10 - Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk

6-8, 210 Shooting Guard
Kansas Senior
06/10/97 (26.7 yrs)
Cherkasy, Ukraine
High School
Cherkasy First City Gymnasia
International Team
Team Site Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling

NBA Comparison: Hollis Thompson

Strengths: Svi Mykhailiuk’s biggest strength when looking towards the NBA is outside shot paired with his large frame for a guard … At 6’7.75” in shoes, Svi shot 44% from deep as a Senior, and especially excelled as a spot up shooter … Mykhailiuk also was very good at running the sidelines in break situations and nailing corner 3 pointers … Svi’s range goes well beyond the NBA 3 point line, and he projects to be a nearly 6’8” shooting guard with a pure outside stroke … He also has the capability of catching fire, as he hit five or more threes on nine different occasions as a senior … While not a flashy ball handler, Svi handles the ball very well for his size, and is a savvy and experienced player when it comes to handling pressure with the ball in his hands (only 1.7 TOpg) … While not much of a distributor his first three seasons, he upped his assists per game to 2.7 as a senior, and showed the ability to make high level passes when drawing extra defensive attention off the drive … A player that has grown up around basketball and has played with the Ukrainian national team as a teenager, Svi has high level intangibles and a solid basketball IQ … A surprising athlete, Mykhailiuk showcased a 37” max vertical at the NBA combine, and a 3.15 3/4 court sprint … In addition, at a well conditioned 214 pounds, it’s clear Svi has added considerable strength during his collegiate career … Defensively his size and leaping ability make him a good shot contester, but his lateral speed and short wingspan hurt his ability as an all round defender … While a 4 year player, Svi will not turn 21 until right before the draft and has improved his points, rebounds, assists, and steals every single season at Kansas … His age paired with his track record of improvement give him considerably more potential as a college senior entering  the draft … He also was seen as a guy that probably would have been a lottery pick, late first at worst had he been allowed to enter the draft at the point when he joined KU at 16 years of age …

Weaknesses: Svi’s 6’4.75” wingspan is actually shorter than his height which is a rare occurrence for basketball players looking to be drafted … This paired with his difficulty staying with defenders laterally will leave a lot be desired as an NBA defender … He has two offensive positions offensively (SG/SF) but defensively he may be a little too slow for shooting guards, and lack the length to handle many small forwards … For a player with his size and leaping ability he’s a subpar rebounder who’d rather hang out around the perimeter … As a senior, he averaged 3.3 rebounds per game, and just really isn’t very aggressive when looking to clean up misses … He’s shown the tendency to disappear when his shot isn’t falling … Mykhailiuk started off his senior year on a tear, but kind of settled down later in the year, which was in part due to some really timid offensive games … He won’t be asked to carry a large offensive load in the NBA, but you don’t want your situational shooters to have timid streaks either …

Overall: Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk is an extremely young four year player with a pure jump shot with plenty of range … He’s a solid athlete with good size for an NBA shooting guard, but defensively leaves quite a bit to be desired … He does have nice ball handling skills, and intangibles as a passer, and looks to be a player a team could bring on to be a situational shooter … The new NBA needs players who can hit the three ball, and Svi can give you a nearly 6’8” marksman with a pretty solid overall game, and some room to grow …

Notes: All-Big 12 Second Team (2018), Competed in the 2014 FIBA Basketball world cup (including scoring 3 points in 11 minutes against Team USA as a 17 year old), 4th All-Time in 3 pointers made (237) at the University of Kansas.

David Ray 5/30/18

Strengths: A body built for basketball with big hands, a tremendous athlete who can finish above the rim, very explosive and quick with hand-eye coordination that is off the charts … The best way to describe his body is a young Ginobili, similar kind of smoothness and control of his body … He had at least one steal per game showing excellent ability to anticipate passes and the closing speed to get to the ball for steals … But what really makes him special is his creativity and skill level … Mykhaliuk is equally confortable with the ball in his hands or without, which is highly unusual for a 16 year old … He played for large minutes as a combo guard (at U16) running pick and rolls for Ukraine and he showed that he can shoot from behind screens from 3pts land or attack the rim but also read the defense to make great passes … Mykhaliuk can read the screen to take advantage of what the defense gives him … He often attacks players in isolation, taking smaller opponents into the post … When he doesn’t have the ball, he cuts to try to find a spot where he is open … When he struggles shooting, he attacks the basket to get fouls. The variety of ways in which he scored was absolutely amazing for a player his age … Despite being doubled or tripled teamed every game, he always stays composed, making the right decision most of the time … On defense he has everything to be great, quick feet and good lateral speed and he uses his length to create steals and get out on the break … Sometimes when he is of the ball he tends to lose his defenders, but nevertheless he relentlessly hits the boards and when he gets the rebound push it himself in Lebronian way …

Weaknesses: Mostly related to a lack of potential development. He can do everything so well right now that it’s hard to think he will actually add a great deal to his game. So the challenge will be finding ways to improve … Obviously he can improve his left hand, and the ball handling (although it is amazing right now) needs some improvements to be efficient in the NBA as a point guard … Mostly for him it will be important to adapt himself to playing within a good team where he is forced to share the spotlight … Ironically I think his talent could shine even more because he is a very underrated passer who had some amazing assists you can’t teach in a gym, but moving to a good team could still be difficult for him … While he has to become stronger to be able to guard NBA guards, he will have to be carefully with his body development in order not to lose some of his unique athletic skills … He is basically an Adetokumbo who should be considered until proven differently, a future top 10 NBA pick …

Notes: The best prospect in Europe in a long time, probably since Ricky Rubio … In the US he would be considered a 5 star recruit, and according to sources he will be recruited from colleges as a 5 star recruit … What Mykhaliuk showed at the recent U16 European championships was a mix of athleticism, skills and feel for the game that is extremely rare to see in a European player, or any player of his age, for that matter … Plays in Ukraine for: Cherkassky Mavpy …Measured 6’6 with a 6’6 wingspan at the 2014 Nike Hoop Summit …

Rick Petro 8/26/13

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