21 - PJ Hairston

6-5, 228 Shooting Guard
USA Junior
12/24/92 (28.9 yrs)
Greensboro, NC
High School
International Team
Texas Legends
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NBA Comparison: Ricardo Ledo/Isaiah Rider

Strengths: Hairston is a very effective scorer, both inside and out …  Has a sweet jump shot with deep range – good elevation and a quick release …  Though mostly a spot-up shooter, he’s dangerous off the dribble and off screens in catch-and-shoot situations … Uses step-back and fade-away moves very effectively … Makes overly aggressive on-the-ball defenders pay with a quick first step to the basket … With a sturdy build and a 37-inch vertical, he has no trouble getting to the rim and finishing through contact … Draws a lot of fouls, and is an excellent free-throw shooter …  Terrific finisher in transition … Doesn’t have a flashy handle, but is relatively good at protecting the ball … Played some as a stretch 4 at North Carolina, and while he won’t do that in the NBA, the solidly built youngster has the potential to expand his game as a post-up guard … When motivated, has active hands and comes up with a fair amount of steals … Does not lack for confidence …
Weaknesses:  Due to a combination of a lack of effort, a lack of awareness, and below-average speed and quickness, Hairston is a poor defender … In one-on-one situations, he is often abused by quicker players on both cuts and drives to the basket … As team defender, he is often in the wrong place at the wrong time – he doesn’t always rotate, and when he does, he has poor recovery speed. Also, at times, he inexplicably steps away from the action, as if he is playing with five fouls or playing for the Washington Generals … Appears undisciplined, lackadaisical – doesn’t make a lot of hustle plays, stands around a lot on offense, and often jogs down the floor on defense … An offensive black hole – once he gets the ball, it is never seen again … Averaged just .8 assists per game in the D-league this past season … His confidence can work against him as he appears to think that he’s a stronger talent than he is, leading to questionable work ethic, and possible trouble accepting a secondary role on a team … Body language while at UNC early in the season was, to be blunt, atrocious …
Notes: Hairston had one standout season at North Carolina (2012-13), leading the team in scoring with 14.6 points per game and finishing with 89 three-pointers, the second-most in a season by a Tar Heel.  He made nearly 40 percent of his three-point attempts that season …  This past season, he finished fourth in the D-league in scoring, averaging 21.8 points per game, playing for Texas.  He made 36 percent of his three pointers and 87 percent of his free throws … Disappointed in the shooting drills at the NBA Combine, with some observers commenting on his casual approach …  Hairston was dismissed from UNC due to a series of off-court incidents.  Between May and July of 2013, he was twice cited for speeding, citied once for driving without a license, and charged with possession of marijuana. A gun was also found outside his rental car. To make matters worse, on two of the occasions, he was driving cars leased by a known felon, which prompted the NCAA to launch an investigation into improper benefits…  
Outlook: Assuming that he has learned from his mistakes, Hairston should at least enjoy an NBA career as a scorer/3-point specialist off the bench … If he improves his overall effort and play on the defensive end, his prospects would be much brighter, though it is very doubtful that he would ever become an All-Star-level player due to his average athletic ability … A borderline first-round selection who will likely fall into the second due to his past indiscretions … 

Richard Harris 5/30/14

Notes: After two seasons at North Carolina, left program in late December … playing for the Texas Legends of the NBA Dvelopment League

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