1 - Yante Maten

6-8, 245 Power Forward
Georgia Senior
08/14/96 (25.8 yrs)
Pontiac, MI
High School
Bloomfield Hills
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NBA Ready
Post Skills
87 Overall:

NBA Comparison:

Strengths: Maten was a productive player in the SEC despite being the main focus of defenses playing on a UGA team that didn’t have many other true scoring options…A pretty long and strong 6’8 PF with a frame that can add more muscle…Showed some ability to face the basket and score, as well as being effective as a low post scorer in college…Has a solid understanding of where he needs to be, knows when to utilize his size to seal smaller defenders near the hoop and when to force his matchups more towards to the perimeter if they aren’t comfortable away from the hoop…Pretty patient, not likely to force much offense if its not there and is able to draw fouls well…One of the better mid-to-high post players in the 2018 draft class, poses his biggest threat shooting and working to create a shot close to the rim from this area…Has decent touch, likes to use a right hand jump hook to score around the rim, and was reasonably effective doing so…Increased the range on his jumper throughout his career, becoming a respectable shooter from 22 ft by his Sr season (34%  from 3), after being only a post player earlier in his career…A long strider with adequate ability to put the ball on the floor…Has above average agility and body control for a player his size…Unselfish, plays within the team, and shows some willingness to hit the open man…Generally is a passable rebounder in his area on the defensive end, but is more active getting second chance boards due to his underrated 2nd jump quickness and sticky hands…Could benefit from not being the primary focus of the defense after college

Weaknesses: Even as we move to a more positionless NBA, Maten is still an undersized 4 in terms of his height…At 6’8 he could defend a PF, but he doesn’t have enough athleticism to defend an NBA wing or enough size to a match up well against a true C either, leaving him with less than ideal versatility on the defensive end…Was not always the most engaged defender in college, and also doesn’t project to have high block or steals totals at the next level…Only shot above 50% from the field in 1 season during college (2016-2017), so he is not a truly efficient frontcourt player…Has a harder time with his efficiency when matched up against similarly sized players with athleticism, you see some of his struggles making contested shots and holding his own on defense at times in these instances…Sometimes is too methodical in the post, allowing for weakside rotations to come over and either swarm for a double team or block his shot attempts…Inconsistent awareness to see double teams fast enough to find the open man, making the patience that he plays with both a gift and curse…While he did extend his range, he is still a work in progress as a shooter and will likely need to prove he can make an open 3 to stick…Does not have a vast amount of moves as a post scorer or off the dribble, mostly prefers using basic jump hooks or driving in a straight line on offense

Overall: Maten’s production as an undersized tweener forward was great, and I think he has some of the skills needed to play in the NBA…I also think he will benefit from not being the Big Man on Campus at the next level, which will allow him to play more to his strengths as an unselfish player with some offensive skill…Still, he has some limitations as a frontcourt player in terms of efficiency and defensive scheme fit that loom over him…Still, he has 2nd round value and could make a squad if he polishes his perimeter game more

Jorrye Nixon 6/21/18