34 - Cory Jefferson

6-9, 220 Power Forward
Baylor Senior
12/26/90 (30.9 yrs)
Killeen, TX
High School
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Jump Shot
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NBA Comparison: Carlos Rogers

Strengths: Jefferson is a wiry strong PF prospect with high level run-jump athleticism…Looks the part, is 6’9 and has a great frame to possibly add as much as 10-15 lbs without losing his athleticism … Shows real good explosiveness as a leaper, able to elevate suddenly when stationary … Good length, an added bonus to his leaping ability … Can finish with authority around the basket, and will get his fair share of dunks … Looks good in the pick and roll game especially, and is capable of finishing inside … Pretty active and plays with good energy … Looks more and more comfortable facing up and making mid-range shots, able to hit shots most consistently from 15-17 ft … Effective with basic post moves that allows him to utilize his length and athleticism, namely his right hand jump hook and drop-step …Shows good hands … Physical, willing to get wide and set screens that allow guards plenty of room to slash and kick out to him for jumpers or finishes around the rim … A late bloomer, added new wrinkles to his game every season at Baylor and is still polishing some of his more promising skills … Pretty good at moving around the paint to find ways to get easy shots … Good rebounding skills, shows good activity level and always boxes out when shots go up … Effective shot-blocker …

Weaknesses: Needs to continue to add polish to his offensive game, not the most skilled player and can struggle when things aren’t kept simple for him … Doesn’t look to do much with his left hand, and can be a fairly easy matchup at times because he offers little variations of moves on the low post … Though he developed his jump shot nicely in college, he can’t be considered a consistent shooter yet … Expanded his range to the college 3 as a Sr., but isn’t going to be much (if at all) of a threat from that range in the NBA … Can be noted that he fell in love with his jumper too much last year, and got away from his strengths as a finisher a bit more often than necessary … Has some strength and added some weight throughout college, but still needs to improve his frame more (only 218 lbs) and desperately needs to get stronger in his lower body … Not a very good defensive player, and can be overpowered by bigger PF’s … Not a try-hard defender or the most aware defender, which is a shame considering his potential on that end and how active he is on offense … Mostly a straight-line player, doesn’t have the necessary ball-handling skills to take bigger guys off the dribble and shows a bit of stiffness laterally … Will be 24 at the early part of next NBA season, and his true upside is fairly limited after being a 5 year player at Baylor …

Overall: Jefferson’s athleticism and physical profile are going to be his main calling cards to an NBA career … He has proven to be an emphatic finisher who improved his skill level pretty well throughout his time at Baylor, and he adds active rebounding as well … He still needs improvement in some areas, and his post game is a work in progress, also his age is a concern too … The 6’9 Jefferson does have some distinct value as a PF though, and is a prospect to watch even if he isn’t selected in the draft … He could hear his name in the 2nd round of the 2014 draft as a best case scenario …

Jorrye Nixon 5/30/14

Strengths: Great combination of athleticism and length…Extremely efficient offensive player (61% on FGs last season)…Has a tremendous wingspan, making him a disruptive defensive presence and a good rebounder…Has a consistent mid-range jumper…Moves well without the ball…Is perfecting the turnaround jumper to expand his post game…Runs the floor well for a big man….Has bulked up over the past few years making him capable of playing in the post…His pogo stick athleticism makes him an excellent alley-lop target…Gets a lot of putbacks on offense…Has all the tools to be a great shot blocker and averaged 1.9 BPG last season…Commits very few turnovers…Jefferson is gifted with several natural tools, giving him a lot of upside as a pro player…

Weaknesses: Still raw as a scorer and a rebounder.  Relies on his physical tools too heavily sometimes…Needs to diversify his post game…Has a narrow frame which makes it harder for him to gain position in the post…At age 22, the clock is ticking for him to reach his full potential…Lacks muscle compared to other big men…Not much of a passer.  Averaged 0.3 APG last season…Needs to learn to box out more effectively…

Overall: Jefferson is an amazing physical specimen of a player who has worked hard in his college career to become a more skilled player, as well.  He’s still a bit raw, but his length and athleticism will get him opportunities in the NBA…

Jacob Stallard 9/23/13