11 - Karim Mane

6-6, 195 Shooting Guard
Canada Sophomore
05/16/00 (20.5 yrs)
Saint Hubert, Canada
High School
Lucien Page
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling

NBA Comparison: Dwayne Bacon

Strengths: Physically gifted combo guard, with great size … Very good athlete … Has amazing wingpan (measured at almost 7 feet)… Great body, with nice broad shoulders … Has an explosive first step that helps him blow by opponents even from stand still position … A good leaper, either off two feet or one foot … Has a great motor and plays with energy on both ends of the floor … Good ball handler, he can be creative with the ball in his hands, having some hesitation dribbles and a nice looking crossover … Has three level scoring potential … He can create his own shot … Has a nice looking pull-up shot … Loves to drive hard to the basket and attack the rim … Can mix it up occasionally with a Eurostep while driving to the basket … He can finish plays through contact at the rim … Has shown some potential as a lead guard, but mostly as a secondary playmaker … Very good on the open floor, either as the ball handler or at the wing, filling the lanes … Really tough to be stopped on the open floor when he has gained momentum … Good passer on the move … Has an above average court vision … Good in drive and kick situations, he can make the simple pass … Can play the pick and roll at a good level for now, since he can either shoot, pass or drive to the basket … Good rebounder for his position … Very good motor on defense … Good lateral quickness … Has all the tools to become a lock down defender if he puts in the work …

Weaknesses: Hasn’t really been tested against elite competition and is already 20 years old, which can be worrisome … By far not a finished project, has long ways to go … Inconsistent shooter … He can be described as “streaky” shooter for now at best … His feet aren’t always set when shooting … He mostly prefers to shoot after left dribble, which can make him predictable … Must improve in spot up situations … Can take some wild shoots at times … Has the tendency to rely on his instinct and force things on offense … There are moments where he shies away from contact and looks hesitant while driving … Doesn’t draw as many fouls as he could based on his profile … Struggles finishing in traffic … Has problems finishing with his left hand at the rim … Doesn’t have an in-between-game on offense, can’t really mix it up … He should add a runner or a floater to his arsenal to become a bigger threat… He could suffer from “tunnel vision” at times when driving to the basket, which can lead to bad shots or turnovers… Decision making just isn’t there yet … Turnover prone, his assist/turnover ratio isn’t good… He has the tendency to telegraph his passes… Can lose focus on defense and stay in no man’s land … Has to improve as a team defender … Off ball defense is an issue, since he can be
too focused on the ball and leave his player open …

Notes: Measured: 6’5.00” barefoot, 6’6.00” in shoes, 8’6.00” standing reach, 196.0 lbs, and 6’11.00” wingspan at the 2020 NBA Combine … Attended Vanier college in Canada … Physically, his game resembles Jrue Holiday, but he’s not nearly as skilled at the same age as Jrue was …

Stefanos Makris 11/15/20