12 - Vrenz Bleijenbergh

6-9, 190 Small Forward/Power Forward
Belgium International
10/14/00 (21 yrs)
International Team
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NBA Comparison: Arnoldas Kulboka

Strengths: All around combo forward … Versatile, can play 2 through 4 … Has great size and length for a wing … Has high basketball I.Q … Fairly athletic, quick and coordinated for his size …  Smooth athlete … Runs the floor like a guard and has big strides that help him cover a lot of ground … Can do a little bit of everything on the floor, especially on the offensive end … Has all the tools to become a play making wing … Very good ball handler for his size … Very good passer on the move … Possesses great court vision and can see passes that few players of his generation can … Can play the Pick and Roll at a great level as the ball handler … Takes his time when he is involved in the Pick and Roll and finds the right time to pass either to the cutting big, to a 3rd man on the weak side or to a cutter … He is a threat when he is taking the ball on the move in hand off situations … Solid 3-point shooter in Spot Up situations, especially from the corners … Can put the ball on the floor and attack close outs … Very good on the open floor … He can create something out of nothing in transition thanks to his quickness and ability to see the floor … Solid defensive rebounder … Has above average lateral quickness… Good shot blocker for a wing, takes advantage of his size and length … Knows how to cover the passing lanes and make steals…

Weaknesses: Not an elite athlete … Has a really thin frame … He needs to bulk up, but also be careful not to lose his quickness, agility and mobility when he add weight … Has a lot of ups and downs, even during the same game … Can be a little passive at times instead of take over a game … Hasn’t been tested against elite competition … Doesn’t have an in-between game … Must add a mid-range pull up or some floaters to his game so that he can be a more complete offensive player … Has inconsistent mechanics, which can lead to some wild misses or even some air balls … Inconsistent free throw shooter, he is shooting in low 70’s from the free throw line… Should add a Post Up game to exploit potential miss-matches since he will be bigger than his opponent most of the time… Shooting selection can be a little wild… At times he rushes things on offense and that can lead to turnovers… Has problems finishing at the rim through contact because of his thin frame… Has problems chasing guys around screens… Has the tendency to be too dependable on his length on defense at times… Must be more decisive when he is trying to help on defense.. Can lose focus when defending off the ball …

Notes: Participated in the Minnesota group workout and came away as the most impressive of the International prospects that participated …

Stefanos Makris 7/27/21