23 - Patrick Baldwin

6-10, 220 Small Forward/Power Forward
Wisconsin–Milwaukee Freshman
11/18/02 (21 yrs)
Sussex, WI
High School
Hamilton Sussex
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Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling

NBA Comparison: Jalen Johnson/Brian Cook

Strengths: Has the type of size and length that stands out as he is a legit 6’10 230 PF/SF prospect with a nice frame … Has the makings of a floor spacer from deep with his pristine form and follow-through shooting the ball; came into college with a reputation as a knockdown shooter…High release makes his shots difficult to block … Can hit shots and rack up points in bunches at his best (12 ppg in 11 games played) … Capable of hitting shots on the move and is a good valve to have in transition as a trail man…Flashes of “tough” shot-making ability, and can hit shots fading away or using rangy crossovers when pulling up off the dribble sparingly … Squares his feet and shoulders to the basket quickly when getting into his form…Has the size to post up and seal smaller match ups successfully…Good ball-handler for a 6’10 player … Decent contributor on the glass (5.8 rpg) … Uses his length well to recover when beat, or to get the occasional deflection and blocked shot (nearly 1 spg & 1 bpg) … Not bad running the floor, is a long strider who is adequately mobile … May fare better with less responsibility to be a team’s top scoring option and more of an off-ball role …

Weaknesses: Disappointing season shooting the ball for someone with his reputation coming out of HS and international play (26 3FG% and over 5 attempts/game) … Very underwhelming overall production for a former top 10 recruit playing against mid-major competition (34 FG%); really had a rough season and seemed to lose confidence as the season wore on … Will too often bail out defenders with spotty shot selection, took too many ill-advised and closely contested shots as a Fr. with minimal success … Feel for the game needs improvement … Lacks athleticism and explosiveness; tested poorly at the Combine with one of the lowest recorded vertical jump numbers in the events history (26”)…Also a stiff mover laterally who will struggle to contain dribble penetration against wings and a good amount of stretch 4s at the NBA level … Will need players around him to create shot opportunities for him, doesn’t project to be an efficient 1v1 scorer given his lack of burst to get clean looks…More finesse than physical; likes to play on the perimeter much more than near the rim on both ends and isn’t a banger … Durability concerns have plagued him for the better part of the last 2 years; with COVID forcing him to miss time as a Fr., as well as a nagging ankle injury that derailed him as a HS Sr. and shut him down after only 11 games this season that has given some teams pause about his physical being cleared and also possibly explaining his struggles this past season a bit … Seemed to get winded often and generally wasn’t a high effort player when on the court as a Fr …

Overall: Baldwin Jr. was once seen as the #1 recruit in the 2021 class before missing his Sr season with an ankle injury … Still, he was a decorated HS prospect who ended up being a top 10 recruit and turning down offers from national powerhouses like Duke to play for his father at UW-Milwaukee where it was assumed he would put up gaudy numbers and dominate against mid-major competition while elevating the program…It did not go that way, and Baldwin Jr and UW-Milwaukee both struggled to win or produce quality numbers, and it led to the dismissal of Pat Baldwin Sr being fired and subsequently Baldwin Jr entering the transfer portal after just 11 games….It was a poor fit, as it seemed Baldwin Jr wasn’t quite ready for the attention or responsibility of being the alpha on a team with a lack of shot creation…There is chatter that his poor season can largely be attributed to the ankle injury from HS that maybe still hasn’t healed properly, and the missed games dealing with COVID affected his rhythm and attrition as the season wore on…But on the surface as a prospect he does offer nice size/length as a combo forward and the base of a promising shooting stroke that could be a useful floor spacing tool with more confidence and the right playmaking around him…He will have to prove he can defend his position(s) at the NBA level and continue to polish his overall game to show that his year in college was a fluke…His stock has taken a hit and is all over the place after coming into the season as a projected lottery selection, and his injury history will be paid close attention to, but he could hear his name called as early as the late 1st round based on perceived upside as a former ballyhooed recruit or he could slide and be picked by a team will to take a flyer on him later in the draft

Notes: Measured: 6’9.25” barefoot, 6′10.25” in shoes, 9′ 2.5” standing reach, 230.8 lbs, with a 7’1.75” wingspan at the 2022 NBA Draft Combine …

Jorrye Nixon 6/21/22

Strengths: 6’9 wing … Good size for position with a 6’11 wingspan … Very good mobility at his size … Pure jump shot with proper mechanics; providing a quick release, no wasted motion, and high release point. Stays squared up and ready to go into his shot before he catches the ball. Shot 40% 3PT% on 6.3 attempts per game over the Nike EYBL in 2019 …  Averaged 8.7 points per game on 50% FG% at the NBPA Top 100 in 2018. Averaged 17.4 points per game on 53.4% FG% over the Nike EYBL in 2019 … Reliable free throw shooter. Made all 5 free throws at the NBPA Top 100 in 2018. Shot 85.2% FT% over the Nike EYBL in 2019 … Very active off the ball … Posts up smaller defenders and uses size well around the basket. Shows a fadeaway … Unselfish … Although plays a lot off the ball, he’s not as turnover prone as most players his age and caliber. Averaged 1.4 turnovers per game at the NBPA Top 100 in 2018 and 3 turnovers over 3 games in 2019. Averaged 1 turnover per game over the Nike EYBL in 2019 … Mature game, plays under control, and doesn’t wear his emotion … Easy to see his value at the next levels …

Weaknesses: Very well coordinated but isn’t real explosive and lacks foot speed on the perimeter … Isn’t much of an initiator offensively and isn’t great creating for himself or breaking down the defense. Isn’t much of a threat to get to the rim once he puts his dribble down … Can improve aggression level as he can be passive and probably plays within himself too much. Only shot 5 free throws over 7 games at the U19 World Cup in 2021. Shot 0.7 free throws per game at the NBPA Top 100 in 2018 and 1 free throw over 3 games in 2019. Shot 2.3 free throws per game over the Nike EYBL in 2019 … Very good shooter but doesn’t have a diverse scoring arsenal and doesn’t contribute a heavy amount in areas outside of scoring … Doesn’t stand out as a rebounder at his size. Averaged 3.7 rebounds per game at the NBPA Top 100 in 2018 and 2019. Averaged 4.8 rebounds per game over the Nike EYBL in 2019 … Unselfish and passing/court vision is solid but not advanced. Only averaged 0.6 assists per game at the NBPA Top 100 in 2018 and recorded 3 assists over 3 games in 2019. Averaged 1.8 assists per game over the Nike EYBL in 2019 … Not much of a shot blocker. Only averaged 0.3 blocks per game at the NBPA Top 100 in 2018 and blocked 1 shot over 3 games in 2019. Averaged 0.8 blocks per game over the Nike EYBL in 2019 …

Outlook: Milwaukee freshman … 2021 McDonald’s All-American … Named to the 2021 Jordan Brand Classic … Named to the 2021 Nike Hoop Summit … Won Gold at the U19 World Cup in 2021 … 2020 Wisconsin Gatorade Player of the Year …

Evan Tomes 8/28/21