took place in Memphis for the second year in a row, providing high-level talent once again. Team Honor defeated Team Loyalty 120-110. Here’s a rundown of each player.

Team Honor 

Jett Howard 6’7 220 SF – Michigan

Howard’s a good athlete and has good size at his position. Despite only scoring two points in the first half, Howard earned MVP for the winning Team Honor with 20 points on 9-12 shooting. He scored very well in the game and made some nice passes as well. He split time playing on and off the ball and was good off the dribble throughout the weekend, showing natural ability and change of speed with the ball. Although he didn’t make any 3s in the game, he was automatic to win the 3PT contest and knocked down his share in practice. Most of Howard’s points came from dunks and hitting contested shots at the rim, as well as showing a reliable floater with accurate touch at different heights and angles.

Jaxon Kohler 6’10 250 PF – Michigan State

In the first day of practice, Kohler struggled a bit making his moves, forcing it times, as he seemed bothered by both the speed and length of the competition. However, day two was much better and Kohler was in the driver’s seat. He executed well in the post, throwing fakes and counters, getting defenders off their feet as they bit on his advanced midrange/post moves. He shot it well too, not afraid to let the three fly when the defender had his hands down. While not known for his athleticism, he did have a nasty dunk on Tarris Reed in practice that stopped the scrimmage for a moment. Kohler scored 20 points and grabbed six rebounds in the game.

Arterio Morris 6’3 190 PG/SG – Texas

Morris is a good ball-handler and usually the initiator, but in the majority of practice and the scrimmages, he was forced to play off the ball with the surplus of lead guards on the team. There were times he made nice passes then other times he was late on the read. His outside shooting was on point in the game, knocking down four 3PTers on his way to 18 points. He also showed his high-level hops with multiple dunks throughout the event.

Cason Wallace 6’4 185 PG/SG – Kentucky

Wallace was fantastic in practice, doing a little bit of everything on both sides of the ball while and knows how to play aggressive without forcing it. He was easily among the top shooters from deep and was great scoring from midrange as well, executing with his pull-up jumper and floater when appropriate. He didn’t need triple threat to get to the rim as he’s effective breaking down the defense with his live dribble and very good as a pick and roll ball-handler. He’s a very good athlete as well with multiple dunks when getting to the rim in transition as well as in the half-court, with ability to comfortably jump off either foot. In one play in the scrimmage, he split the defense on the perimeter to jump off his right (weak) foot to throw down with two hands. Wallace had his share of making the right reads and passes, showing a great balance and understanding of playing on/off the ball as well as when to step up as a scorer vs when to facilitate, playing his game no matter who he’s matched with or against. Not to mention, he knows his teammates personnel, using them where they’re most effective. Wallace was the best prospect in the event and contributed with 13 points and six assists for Team Honor.

DJ Jefferson 6’5 190 SF – Undecided

Jefferson had a great weekend with 13 points in the win. Although he wasn’t selected on the initial roster, he definitely belonged with the best of them; he knew it, as well as every player and scout in attendance. He was the best dribble penetrator, and most explosive athlete in the event, throwing down dunks with either hand. He created well off the dribble, changing speed with the ball, opening up opportunities for himself and others. He consistently played with intensity and is capable of filling it up from 3PT range.

Anthony Black 6’7 185 SG/SF – Arkansas

Black split time playing on and off the ball, playing well off the dribble and spacing the floor at various times throughout the event. He’s more of a rhythm shooter at this stage, hitting some shots off the bounce or pulling up, while missing open some off the catch at other times. He reads the floor well as a passer and showed good athleticism when getting to the rim. Black recorded 11 points, seven rebounds, and five assists.

Kamari Lands 6’8 195 SF – Louisville

Lands was solid with 10 points, knocking down two 3PTers in the process. He’s a good-sized wing and solid athlete but his game is dependent on whether or not his shots are falling. He can shoot off the catch or dribble, but he tends to settle for pull-ups. He does have a floater, but rarely gets all the way to the rim or does a lot off the dribble.

Tavion Banks 6’8 195 SF/PF – Undecided

Banks was one of the lesser-known names in the game, but he held his own with seven points for Honor. He can step out and shoot but he’s best utilizing his athleticism at the rim. He has a strong frame and has some solid tools to work with.

Kel'el Ware 7’0 210 C – Oregon

Ware only scored six points but was among the top prospects in the game. There weren’t any bigs that could matchup with him in practice, where he was unstoppable rim-running, as well as converting after crashing offensive boards while utilizing his impressive second jump. More than just a long and athletic big man, Ware showed positive development on his jump hook and ability to step out with his smooth stroke from 3PT, but he didn’t drift to the perimeter often. Ware excels on the defensive end as well, covering a lot of ground and blocking shots while protecting the rim. He can benefit from holding his position and looking to contest defensively, as Kohler got him off his feet and out of position a few times.

Team Loyalty 

Keyonte George 6’4 185 SG – Baylor

George scored 21 points and was named MVP for Team Loyalty. He was solid overall, making some nice passes combined with scoring. His outside shooting is more on the streaky side than knockdown, but he shot well in the game, making three 3 pointers, comfortably hitting off the dribble. He had a few strong takes to the rim as well, where he scored at times and drew quite a bit of fouls, making eight free throws in the game.

Prince Aligbe 6’7 215 PF – Boston College

Aligbe played hard all three days. He’s a good athlete with multiple dunks. He can have tunnel vision as there were times he would put his dribble down and it was a bit predictable that he was going to end up taking a shot, but he finished with 20 points and rebounded well, with ten in the game. Aligbe showed a bit of everything from defensive versatility to outside shooting for Loyalty.

Jayden Epps 6’3 195 PG/SG – Illinois

Epps didn’t have the best 3PT shooting in the practices, but his shooting came on strong in the second half, scoring 13 of his 17 points. He did struggle finishing against length in practice but converted well in the game, hitting floaters, pull-ups, and a few shots at the rim. He’s not a primary point guard by nature but had a solid showing when handling. Epps has good strength and played well defensively.

Mark Mitchell 6’9 220 PF – Duke

Mitchell was solid throughout the event. He hustles hard on both ends and has good athleticism, dunking off the vert a few times from dump offs and offensive rebounds. He plays a bit hunched over and typically, while he plays hard, he goes one speed. His shot needs more arc, but it was working for him in the two days of practice, and he hit a 3PTer in the game after a smooth between the legs dribble that would be nice to see more often. Mitchell provides defensive versatility, sharing time defending the perimeter as well as the post, where his value intrigues.

Larry Hughes Jr. 6’4 165 SG – St. Louis

Hughes has a smooth outside shooting stroke and although not super explosive, he’s a solid athlete. He finished with nine points, showing ability to shoot from midrange and 3PT off the dribble. He scored on a few contested layups as well.

Brandon Miller 6’8 200 SF – Alabama

Miller only had eight points in the game but was one of the top prospects. He scores well in isolation, using his fadeaway and pull-up off the dribble. He’s very fluid and a high-level athlete, especially when he gets an approach and the chance to leap off one foot. He had a few big jams throughout practice and some chase down blocks he soared to get a hand on, covering more ground than he would appear. He does lack ideal slashing ability, rarely getting all the way to the rim once he puts his dribble down, as he settles for the pull-up too often. In addition to his ability in iso, he knocked down a fair share from the perimeter with good mechanics and made impressive passes.

Tarris Reed 6’10 260 C – Michigan

Reed stood out in the practices with reliable productivity on both ends. He’s not real quick but positions himself well, getting solid lift to throw down dunks and has good timing as a shot blocker. He secures rebounds and never tries to do too much or play outside his game, making the right pass out of the post when appropriate. He only scored eight points in the game, but his faceup and smooth shooting stroke was on display in practice as well as his low-post offense, consistently hitting jump hooks with either hand, never hesitating to go to his left, even when contested.

Terrance Arceneaux 6’7 190 SG/SF – Houston

Arceneaux was solid in his showing. He finished with seven points on some nice takes to the rim and knocking down a three. He showed to be one of the best shooters in the event, hitting shots off the catch and dribble, and never forcing his offense. He’s also a solid athlete with a few jams throughout the weekend.

Hansel Emmanuel 6’5 175 SG – Undecided

Emmanuel was really something to see in person and nobody played harder. Only having one arm, he has his obvious physical limitations, but he can play with the best of them, as he wasn’t sped up at any time. He made some impressive cross-court and lead passes. He was best when he was able to run in transition, showing off his high-level run and jump athleticism where he loves to finish above the rim. His four points came on two aggressive and contested layups.


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