23 - Biram Faye

6-9, 225 Power Forward
Senegal International
03/10/00 (21.7 yrs)
Dakar, Senegal
International Team
Gran Canaria
Team Site Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Post Skills
87 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Ater Majok

Strengths: Mobile, athletic forward/center… Has very good length… NBA body, he is build like a tank and looks huge… Strong like a bull, it’s not easy for someone to move him around… Very good athlete… Bouncy, a very good leaper off two feet… Fast for his size.. Rim runner… His strong body helps him to absorb contact when he is finishing plays at the rim… Runs the floor well, very good in transition… Strong dunker… Likes to finish strong at the rim, but tries to mix it up with some finesse… Plays above the rim… Can play the Pick and Roll at a good level, he is a good screener who rolls quick to the basket… Has shown some potential as a Stretch-Big in FIBA’s junior level games… Has solid shooting mechanics and has shown flashes tht he can be a good mid-range shooter… Has a basic Post Up game with a semi-dependable right hook shot, while he has also some up and under and some spins on his repertoire… Great offensive rebounder, crashes the boards and puts a lot of pressure on his opponents… Has huge defensive potential… Has all the tools to become a good rim protector… Good Post Up defender thanks to his strong body… Above average lateral quickness, he can support switches to some degree…

Weaknesses: By far not a finished project… There is a fear that he might has hit a plateau physically… Too dependable on his physical gifts, he will have problems in the future when he faces equally strong but more skilled opponents… He is still raw offensively… Not skilled enough to play as a power forward… Must continue improving in the fundamentals… Must continue improving his basketball I.Q… Needs to improve tactically on both ends of the floor… He has to improve his ball handling if he wants to play as a power forward… Inconsistent shooter for now… Despite the encouraging flashes he has shown in Post Ups, he basically has just one move, when he turns to his left shoulder for a right hook shot… Can be a little trigger happy and take some bad shots… Needs to work his finishes at the rim with his weak (left) hand… Average free throw shooter… Sometimes he gives the impression that leaves a lot to be desired… Below average passer, can’t really read double-teams when are coming and forces things.. Turnover prone… Not always focused on defense.. He is chasing blocks, which can hurt the defense of his team… At times he forgets to box out on defense… Can be a step to slow on help defense…

Stefanos Makris 7/28/21

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