4 - Lonnie Walker

6-5, 195 Shooting Guard
miami.gif Miami Freshman
12/14/98 (20.9 yrs)
Reading, PA
High School
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NBA Comparison: OJ Mayo/Rodney Stuckey

Strengths: Stands 6’4” and weighs just over 200 pounds … Long arms should allow him to develop into a pest defensively … Has excellent body control, especially when attacking the basket … Is able to contort around defenders to finish and draw contact … Accepts contact and is physical enough that it’s difficult to bump him off his cuts … Likes to have the ball in his hand and can shoot from distance or attack off the dribble … Aggressively looks to score both in half court sets as well as in transition … Decent three point shooter at the college level, but form indicates that with small adjustments should be able to improve his percentage … Has a solid frame that should be able to fill out nicely as he matures … Has a quick first step that allows him to beat defenders off the bounce, but doesn’t take advantage of this quite as much as he probably should … Is unafraid of the big moment and will look to create offense when his team needs it most … Creativity allows him to find angles that defenders aren’t ready for … Is able to get defenders off balance with his ball handling …

Weaknesses: Lacks defensive intensity, especially off the ball, as he has a habit of floating around the court instead of remaining engaged … Looks lost at times on offense when the ball isn’t in his hands … Needs to have the ball in order to be a threat offensively, but likely won’t be the primary option on offense, will need to develop his off the ball game. Staying more active and using teammates to run his defender off screens to create open looks … Has a narrow shot base on his jumper, which makes it easier for him to find himself off balance on jump shots … Has a tendency to settle for jump shots instead of probing the defense … Focuses on scoring and as a result will sometimes force his offense or miss passing to an open teammate … Needs to improve his court vision, especially in drive and kick opportunities … Needs to ensure that he plays hard all the time, sometimes appears to be trying to conserve energy for the offensive end … Not an efficient scorer, projects more as a volume scorer … Should get to the free throw line more than he does, but will need to improve his free throw percentage to feel comfortable going to the charity stripe often …

Outlook: Walker looks to be a prospect that fits better at the NBA level than he did at the collegiate level … He has all of the physical tools needed to be a 3 and D guy and play a major role for an NBA team, but will have to learn to embrace that role … He will likely need time to adjust to not having the ball in his hands … He was more productive and a bigger part of the offense at Miami after Bruce Brown got injured, but will need to get more accustomed to picking and choosing his opportunities to attack offensively …

Eric Yearian 3/17/18

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