Michael Foster is a walking double-double with his rebounding and ability to score in the paint, and he wasn’t shy to show that at the Iverson Classic. With the McDonald’s All-American Game, Jordan Brand Classic, and Nike Hoop Summit not having a game this year, the Iverson Classic took on more meaning. Foster chose to play for the G-League Ignite next year instead of going to college. I got a chance to talk to Foster before the game, here’s what he had to say.

NBADraft.Net: How has Memphis been and what are your impressions of the Iverson Classic?

Michael Foster: Well first of all, Memphis has been great and kind to me. We got a little storm, but other than that. Basketball and camp wise, it’s been great. Like I said in a couple of interviews, this competition is unmatched. We didn’t have the McDonald’s game, so this is a good opportunity to go against my competition, my brothers.

NBADraft.Net: How do you feel like you’ve played so far this week?

Michael Foster: I feel like I’ve played pretty decent. I’m showing my speed, my skills, my powers. I’m being an anchor on defense, stuff like that. There’s like 30 something GMs so everyone’s going 110%. I feel like I’ve been playing good.

NBADraft.Net: Who else has impressed you?

Michael Foster: Everybody. I didn’t know some of these cats, but they’ve looked good and will play at the next level.

NBADraft.Net: What went into your decision to go into the G-League?

Michael Foster: Development, that’s all I’m about. I’m trying to get better and be the best I can be. Taking that route is going to 100% make me better.

NBADraft.Net: Did you get to track the guys who experimented with the G-League Ignite this year? What was your impression of their progress?

Michael Foster: If it wasn’t for them cats, I don’t think I would be doing this.

NBADraft.Net: None of them really hurt their stock.

Michael Foster: That was different. To see how much they improved in that little time is unmatched.

NBADraft.Net: What are you trying to get better at before you start that path?

Michael Foster: Everything right now. I got to get my conditioning a little better. I got to get stronger, faster. There’s grown men out there who’s chasing a check. There’s going to be a chip on my shoulder and a target on my back. I got to step my game up.

NBADraft.Net: Who do you think is the best player that didn’t play in this game?

Michael Foster: That’s tough. I didn’t see (Jaden) Hardy. Hardy’s my guy, but I don’t know if they didn’t put him on the list if he didn’t play this year. You got Patrick Baldwin, that’s a good talent. A couple other guys too.

NBADraft.Net: Do you have a favorite NBA player?

Michael Foster: Yeah, Kevin Durant.

NBADraft.Net: Do you try to mold your game after him?

Michael Foster: Everything he does. Everything he does.

NBADraft.Net: When did you realize basketball could be more than a game for you?

Michael Foster: Once I got invited to USA. I wasn’t a basketball player when I was in seventh grade. Seventh grade summer I met my mentor, Chianti Clay. Everyone who knows Mike Foster knows who Chianti Clay is. Ever since I met him, he’s been in my ear the whole time.


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