3 - Jordan Adams

6-5, 209 Shooting Guard
UCLA Sophomore
07/08/94 (27.4 yrs)
Lawrenceville, GA
High School
Oak Hill Academy
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Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling

NBA Comparison: Anthony Morrow

Strengths: His greatest attributes are his scoring ability and competitiveness … He is a player who really wants to win and will sell out for the team … Many scorers’ use the defensive end for 35 seconds of rest time, or don’t crash the boards hard … Adams instead seeks an opportunity to score at all time … While on defense he is great in anticipating passing lanes and jumping them to get out on a fast break … He always sprints to the offensive half court to find easy points … On offense he crashes the paint using his big body to finish around the rim … He is also a master of cuts, exploiting his teammate Anderson’s ability to create from the dribble. Adams often back cuts behind his defender for an easy layup … Despite being a scorer, Adams doesn’t dislike passing the ball, finishing the season with more than two assists per game … Perhaps the most effective part of his game is his mid-range game which is reminiscent of Rip Hamilton (though much different body type) … Adams does a great job in reading his defender on screens for jump shots (Alford work with him on reading screens certainly helped him improve this part of his game) and is great in using his strong upper body to put his defender "in jail" to finish with floaters or around the rim, though he is not exactly an top athlete … He also has really good post moves for a guard, often taking advantage of smaller guards to score or get fouled …

Weaknesses: As noted Adams isn’t a great athlete. He doesn’t necessarily needs to be a great athlete to succeed in the League, but it will for sure make his life harder when he will have to score in the paint … I’m not sure that he can finish so easily over NBA bigs, he will have to take his mid-range game to an even higher level … And it will make his life a lot harder on the defensive end where he will have to show the ability to stay in front of his opponents … His lateral speed and foot speed aren’t where a NBA coach would like to have it but the strength of his upper body could help to handle the contact … The other knock on his game is how inconsistent he is as a 3pts shooter and particularly on close out situations … According to synergy in those situations when the defender is recovering on him he tends to shoot 81% of the time with very low percentages: 28%, well below average for a guard and clearly not the numbers you would expect from a player like him … He needs to become a much more consistent shooter or decision maker on close outs to be successful in the NBA, where particularly initially he will have to take advantage of those opportunities to show his value before having screens and plays run for him …

Notes: The prototype of a pure scorer, Jordan Adams didn’t waste time to impose himself as one of the best shot makers in the country … In two years at UCLA on a good or a bad night you could always count on Jordan Adams delivering 15 points … In addition to his ability to score, Jordan is able to bring to the table a desire for winning that led him to grab more than 5 rebounds per game and more than 2 steals per game (top ten in the country above well known great defenders like Aaron Craft) … It is no coincidence that some of the worst games that UCLA had this year, like losses to Duke, Stanford and Washington State happened when Adams had his worst games …

Rick Pietro 4/1/14

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