20 - Michael Fusek

7-5, 215 Center
Slovak Republic International
06/05/95 (25.6 yrs)
Slovak Republic
International Team
Spirou Charleroi (Belgium)
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88 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Walter Tavares

Strengths: Late blooming bigman from Slovakia … Fusek is one of the more intriguing players available for the 2017 NBA Draft. Basically, he is a 7’5 late bloomer with a vertical jump of 31 inches and with an incredible standing reach of 9’8" (Gobert was 9’7") … A fluid athlete for his size … He is a rim-protecting big who instills confidence in his teammates … They know they can take certain risks and play with more aggressive pressure … He has good timing for blocks, thanks to his timing, agility and coordination … The Slovak was the best shot blocker per 40 min in the last Basketball Champions League with 6.2 blocks … Possesses decent lateral quickness to rotate over as a help defender … His great length makes him an excellent rebounder … Solid finisher around the basket … Most of his offensive repertoire is based on dunks and put backs after an offensive rebound, he’s really effective in pick and roll situations … He is a solid free throw shooter … He has a really strong work ethic … He’s showing great progress from a conditioning standpoint … Plays with good intensity and toughness …

Weaknesses: Still learning the game and developing his feel … Struggles some for playing time but has been gaining confidence and PT recently … Must continue to develop his upper body and overall strength … The muscular and physical improvement must be developed carefully, in order to avoid structural and back problems. Still skinny … He lacks great explosiveness … Must bulk up, but should be able to add weight successfully without diminishing his agility … His shooting range is limited to the paint area … He needs to add confidence to his game, sometimes he seems too stiff and mechanical … Must learn to play at a faster speed and develop his ability to anticipate plays and react … He’s a reliable rebounder but with his physical tools he could be even better …

Notes: He is invited to the 2017 adidas Eurocamp in Treviso, but with his team in playoffs attendance is to be confirmed … Fusek went from less to more during the season with Charleroi … He has the physical tools to become a new Rudy Gobert … He averaged 14.6 points, 11.7 rebounds and 3.2 blocks per 40 min in the Belgium League …

JC Ruiz 6/8/17

Strengths: He is 7-foot-4 and actually has pretty good mobility … His best attributes are as a cutter and finisher because including his size he has good leaping ability, as he is able to jump 30 inches, and his maximum vertical reach must be one of the highest, among players of his size … Fusek is very well coordinated in all his movements … Fusek has height, wingspan, and mobility mean he has all the makings of being a potential defender in the NBA … Fusek is a natural in shot blocking. He is good at keeping the ball in bounds on his blocks, too, making them useful turnovers instead of flashy spikes …

Weaknesses: Fusek is still very skinny and his upper body is not strong enough, so he struggles when he faces contact … He has had problems in gaining weight, but slowly but surely he is showing improvements … Fusek is a rim protector and he could become a great defender if he gains weight to contain heavier, physical players … His attitude is good and grabs some rebounds thanks to his size but struggles due his light frame … He must continue to improve his overall skill set, strength, aggressiveness and confidence.

Notes: Michael Fusek is a very raw player with great tools to become an interesting late bloomer and reach the highest level thanks to his size, mobility and attitude. Currently, he is playing in Belgium and he also plays Eurocup. He is averaging 3,8 rebounds per game (4 PIR).

JC Ruiz 5/3/16