Section 7 was held from June 21-23 at State Farm Arena in Glendale, Arizona. The event featured top National Prep teams and some of the best high school teams, in particular from the West coast, playing each other to see how they currently stack up for the 2024-24 season. Over 160 teams participated with Millenium (Goodyear, AZ) defeating Archbishop Riordan in the highly contested BHHS Legacy bracket and Owyhee defeating Oak Ridge in the other highly rated Glendale bracket. Taking place during a live period, NCAA coached continuously mentioned how well organized and how many talented teams were at this event. This is absolutely one of my favorite events to attend due to the talent and organization of the event, therefore kudos to Matt King and the entire Section 7 support team for making this a great event for talent evaluators.

In this write up I have separated the players in three categories: Top National Prospects, Top Underclassmen and Top Arizona Prospects (given this event is run by the AIA & ABCA).Many of the Arizona and Top Underclassmen could have been categorized in the top 10 overall, however, to be able to speak on a wider range of players the decision was made as such.

Top 10 Prospects

Shon Abaev 6’7 SF Calvary Christian Class of 2025 (Picture provided by Greg Stein Media)

Calvary Christian had many underclassmen contributing major minutes for this squad, thus the team not only relied on Shon Abaev’s talent but also veteran presence. The lefty showcased his scoring ability at Section 7. He has nice shooting touch from the high school three and plays off his shooting ability to score in other ways. On a quick closeout, he will pump fake and put it on the floor, slithering through defenders to finish plays off with dunks at the rim or take a couple dribbles and quick out to his teammate after the help defender commits to him. He has a natural slim build that has filled out some over the last year. His positional size is good for a wing, and he has the natural unorthodox of a left hander in his game. He’s a thinker on the move and understands momentum and spacing at a high level. There are some questions for him at the top level. His shot is not textbook perfect, so there are questions surrounding both if it can extend out all the way to the NBA three-point line with consistency and with a quick enough release. While he is a good athlete for high school and solid for college, he would have below average athleticism for the top level, thus it is imperative for scouts that the questions about his shot be answered over the next 24 months.

Toni Bryant 6’9 PF North Tampa Christian Class of 2026

Toni Bryant helped lead his North Tampa Christian team to their bracket championship. Bryant has good length and athleticism. In one sequence that I watched he’s pinning a shot on the square against the backboard then sprinting down the court and receiving a lob pass that he finished off with a two handed flush. He continually made plays such as these at Section 7. He showed the ability to be a fluid mover without the ball, great vertical ability, and good lateral movement. His jumps look effortless as he just floats in the air grabbing rebounds, put backs, and block shots alike. However, he’s far from a polished player and needs polish both in his shooting and handles to make it to the top level. At 6’8/6’9 he’s most likely to play as a forward at the next level. As he moves up his athletic prowess will stand out and the progression of his skills will be required for him to continue to have success.

Brayden Burries 6’4 PG Roosevelt Class of 2025

Brayden Burries is a consensus top 15 player in the country and one of the favorite players of grassroots media based on the Westcoast. Why? He has won at high level for Roosevelt in Southern California and has shown the ability to do what is best for the team. For example, when we saw him at Pangos All American Camp, it seemed that his focus was to distribute the ball to teammates. At Section 7 for Roosevelt, it was clearly his team, and he did it all. Featuring himself as a scorer, shooting the three, getting downhill and finishing plays, and creating for his teammates with and without the benefit of a pick and roll. While at Pangos, some NBA scouts posed the question of whether he was a true point guard, so I rose this debate to both college coaches who were and weren’t recruiting him and the response was unanimous: Yes, they all believe that he is a point guard at the NBA level. it appears his game continues to evolve. Given his height and size, this instantly makes him more attractive as an NBA prospect.

Semetri Carr 6’0 PG Riordan Class of 2025

I’ve watched Semetri Carr in a few consecutive sessions, first at EYBL (KC, then at Pangos, and finally with his Riordan team at Section 7. This was by far where he showcased himself the best. Carr led Riordan to a 3-1 record and a championship game versus Millennium. He showcased his impressive athleticism first off a baseline, out of bounds, catching a 2 handed lob, then later catching a one handed lob off the fast break. Throughout the weekend, he made 3 pointers at a high rate, even making a few on four-point plays. Lightning quick, Carr can get downhill and showed here the ability to absorb contact and finish plays off. Both with the Oakland Soldiers and here, he seemed to prioritize fitting in and featuring other scorers, so this was a good change of pace to remind scouts of his offensive potential. With his height, there is little room for error for him to make it to the top level.

Cornelius Ingram 6’5 SG Oak Ridge Class of 2025

CJ Ingram and Oak Ridge were the most entertaining team at Section 7 and made it all the way to the championship in their bracket eventually losing to Owyhee. CJ is a top 1% wing athlete. For example, while at Section 7 he had the most impressive play I witnessed in person all summer. On the fast break a defender tried to take a charge when he jumped inside of the dotted line in the key for a right-handed dunk attempt. The defender was slightly late, and CJ finished the play off with the and 1 flush (reminiscent to the dunk Kobe Bryant had on Steve Nash). In a half-court offense play where he cut from the right baseline Jalen Reece gave CJ a perfect lob pass and with both of his elbows at rim level, he finished the play off with a 2 handed reverse flush. With his ideal wing length, he is a true menace on the defensive end getting steals, rebounds, and blocks. Offensively he showed great shot mechanics and shot it well from the free throw line and great vision as a passer. His handles can get a little loose at times and because of this he’s probably not going to be your first option to create for others. In addition, there were moments where instead of taking the jump shot, he would force things and drive into contact which puts him at the mercy of the referees making a favorable call. However, the power 5 schools from the west coast who knew very little of him came back very impressed and his skill set makes him have great potential as a 3 and D player at the top level.

Jamier Jones 6’5 Wing Oak Ridge Class of 2025

With Providence on hand to watch his every game, Jamier Jones performed well for Oak Ridge. An excellent athlete, he finished plays with lobs and ran the lanes well on fast break opportunities, finishing plays off with powerful dunks. Skilled with the ball in his hands, he features a euro step to avoid charges when he goes down the lane. He also was able to get downhill with either hand and has a good first step to get past defenders. He shot the ball well from the corner, but overall needs to develop consistency in his outside shot, to make it to the top level. Defensively was a ball hawk and between him and Jalen Reece, and CJ Ingram opponents had a hard time bringing the ball up the court and their defense created many offensive opportunities. A great athlete, he and the rest of the Oak Ridge team were the most entertaining team to watch at Section 7, on the offensive end.

Nikolas Khamenia 6’8 Forward Harvard Westlake Class of 2025

Nikolas Khamenia was coming off his gold medal performance with Team USA at the FIBA U18 Americup. Here he displayed his feathery shooting touch from the mid-range and from beyond the arc. Fundamentally sound, he can face up or take you down in the post. He’s a great floor spacer and has great vision. He will finish plays off with dunks and take opponents off the dribble. He does not possess ideal height or length for a power forward and would be a below average athlete as a small forward. However, he’s very physical and well rounded as a player.

Chidi Nwigwe 6’6 Wing Sunrise Christian Class of 2026

Chidi was a surprise addition to the Sunrise Christian roster at Section 7. He’s long (last measured with a 7’2 wingspan at the 2024 Nike 100 Camp), athletic, and has excellent positional height for a wing. His broad shoulders make it nearly impossible for a defender to catch up once Chidi is half a step ahead with the ball in his hands. In addition, he has a well-built frame making him nearly impossible to prevent from scoring when he’s around the basket. Strong with both his right and left hand, he seeks contact and finds his way downhill. He has good form on his shot, but is still inconsistent. Given he is so dominant inside at the high school level it hasn’t been a skill set he has had to lean on yet, but will need to become more efficient with his jump shot at each level of competition he reaches.

Dean Rueckert 6’7 Wing Timpview Class of 2026

Dean Rueckert has great size and athleticism for a wing. Often effective in a pick and roll situation, he was the primary offensive creator for the Timpview team. He displayed the ability to get downhill and can finish plays off strong. Not a point guard, he and the team would have been better off if he was the secondary ball handler on the team, but unfortunately that was not the case. He’s a very good cutter and can catch lobs at the dunker spot, when given the opportunity. A versatile defender due to his length and athleticism, he affects opponents with closeouts and deflections. At Section 7, he took far too many long-distance threes at the end of the shot clock as he waited for teammates and plays to materialize. Making a quicker decision with the ball in his hands and becoming more proficient from long distance is the next step of his development.

Tounde Yessoufou 6’5 SF St Joseph (Santa Maria, CA) Class of 2025

In front of a crowd of power 5 coaches, Tounde Yessoufou showcased his complete offensive game. Against Millennium he served as an offensive hub, swinging the ball around and getting assists for his teammates. In the same half grabbing an offensive rebound and finishing it with a thunderous dunk. On the defensive side of the ball with his long wingspan closing out hard on Cam Holmes and forcing a rushed air ball shot. Tounde throughout the weekend showcased his improved mid-range game and how difficult it was to stop him from getting to the rim. On defense, he can shut the best offensive opponent down or disrupt the flow of a play all by himself. In addition, he is an excellent communicator both on offense and defense. He has worked on his shot so much that once considered a liability, the question isn’t whether can he shoot it; but can he extend the range to the pro line? Yes, his body probably fully matured a couple years ago, but his improvement in his game is such that scouts can tell that he works hard on it and that he still has room to add layers in his development.

Honorable Mention

Kaiden Bailey 6’2 PG Calvary Chapel Class of 2026

Lattimore Ford 6’6 SF Mount Si Class of 2026

Trent Maclean 6’9 PF Thousand Oaks Class of 2025

Brannon Martinsen 6’7 SF Mater Dei Class of 2026

Julius Price 6’3 PG St Joseph (Santa Maria, CA) Class of 2026

Jalen Reece 6’0 PG Oak Ridge Class of 2025

Xavion Staton 6’11 PF/C Sierra Vista Class of 2025

Jackson Rasmussen 6’7 SF Owyhee Class of 2025

Jasir Rencher 6’5 Wing Riordan Class of 2025

Keyshuan Tillery 6’0 PG New Hampton Class of 2025

Top Underclassmen:

Dylan Betts 6’11 C Cherry Creek Class of 2028

Dylan Betts is what a highly talented post player his age usually looks like, tall with a long wingspan still waiting for his muscles to catch up to the growth spurt. He has great dexterity and runs the floor well. He moves extremely well laterally and displays a high motor. He flashed good hands and his shot in warmups and at the free throw line looked fluid. He was very active around the rim grabbing offensive rebounds that most have no chance getting to. He displayed a great demeanor even when teammates missed him on fast break opportunities and seemed eager to compete and improve. He is by no means a finished product as he gets pushed around in the post and does not finish plays off well after contact. However, you take one look at his body and face and understand that all he needs is time. With his natural athleticism and work ethic, he is a name to remember down the road.

Bruce Branch 6’6 SG Perry Class of 2027

Bruce Branch was one of the best scorers of the entire Section 7 event. After not playing much his freshman year, it was a bit of a showcasing event for him given the absence of Koa Peat, who was with the USA U17 team. Bruce has a long wingspan and looks like he may not be done growing. His touch is phenomenal around the rim and in the mid-range. He and senior D’Andre Harrsion were their two offensive cogs, and it was Bruce who was the better option to create for others. When he faces up, he really is a triple threat option as a shooter, driver, or passer. He can easily finish plays off with dunks with his long wingspan and is a good shooter. Already a great scorer, what he misses the most at this stage is strength. He can get pushed around a bit but seems to have more fight on offense than on defense. Defensively he can affect shots with his length and gets his share of deflections. He, however, needs to get stronger in the post defensively and not get beat baseline for his coach to give him a longer leash when Koa Peat returns to the team. As his body matures, he should get better on that end.

Cayden Daughtry PG 5’11 Calvary Christian Class of 2027

Cayden Daughtery, after just one year in high school, is already a reliable floor general. He runs the offense like a coach on the floor easily getting to his spots with either hand. He has outstanding shooting form and range. With Shon Abaev often running the pick and roll in half court sets, he was comfortable off the ball, finding open spots for catch and shoot opportunities. He flashed quick hands and great lateral quickness on defense. The difficulty in projecting him in the future is due to his lack of height. He’s short and does not appear to have an unusually tall wingspan to compensate for it. Every high major coach that was in attendance for his games loved how he played.

Adan Diggs 6’4 SG Williams Field Class of 2028

Adan Diggs was a top 10 prospect at Section 7. Despite just entering his freshman year in high school his game and body is mature enough to compete with anyone at the high school level. Unlike many underclassmen, he lets the game come to him, rarely forcing shots and always scanning the floor to see if there is an offensive advantage for a teammate. He’s an excellent athlete who finishes plays with lobs and dunks. He can finish with either hand and can create for himself and get downhill. His shot is fluid, and he has an excellent mid-range game already at this early stage of his development. When he beats opponents off the dribble, he can stop on a dime and pull up for a smooth mid-range jumper. At 6’4 with a solid wingspan he is no doubt a player that will continue to build a name for himself.

Darius Wabbington 6’10 C Sunnylsope Class of 2027

Darius Wabbington’s body looked improved since I last watched him play in April at the USA Minicamp. He’s lost some baby fat and his speed going up and down the floor was noticeable. He took it upon himself to sprint each time his team had the ball on offense. Darius is strong, a good passer out of the post and top of the key, and a great screener. He will finish plays off in the post and can absorb contact with his thick body. He still gets sped up at times when he shoots it on offense but his shot form looks solid and when the game slows down, he’s just entering his sophomore year in high school, he should become more of an offensive threat for Sunnyslope. Defensively he is already a dominant presence. With his loss of body fat, he was very effective in the drop and stunting on pick and roll defense. His length and dexterity made it nearly impossible for opponents to score in the post. He also was able to get to more rebounds with his new body composition. A high IQ basketball player both on offense and defense. This body transformation will make it even more difficult for opponents to score.

Honorable Mention

Joshua Agbo Wing 6’4 Corona Centennial Class of 2028

Chris Brown 6’10 PF Dream City Christian PF Class of 2027

Jakyi Miles 6’2 PG AZ Compass Class of 2028

Gene Roebuck Wing 6’5 La Miranda Class of 2027

Evan Willis 6’6 Forward Campbell Hall Class of 2028

Top Arizona Prospects:

Ikenna Alozie 6’3 CG Dream City Christian Class of 2026

Izenna Alozie is one of the more athletic players in the nation. His body is fully matured, and he is unlikely to grow in height and doesn’t have room to grow in athleticism as he is already an elite athlete. The tough part for him is that at the Elite One Hundred Camp he measured 6’0 without Shoes with a 6’4.5 wingspan. He may very well have a 38+ vertical but those are point guard sizes not shooting guard or combo guard size. At Section 7 Alozie showed excellent footwork when he was posting up opponents on the block. He was able to get some post players to bite on pump fakes and go up and under for the finger roll. Around the rim he wasn’t afraid to go toe to toe with 7 footers and use his elite vertical to finish off plays. His jump shot was falling in the mid-range at the event which kept opponents honest, but he was at his best using his elite speed to run the lanes and finish plays off on the fast break. Defensively he showed his ability to grab rebounds and to be a great help side shot blocker. He was able to get rushed shots on closeouts due to his elite speed and vertical. Given his size the next step in his development would be a consistent shot from long distance and better creation for others off the pick and roll.

Kaden House 6’’3 CG AZ Compass Class of 2026

Kaden House was playing for the first time with his new AZ Compass team. He displayed a great restraint in not dominating the ball as he has done on past teams. He did a great job taking what the defense was giving him and passing or scoring off the flow of the game. He measured at 6’2.5 with a 6’5 Wingspan at Nike 100 Camp his position of the future is as a lead guard. In the half court he still loves to attack the rim with his signature move being when his opponent is on the help side getting the pass right above the circle taking 1 to 2 dribbles and finishing the play off with a one handed flush. He did that move a few times during Section 7. He can be a streak shooter and it’s a bit of a push shot but overall shot it well and more importantly he was committed to the team both offensively and on the defensive side of the ball. He hates to lose and making him play at the national level should take his game to another level.

Michael Simcoe 6’8 Forward Sandra Day O’Connor Class of 2025

If you haven’t heard of Michael Simcoe yet you probably should. He looks every bit his 6’8 in height and was one of the names which buzzed at Section 7 by NCAA coaches. In fact, there were a few in the media who questioned if the nationally ranked Nicolas Khamenia was the better long-term player than the little-known Michael Simcoe. Simcoe as a hybrid forward featured a nice repeatable shooting stroke, some post up ability and some face up ability. He showed the ability to finish strong with dunks and to get downhill with either hand. He seemed to know his spots and was patient to let plays develop. He flashed some athleticism which made coaches flock to his court all weekend long.

Kingston Tosi 6’7 Forward Millennium Class of 2025

Kingston Tosi is a hybrid Forward who helped lead Millenium to a 4-0 record at Section 7. He had huge games including a 39-point outburst to start play out and a 31-point outburst in the championship game of their bracket. A very good vertical athlete Kingston will finish plays off with dunks and must be accounted for as an offensive rebounder. He is a great cutter and runs the lanes well on the fast break. At Section 7 flashed some self-creation and a mid-range jumper that hasn’t always been there in the past. These added skills will help him transition from more of 4/3 and more into the ¾ that is more ideal for him based on his size. Very solid on the defensive end in rebounding and as a weak side shot blocker. Kingston Tosi and Cam Holmes have become a fearsome duo in the state of Arizona making the Open AIA finals in March and now winning this tough bracket at Section 7.

Cameron Williams 6’9 PF Saint Mary’s Class of 2026

Cam Williams is as talented a player as any in the state of Arizona. His combination of height, wingspan, and athleticism is what scouts are looking for. However, despite becoming an upperclassman he is very much still in a development stage as a player. There were signs at Section 7 that everything was starting to come together. Often viewed as soft by his critics and opponents, Cam stood his ground at the event. He was an enforcer in the post blocking shots and grabbing rebounds. He was getting deflections off passes and offensively he was scoring around the basket finishing plays off with soft touch. He even made a few catch and shoot corner threes in half court sets. If he can be a pick and pop threat in addition to the lob threat, he already has his stock as a power forward will grow immensely. On the fast break he runs the floor extremely well. While this was a small sample size it was a very encouraging progression, now he just needs to follow it up in his next set of games.

Honorable Mention:

Davis Fogle 6’7 Wing AZ Compass Class of 2025

Cameron Holmes 6’5 Wing Millennium Class of 2026

D'Andre Harrison 6’5 Forward Perry Class of 2025

Mason Magee 6’0 PG Basha Class of 2026

Colton Watson CG 6’5 Sandra Day O’Connor Class of 2026


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