1 - Wayne Selden

6-5, 230 Shooting Guard
Kansas Junior
09/30/94 (27.1 yrs)
Boston, MA
High School
The Tilton School
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NBA Comparison: Norman Powell

Strengths: After two average seasons of collegiate basketball, Wayne Selden Jr. finally put together the kind of year many had believed he was capable of since he came out of high school. Wayne began to use his NBA positional size, which includes a 6’10’’ wingspan and a well-muscled 230 pound frame to finish at the rim. Selden shot a very impressive 71.3% at the rim (according to Hoop-Math.com) and many of his finishes were jaw dropping dunks while taking contact from defenders. As a sophomore, Wayne’s at the rim FG% was just 50%, so this massive jump was more of a mindset change, than any massive physical improvement. He also showcased more consistency on his jump shot, especially from deep where he shot .392% from 3 point range on 5 attempts per game. Selden has the size, and athletic ability to get his shot off at the NBA level, so this added consistency from deep will bode well on his next level roll. He’s also shown the ability to hit rhythm jumpers off the dribble from the mid-range, especially at the top of the key. While not a point guard, Selden is also a creative passer, and above average ball handler for a shooting guard. His 100 assists as a junior was a career high. Selden has the ability and desire to guard shooting guards and small forwards in the NBA. While he may struggle a little bit with lateral quickness on defense in the NBA, he’s extremely strong, and projects to be a capable defender at the next level. Wayne has also shown a lot of fire as a competitor, and showcased the ability to use his athleticism and size to make plays out of loose ball opportunities. Going hand in hand with his competitiveness, his highlight play ability often changed the game’s momentum and was also something that provided great value for the Jayhawks last season

Weaknesses: Wayne’s most glaring weakness is his lack of free throw shooting. While his aggression as a slasher was a huge improvement, his 61% free throw clip left a lot of points on the board. His mechanics are not anything to fret over, but this block at the foul stripe seems to be more of a mental block than anything. Selden is a tremendous athlete with strength, end to end speed, and leaping ability; however, his lateral quickness isn’t quite up to par with the rest of his athletic package. His large wingspan and ability to body up can make up for this, but it may cause him some issues defending at the next level. While he did show great improvement as a junior, he’ll still need to hone is all around game to find playing time in the NBA. His foundation is there, and now that he’s finishing at the hoop and hitting a higher clip of 3 pointers, he’s got NBA value, he’s just going to need to continue to work to get major minutes on an NBA roster.

Overall: Wayne Selden really showed a lot of improvement last season. In place he had an NBA body, NBA athleticism, and a pretty well rounded package, but made leaps to assert himself as a slasher and a long range shooter. His base, I feel, has value to an NBA team who can help him continue to hone is floor game. I feel is ceiling is that of a starter if he’s in the right situation, but he could also struggle to stick in the NBA if he’s in the wrong one. The physical jump to the next level will not be much of an issue for such a specimen, but taking the next step with his overall game while on an NBA roster will be crucial for Selden. He’s proven himself a team player, a competitive player, and a guy with the ability to improve.

Notes: Measured 6’6 (in shoes) 223 lbs, with a 6’10 wingspan at the 2011 LeBron James Skills Academy … Measured 6’5 (in shoes) 229 lbs, with a 6’10 wingspan at the 2012 LeBron James Skills Academy … Reclassified from the Class of 2014 to the Class of 2013

Dave Ray 5/6/16

Strengths: A well rounded shooting guard with NBA size, Selden’s physicality is the first thing you notice on the court … At 6’5’’ in shoes with a 6’10’’ wingspan and weighing in at a chiseled 229 lbs, Selden has very good measurements for an NBA shooting guard, and his athletic ability and strength are both on par for player preparing to jump to the next level … Wayne is a solid ball handler, and has the ability to find open teammates despite not being a guy who will ever play a lot of minutes at the point (2.5 apg) … This combined with his athletic ability make him a dangerous transition player, both from a finishing standpoint and for making sound decisions and setting up others on the break … Selden also has a nice fundamental jump shot with a high release and arch … His .328% from downtown he tallied as a freshman is not truly representative of the caliber of his shot: he shot .346% during the Big 12 season … He’s capable of getting hot and hit 2 or more 3 pointers 11 times during 2013-14, including a season high 5 against Oklahoma (1-8-14) …Wayne’s strength and body control made him an excellent finisher at the rim (69.1%), and he’s a solid mid range shooter as well … A good sign of any young player is adjustment and improvement throughout the season, especially for a first year college player … Selden did just that by raising nearly every statistical category during the Big 12 season, and logging all three of his 20+ point games during the second half of the season … Selden’s defense is very good, both in understanding and in execution … He’s great at using his strength and length, and brings a high level of intensity and often leaps into the stands, making big plays and creates extra possessions for his team … Selden had surgery in the offseason and appears to have more "bounce" and to be moving better in his sophomore year …

Weaknesses: From an offensive standpoint, Selden is a very well balanced shooting guard who can do a bit of everything, but also a guy who has yet to show that one “go to” skill he can do at an elite level … Being good at everything, but great at nothing can get a guy into the league, but for Wayne to take the next step, he needs to develop that one go to offensive skill he can hang his hat on … Playing with the #1 and #3 picks, plus established NCAA scorer (Perry Ellis) didn’t leave him a ton of shots, but Selden often took a back seat, and could at times disappear … It will be important for Wayne to really take on a leadership role during is his sophomore year, and build on his broad offensive foundation … He also was advertised as a slasher coming out of high school, but failed to show he could drive at an elite level against D1 defenders … A relatively poor free throw shooter (.629 ) he must make considerable improvement especially because of his prowess at finishing at the rim, and the possible development of his driving ability.

Overall: Selden is a strong, athletic guard, and will probably be one of the better perimeter defenders at the NCAA level as as sophomore … He’s got a broad offensive foundation, and his ability to do a little of everything is nice, but in order to raise his appeal as a draft pick, he needs to develop one or more of his offensive skills to an elite level … Without those offensive tools, he could struggle to score at the NBA level … Selden’s floor is pretty decent, as he projects to be a good defender right off the bat, and he still has a lot of untapped potential due to his physical prowess and understanding of the game …

Notes: Measured 6’6 (in shoes) 223 lbs, with a 6’10 wingspan at the 2011 LeBron James Skills Academy … Measured 6’5 (in shoes) 229 lbs, with a 6’10 wingspan at the 2012 LeBron James Skills Academy … Reclassified from the Class of 2014 to the Class of 2013

David Ray 11/23/14