8 - Matias Nocedal

6-3, 180 Point Guard/Shooting Guard
Argentina International
05/30/90 (31.3 yrs)
International Team
Unicaja Malaga
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85 Overall:

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Joshua Motenko – 7/1/2006

Strengths: Mati is a lead guard with special athletic gifts and offensive talent. He is considered one of the top three prospects in Latin America, and just turned 16 years old a few days ago. Nocedal raises his level of play in pressure situations and at the end of games, hitting deep threes and getting his teammates involved with accurate passes when the defense focuses on him as a scoring threat. The one thing that stands out about this kid that separates him from other Latin PG prospects is his excellent leaping ability. He dunks with ease, and has highlight reel capability. He won the dunk contest at the 2005 adidas Superstar Camp: Latin America in São Paulo, Brazil against players two years older and much bigger. During warm-ups, he blocks his teammates jump shots from a standing position under the rim. Against younger competition, he likes to sneak into the lane and use his leaping ability to grab rebounds, but he doesn’t try this against older, bigger players.

He has a sweet shooting stroke where he gets incredible lift, enabling him to shoot over taller defenders, and he releases the ball at the peak of elevation. He has range out to the NBA 3-point line. He is an excellent free throw shooter as well. Nocedal is also extremely fast baseline to baseline and accelerates instantly. His cat-like first step is NBA quality already, and he uses it well to draw defenders and open passing lanes. He is not afraid of contact, and attacks the basket aggressively. He loves the right baseline, and uses it exceptionally well to get to the rim. He keeps the ball on a string when he dribbles, and likes to do the Michael Jordan through-the-legs dribble when setting up to attack the basket.

Matias has a very mature personality. A mild-mannered small-town kid, Nocedal prefers the familiarity of playing for the same sports club and coach (outside of the city) that he has been since he was 11 years old. However, he also seems to accept his local fame in stride, and is unfazed by the attention. He has been playing point guard since he was a little kid (even though he was taller than his teammates) so he is familiar with leading a team and setting tempo. His court vision is excellent, and although he is an explosive offensive player, he never stops looking for his teammates. He gets his confidence shaken sometimes against senior competition, but only momentarily. He never stops taking it to the basket and looking for ways to adjust to what the defense throws at him. He has a decent wingspan, and his shoulders are fairly broad so he could probably hold the 20 pounds he would need to play in the NBA.

Weaknesses: There is a lot of hype around this kid right now. Some scouts are not on the bandwagon because he hasn’t shown enough against older, tougher competition. However, he hasnt played consistently against senior competition either. Thankfully, the contract he recently signed with TAU Cermica stipulates that he must play with and against older players from now on. (This report was written after seeing him against Division 2 American players from Montreat College and Tennessee Temple University). He is not a soft player, but he needs to get much stronger, as his thin frame gets knocked around a lot during games. His jump shot is something he has worked a lot at in the last year, but he needs to continue to improve his consistency from long range as he sometimes misses open shots. He should work on not forcing himself into the paint. Sometimes he goes to the basket with a reckless abandon, and turns the ball over. He forces passes on occasion as well. It is also very important for him to work on his left hand when attacking the basket. Right now, he trusts that his quickness will get him by his defenders, but he isnt strong or confident enough going to his left. Also, while his athleticism is incredible for a 16 year old, he wont be able to rely on it alone against NBA competition.

Defensively, he uses his natural athleticism very well, but fundamentally he needs a lot of work. He must raise his intensity and toughness on defense. He has occasional mental lapses, even when guarding the player with the ball. When isolated in one-on-one situations he tends to back off a little. He needs to step up to his man more when the ball is rotated to him, as sometimes he seems complacent and lets his defender have shots unguarded. He can be found out of position on team defense as well. He needs to fully commit himself when helping out on cutters or in the post, instead of just reaching in to try for a steal. He has been listed at 6’3" but looks to be more like 6’2". However, given his age he could easily continue growing.

Notes: Nocedal has signed an eight year contract with TAU Cermica (Spain) in August 2006, but will remain in Argentina for at least one more year, playing for Argentino de Castelar in Liga B.

Vinicius Panerari – 8/29/2005

Strengths: With a great attitude, he’s a floor general with great understanding of the game, always making the right decision Young prospect with a very bright future Very precocius kid, born in 1990 but with maturity and confidence A great passer Has a nice all around feel for the game with PG skills and an offensive repertoire: he can score and get into the paint, finish or find the open man for an easy two or an open 3 pt shot He has good size and body for his age An excellent leaper, not afraid to go up in traffic and throw down dunks

Weaknesses: Still very young and inexperienced Needs to work a lot on his outside shot, shows inconsistency Has not played against Senior compeition, so he must prove himself there A good defender but has to learn how to use his body better to defend.

Notes: Was the most impressive prospect at the 2005 adidas Superstar Camp: Latin America in São Paulo, Brazil. Won the slam dunk contest, and this with kids two years older and much bigger in camp! Also had the play of the camp with a tremendous dunk in the All Star game over defenders in the paint.