The 2012 Hoop Summit took place last weekend in Portland, during which three of’s talent evaluators took a break from scouting to put together a first round mock draft. We took turns, taking into account team needs for every selection. Tyler Ingle went first, Mike Visenberg second and Aran Smith third.

davis Anthony Davis 6-10 220 PF Kentucky Fr. There’s simply no question about this one. Davis is the best overall talent in the draft by far, and — if everything goes right, the Unibrow will eventually form an intimidating duo with Biyombo in Charlotte’s frontcourt.
NBA Comparison: Kevin Garnett
t-rob Thomas Robinson 6-8 240 SF/PF Kansas Jr. The Wizards need a fresh look and Robinson seems like a good starting point. He has an NBA ready body, played with excellent energy and should help right away with rebounding.
NBA Comparison: Derrick Williams
mkg Michael Kidd-Gilchrist 6-7 216 SF Kentucky Fr. MKG’s stock is through the roof after such an incredible freshman season. He may lack the upside of some of the other options available, but he’s a winner and viewed as a surefire NBA contributor. New Orleans could use some personality/character after Chris Paul fled town.
NBA Comparison: Gerald Wallace
barnes Harrison Barnes 6-8 220 SF UNC So. Andre Drummond has significantly more potential, but I get the impression that the Cavs are looking to rebuild as quickly as possible. Barnes will fit in well with Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson, and give the team a nice core to build around.
NBA Comparison: Glen Rice
drummond Andre Drummond 6-10 270 PF/C CT HSSr. At one point considered a possible candidate for top pick in the draft, sliding down to 5 may be a blessing in disguise for Drummond. He had an inconsistent freshmen year at Connecticut, but if Drummond is available here, he should be a worthwhile roll of the dice.
NBA Comparison: Amar’e Stoudemire
lamb Jeremy Lamb 6-5 185 SG UConn So. The Raptors could use an upgrade at the PG position, but it’s unlikely they would be willing to reach for one here. Lamb struggled to embrace the spotlight and struggled some after being a key piece to the Huskies national championship as a freshman. He’s an upside pick but will take the right GM to pull the trigger on him due to his perceived lack of intensity.
NBA Comparison: Reggie Miller
moultrie Arnett Moultrie 6-10 225 PF/C Miss St. Jr. I tried to get in the Kings’ head for this pick. They have a habit of drafting for positional need, and they’ve invested too much in their backcourt prospects to give up on them now. I have them going with somebody to pair with Cousins in Moultrie.
NBA Comparison: Jermaine O’Neil
beal Bradley Beal 6-4 207 SG Florida Fr. After having Brandon Knight slide to this pick last year, getting Beal could pay equal dividends. The Pistons have other needs, but Beal’s value might make Dumars completely revamp his backcourt. Forced to play the 3 spot in his freshman year at Florida, Beal led the team to a surprising Elite 8 run and impressed scouts with his scoring ability.
NBA Comparison: Eric Gordon
marshall Kendall Marshall 6-4 180 PG North Carolina So. Every draft has a few curve balls, and I decided to throw the first one here. While Damian Lillard is the consensus choice as the top point guard among NBA scouts, this pick is based on the fact that Marshall and Utah are a match made in heaven. The Jazz could roll the dice that they can select him with their later pick (then again they may end up with no lottery picks).
NBA Comparison: Mark Jackson
sullinger Jared Sullinger 6-9 286 PF Ohio St. So. It’s becoming a trend to project Sullinger falling out of the top-14, but I think he’d be a great pickup for the Hornets in the late-lottery. With Eric Gordon, Kidd-Gilchrist and Sullinger, the team would have a great core to build around.
NBA Comparison: Carlos Boozer
rivers Austin Rivers 6-4 203 PG/SG Duke Fr. With Raymond Felton and Jamal Crawford likely finding new homes in the off-season, the Blazers could seek to prepare for the future by drafting a scoring guard in Rivers. While he does not seem to project to the PG position, his ball handling ability and isolation skills should make him an immediate rotation piece.

NBA Comparison OJ Mayo

zeller Tyler Zeller 6-11 240 C North Carolina Sr. After moving Andrew Bogut in the trade that brought them Monta Ellis, Milwaukee would likely pounce on Zeller if he’s available here. Though Tyler has had injury concerns in his own right, he is younger and runs the floor exceptionally well, which would fit their jet quick backcourt.
NBA Comparison: PJ Brown
jones Perry Jones 6-11 235 SF/PF Baylor So. I could actually see the Suns going with a point guard here, which would make Lillard the ideal pick. However, they still own the rights to Aaron Brooks, and I’m sure they’ll be interested in at least trying to keep Nash. Therefore, I have them going with the high-upside prospect in Perry Jones.
NBA Comparison: Tim Thomas
ross Terrence Ross 6-6 190 SG Washington So. With the Jazz having already picked Kendall Marshall in this Mock Draft, the thought turned to the wing. They have already spent lottery picks on Gordon Hayward and Alec Burks the past two drafts, but this team obviously doesn’t need size and this pick may not intimately be theirs: if they make the playoffs.
NBA Comparison: Eddie Jones
15. t young Damian Lillard 6-2 190 PG Weber St. Jr. The Rockets have displayed no reservations when it comes to drafting the best player available. This pick came down to Lillard vs. Leonard, and with a later pick will hope their #2 guy left will fall to them. Despite already having Kyle Lowry and Goran Dragic at the point guard position, they get a great value pick in Lillard.
NBA Comparison: Mo Williams
henson John Henson 6-10 220 PF UNC Jr. The Nets go with the long limbed Henson who despite being slight in frame, shows solid rebounding and shot blocking ability. If Kendall Marshall or Damian Lillard somehow fell to their pick, they may have to consider them with Deron Williams future with the team up in the air.
NBA Comparison: Samuel Dalembert
jones Terrence Jones 6-9 241 SF/PF Kentucky So. The Nuggets seem to have a thing for versatile, multi-faceted players. It is still uncertain exactly what position Jones falls into, but he has strength and talent that warrant getting taken at this portion of the draft.
NBA Comparison: Marvin Williams
lamb Doron Lamb 6-4 195 PG/SG Kentucky So. The 76ers could be losing starter Jodie Meeks in free agency and Lamb would be a solid long term upgrade at the position. Lamb’s tournament run showed that he’s a clutch performer that can handle pressure as a ball handler.
NBA Comparison: Cuttino Mobley
leonard Meyers Leonard 7-1 245 C Illinois So. The Rockets are known for taking value at their picks no matter the position. While not expected to contribute much immediately, Leonard gives them a promising center for the future.
NBA Comparison: Robin Lopez
harkless Moe Harkless 6-8 205 SF St. John’s Fr. The semi under the radar Big East freshman of the year is major athlete with great size for the wing spot. For a team that may be losing Marvin Williams, the hope would be that Moe can provide a defender and slasher that turns into a solid rotation player.
NBA Comparison: James Posey
ross Festus Ezeli 6-11 255 PF/C Vanderbilt Sr. Ezeli never broke out as a star at Vanderbilt, but there are few bigmen with his combination of size, strength, fluidity and touch. He is a bit of a reach here, but with Boston’s aging frontcourt, a young bigman that can provide strength and toughness down low would be a welcomed addition.
NBA Comparison: Mark West
ross Dion Waiters 6-4 210 SG Syracuse So. The Grizzlies have nearly $200 million dollars committed to four of their starters over the next four seasons. There won’t be a ton of room to resign OJ Mayo this offseason, so the team may be looking for someone to fulfill his role off the bench.
NBA Comparison: Deshawn Stevenson
jenkins Marquis Teague 6-2 180 PG Kentucky Fr. The floor general for the NCAA Champs benefits from a down year for floor generals. Teague improved a great deal with decision making as the year progressed and would probably benefit from learning behind a player like Jameer Nelson.
NBA Comparison: Jeff Teague
ross Royce White 6-8 260 SF/PF Iowa St. So. The Pacers have done a tremendous job with draft picks and trades recently and their record shows exactly that. Teams are afraid of White due to his anxiety disorder but the risk is minimized in the mid-20s. He would give them a combo forward with tremendous versatility.
NBA Comparison: Anthony Mason
nicholson Andrew Nicholson 6-9 240 PF St. Bonaventure Sr. Nicholson might ultimately go quite a bit higher than this as he’s one of the more polished post players available. Boston continues to bolster their aging frontcourt by adding a player with readiness and potential.
NBA Comparison: Craig Brackins
ross Evan Fournier 6-7 190 SF France 1992 He definitely displays a competitive attitude and scoring ability that make him a very intriguing prospect. This draft may end up with no International first rounders but Fournier stands a chance and could be a nice scoring option for Kyrie Irving to work with and fit into Cleveland’s rebuilding plan.
NBA Comparison: Marco Belinelli
ross Jeffery Taylor 6-6 220 SF Vanderbilt Jr. Taylor was a 4-year contributor for Vanderbilt, displaying great athleticism and defensive ability. The Warriors have an aging Richard Jefferson at the position and Taylor would give them a young 3 to groom behind him.
NBA Comparison: Wilson Chandler
jenkins Kevin Jones 6-8 240 PF West Virginia Sr. Miami really doesn’t have any positional needs. They might consider a center like Fab Melo if they’re looking for a project, but Kevin Jones offers depth and the leadership that no team can ever have enough of.
NBA Comparison: Udonis Haslem
jenkins John Jenkins 6-4 185 SG Vanderbilt Jr. Jenkins was the top shooter on the college level and could give the Commodores three first round picks. The Thunder could use a specialty shooter off the bench to help spread the floor.
NBA Comparison: JJ Redick
30. u wroten Tony Wroten 6-5 205 PG/SG Washington Fr. With the success that the Knicks have had putting Shumpert on opposing playmakers, Wroten who is a true PG, will get looks much higher than this. He’s a tremendous talent, but he slid in this mock and could slide some on draft night due to maturity and readiness question marks.
NBA Comparison: Iman Shumpert


  1. me likey. i doubt blazers get

    me likey. i doubt blazers get rivers over lillard. if they get drummond and lillard watch out!!!

    now that i think of it, tony wroten is kinda similar to "the man"

  2. I Believe once the workouts
    I Believe once the workouts are done Rivers will raise into the Top 5…He’s 1 of the few guys in this draft that can become a Superstar….

    I dont get the Moultrie to Jermaine O’Neal comparisions..Moultrie avoids contact and isnt that good a shot blocker like O’Neal ..But i do see some Rashard Lewis in Moultrie’s game,he’s not the shooter Lewis is,but their moves are similar…..I think Moultrie will blossom in the pros…

    Some Guys i that you should keep an eye on are Bernard James,Drew Gordon,Dee Bost,Namenja Nedovic,Kyle O’Quinn & Kevin Murphy….

    • agree on Moultre…..i said

      agree on Moultre…..i said it before and got a lot of opposition. He’s soft, has inflated rebounding numbers and is never going to be a starter. Dont agree about Rivers. He has talent, but has limitations too. Wont contest shots, only goes to the right, and has terrible defensive instincts.  And man do I AGREE about Nedovic !!!  I saw him in Serbia…(used to live in Poland)….he’s a real talent, and very tough. And Bernard james…..james will be 28, but the guy is a stud in the paint. Drew Gordon maybe…but he’s got lousy floor awareness. Herb Pope IS a guy i like second round. A brawler. O Quinn might well move up….again, has great size and strength.

  3. We definitely tweaked it a bit……

    Due to Tony Mitchell deciding to go back to school. Still, turned out pretty interesting. Also, if Portland is really interested in Goran Dragic, I could see Rivers getting a look.

  4. Where is Fab Melo. I think

    Where is Fab Melo.  I think Melo will rise of draft day because of his size and defense.  Also in 2 or 3  years you could have another Bynum type.

  5. Doron Lamb = Cuttino Mobley.

     Doron Lamb = Cuttino Mobley. I don´t see the comparison. Cuttino was really a ball-hog and Doron is everything but. He quietly picks the best spots, instead of throwing up wild shots.

  6. I also think teams will take

     I also think teams will take Melo over Ezeli, I mean Melo is younger, bigger and showed great improvement from his freshman to sophmore season

  7. draft

    i suppose a lot of this makes sense….with a number of guys returning to school …tony mitchell, McCollum, Quincy Miller et al. That said…people on this site hate when assumptions are challanged…but honestly, Moultre is way overrated at this point. He might go high because he’s one of the only ‘big’ fours. Id take Royce White in a second. Draymond Green, Fab Melo, and Jae Crowder all might make the first. Melo for sure does. Some of these comparisons are really whack though. I dont think Beal is eric Gordon…he’s a good deal bigger for one thing.  Jeff Taylor is closer to Sefalosha….he’s really not like Chandler at all. MKG Id rate ahead of Robinson. But thats just my opinion. Barnes cant possibley still be rated this high…..did nobody watch the NCAA tourney?  Rivers the same…as McCollum lit him up all afternoon. But nobody wants to hear this stuff. Honestly, Id take Ezeli ahead of Leonard or zeller or sullinger. And White ahead of Sullinger. Lillard is the only real elite point Id say. Teague isnt really that far ahead of Tyshawn taylor, if at all….and after the PIT today JaMychal Green may be reasonably thought a late round pick.

  8. Tony Wroten Jr as the last

    Tony Wroten Jr as the last pick in 1st round- not going to happen.

    Wroten Jr is currently putting in 2 a days under both Will Conroy &  Brandon Roy’s guidance and participation.

    I can see Wroten Jr winding up in the Lottery- Raptors, Blazers, Jazz, NO- after the draft combine & team workouts/interviews.

    Also, Terrence Ross will be one of the first 3 sgs drafted (Cavs, Det, PO, Utah, Phx)- maybe even the first after the combine & team workouts/interviews.

    As well, Fab Melo will most likely go late lottery as a team like Milwaukee could use his size & defensive presence.

  9. Pistons

    Am i the only one who think the pistons pick will be terrible…why would they draft beal when they invested in stuckey and knight? Why not complement Monroe with an athletic big?

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