23 - Sean Kilpatrick

6-4, 220 Shooting Guard
Cincinnati Senior
01/06/90 (30.8 yrs)
Yonkers, NY
High School
Notre Dame Prep
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Ball Handling
86 Overall:

NBA Comparion: Jodie Meeks

Strengths: Strong, smooth, natural scorer who made elite NCAA defenses look silly … With 20.7 PPG, Kilpatrick was fourth among all players in traditional power conferences in scoring and first in the AAC … Great body control makes him an excellent finisher at the rim…Good outside shooter who made 35% of his threes this past season on a massive volume of shots … Put up the production he did despite facing frequent double teams due to a lack of complementary offensive weapons for the Bearcats … Good pull-up jumper … Great at jumping the passing lanes.  Averaged 1.4 SPG this past season … Elevates his game against good competition.  Averaged 24.7 PPG against ranked opponents … Great at seeing holes and taking what the defense gives him … Good rebounding guard…85% free throw shooter … Very strong guard which allows him to finish through contact … Comes into the NBA a seasoned pro who knows how to create offense …

Weaknesses: His biggest weakness is his age, he is older than a lot of top players are when their second contract kicks in … Scored a lot of points, but wasn’t very efficient about it.  Granted, he was the Bearcats only decent offensive option at times, but Kilpatrick took a lot of contested shots and his 42% from the field his senior year is indicative of his somewhat chucker-esque game … Undersized for a shooting guard … May not be as clutch as most would think.  In the Bearcats’ four games this season in which they won by a single possession, Kilpatrick did not hit a single field goal in the final two minutes of any of those games … Doesn’t play very smart on defense and is often out of position or gambling for steals.  Between this, a lack of quickness, and his average length, he will struggle to keep NBA guards in front of him … Can be turnover-prone, as he averaged over 2 TOPG as a college senior … Not a great ballhandler … May struggle to transition to a complementary role and could scare coaches away with his ball dominance in college … His Bearcats fell in the first round of the NCAA tournament after spending much of the year in the Top 25 …

Notes: First team all-American…Named a unanimous all-AAC selection…

Overall: Kilpatrick was a great college scorer, but can this translate to the NBA?  His efficiency numbers are very low and he’s not a great defender …  It remains to be seen if he can contribute at the NBA in a much-reduced role.

Jacob Stallard 5/5/14

Strengths: Powerfully built sharpshooter with effortless range. Mechanically sound stroke. His release is quick and compact, with no excess moving parts. Strong lower body and core allow him to catapult into the shot despite unspectacular elevation. Textbook knee bend, feet square to the hoop at all times (running off screens). 56% of his field goal attempts came from distance in 2011-2012, converting nearly 38% (4th in Big East).Consistent scorer (14.3 PPG)-avoids bouts of streakiness like most gunners of his kind. Exhibits increased awareness in detecting the overplay, utilizing the pump fake to dribble into an uncontested mid-range jumper or occasionally attack with his strong frame. He’s displayed a soft touch off the bounce in relatively sparse opportunities. Not a fish out of water in the “in between game”. Slashing capabilities with no fear of contact. Underrated decision maker (1.5 TO) and unselfish passer (2.1 APG). An ideal fit for the Bearcats physical man-to-man defensive system. Disruptive force- bodying up his man and cutting off angles (1.3 SPG). Zero reluctance to get rugged on the boards (4.6 RPG) and plays his tail off.

Weaknesses: Undersized 2-guard at 6’4 with ordinary length. Solid athlete, but quickness and explosion are likewise average. Additionally, his ballhandling insecurities and lack of playmaking/creativity limit his one- on-one effectiveness– thus limiting his aggression. With his strength physique taking 2.4 trips to the free throw line (75%) is tough to swallow. He should be throwing his weight around, overpowering college defenders and getting to the stripe by default; particularly given the respect he’s earned as a shooter. While it’s a credit to his makeup that he rarely forces shots, he gets very few “easy” looks (43% FG). It should be noted that half-court offense has not been a trademark of Cincinnati, often resulting in desperate attempts as the clock bleeds down (lack of playmakers).However, this also emphasizes the fact that he needs to be setup. There are concerns defensively in terms of length and lateral quickness against NBA off-guards. He’s got heavy feet and the strength advantage he currently enjoys won’t be present.

Adam Ganeles 10/26/12