1 - Trevon Duval

6-3, 190 Point Guard
Duke Freshman
08/03/98 (21.3 yrs)
Hockessin, DE
High School
IMG Academy
Team Site Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling

NBA Comparison: Kris Dunn

Strengths: Has good size for the point guard position with ideal length … Is able to use his size and strength to get where he wants on the court … He is able to get into the paint and create for himself and others … Is a willing passer, and puts passes on target allowing his teammates to catch and shoot quickly … Is able to use his superior body control to create angles to the rim as well as to set up help defenders into leaving his teammates open … Has tight handles that allow him to maintain his dribble in traffic and keep possessions alive … Has good but not great court vision … Can score at the rim and is unafraid to attack the basket … Can absorb contact from bigger players without being bumped off his cuts and doesn’t shy away from contact like some guards … One of the top point guards in his class in terms of running a team and putting others in position to make plays … Is a physical defensive presence that has good lateral quickness … Outside shot has shown some improvement late in the season …

Weaknesses: His shot is his biggest obstacle … Shot release can be a bit slow as his jumper isn’t one fluid motion, but more of a load and fire style mechanic … Needs space to be able to get his jumper off as he doesn’t get a ton of lift when shooting, plus needing additional time … Outside shot is a major question mark – shot under 30% from the three point line at Duke … Can sometimes rely too heavily on being able to physically overmatch his opponent … Can sometimes stagnate an offense because defenders can sag off him in half court sets … Is prone to trying to force passes at times … Sometimes seems to have made up his mind on his next move and being unwilling to adapt based on the defense … Occasionally appears more concerned with how a pass or finish looks as opposed to functionality … Doesn’t make good reads defensively and gets out of position going for steals … Must work on becoming more of a vocal leader …

Outlook: Will need to further develop virtually every facet of his game to be a starting-caliber point guard, which he has the talent to become … Has the potential to develop into a player that can start on a playoff caliber team … If he fails to develop his jumper, could become a similar player to Rajon Rondo .. He has all of the physical tools a team could ask for, but his skill development will be the key if he’s to be an integral part of a team’s rotation …

Eric Yearian 3/14/18

Strengths: 6’2 explosive point guard … Great length, possesses a 6’8 wingspan … Very athletic and quick in the open floor. Superior and on another level athletically to other point guards in his class … Excels in transition. Great body control, adjusts well in midair. Good ambidexterity … Has a lot of shift in his game. Handles the ball very well and breaks down the defense … Changes speeds and directions in traffic and can get wherever he wants with the ball. Avoids traps … Can fit in tight spaces that can’t be matched at the high school level. Stays low, protects the ball, and shields defenders when driving … Gets to the rim at will … Challenges bigger defenders in the paint … Can make impressive passes and shows good playmaking ability for himself and teammates … Knows how to effectively run the pick and roll. Can pass out of a drive … Isn’t afraid of physicality and finishes through contact … Plays with great confidence and assertiveness … Good instincts, doesn’t predetermine his moves … Can get into a zone and turn it on as a scorer, putting the team on his back in time of desperation unlike any other of his class … Understands teammate’s personnel, puts them in positions to score when and where they’re effective … Rebounds well for his position … Has great potential as a defender with his length, athleticism, and quick hands. Plays passing lanes well and has good defensive anticipation …

Weaknesses: Needs to cut down the turnovers … Can over dribble and try to do too much, needs to let the game come to him a little mor ..e. Tries to make the home run play too often rather than keeping it simple … Can improve as a decision maker… Needs to work on his shooting … Doesn’t always get good rotation and tends to miss a different way each time (sometimes short, other times off to the left or right of the rim, etc) … Tends to force difficult shots … Adding a consistent jump shot would add another dimension to an already strong offensive player …

Outlook: Duval has positioned himself as the top point guard of the 2017 high school class. He helped lead We R1 to win the Under Armour Association Finals, averaging 15.9 points and 4.9 assists per game … Transferred to Advanced Prep International for his junior season.

Notes: Measured 6’2.5, 195 lbs with a 6’9.5 wingspan and 8’3 standing reach at the 2017 Nike Hoop Summit … Measured at 6’1, 183 lbs, with a 6’7 wingspan at the 2014 Nike Elite 100 … Measured 6’1 without shoes, 6’2.25 with shoes, 181 lbs, with a 6’7.5 wingspan and 8’2 standing reach at the 2014 USA Junior National Team Mini Camp

January 30, 2015

December 6, 2013 

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