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Atlanta Promise with Dario Saric at 15

As we mentioned in our Extended Mock 7.0 yesterday, sources have indicated that the Hawks have a promise in place with Dario Saric at 15. Saric signed a deal with Anadolu Efes which will keep him over in Europe until 2016. The Hawks are using the Spurs as a model, with former Spurs scout Danny Ferry making decisions, and Saric is seen as a player with similar versatility as Boris Diaw. Atlanta is building for the future, having taken Bebe Nogueira last year. Saric was seen as a lottery level talent, but the contract he signed means there’s a good chance he slips out of the lottery and to Atlanta. Saric came over to the US and Atlanta was reportedly the only team that he worked out for.

Sixers to Acquire Top Pick?

We’ve learned that there is a good chance Philadelphia moves their 3rd pick fueling speculation that they may have offered enough to acquire the top pick, possibly giving up 3 and 10 and Thad Young with an eye on grabbing Andrew Wiggins at 1. The Cavs would most likely take Joel Embiid at 3 and add some pieces, potentially targeting Doug McDermott at 10 or an upside player like Zach LaVine. The Sixers wouldn’t mind moving Thad Young’s contract as he is due roughly 10 million per year for the next two seasons. In targeting Embiid at 3, the Cavs would also leave the option of making a pitch for LeBron with the nucleus of Kyrie and Embiid around him.

Jordan Adams Promise in Early 20s

We believe the promise to be in the 23 to 24 range. It is likely Utah at 23 but could possibly be with Charlotte at 24. Jordan Adams did not test well at the combine, but that doesn’t seem to be swaying teams as he’s a player that you cannot leave open and is also a surprising defender, despite his athletic limitations.

Bogdan Bogdanovic Late First Round Promise

The promise is likely with San Antonio at 30 or possibly Oklahoma City at 29. Bogdan Bogdanovic is a mature player that fits into both teams tendency of drafting overseas players and leaving them overseas for a few seasons. Bogdanovic is 1992 born and therefore auto-draft eligible and could be one of the more ready to go players in the draft, as he’s already one of the main contributors to his Serbian team.

Jarnell Stokes Interest

There are rumors floating around that Jarnell Stokes has a promise in the first round. Memphis is said to be interested, although 22 seems to be high for him. He measured very well at 6’8 with a 7’1 wingspan at the combine, but most scouts we speak to have him outside the top 30. Memphis would also like to unload Tayshaun Prince’s contract and make a push to sign Mike Miller.



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