5 - Admiral Schofield

6-5, 240 Small Forward
Tennessee Senior
03/30/97 (26.5 yrs)
Zion, IL
High School
Zion-Benton Township
Team Site Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
88 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Jae Crowder

Strengths: Good shooter and has developed solid range  …  Decent scorer from the post, and has the ability to post-up and hit contested jump shots … Above average scorer off the dribble. Can either beat you off the bounce or pull-up from mid-range and nail the jumper … Decent playmaker, rarely made bad decisions … Average defensive player … Decent quickness and above average strength that makes him tough to beat off the dribble … Good rebounder especially for his position, averaged 6.1 rebounds per game last year. Get’s great position with strength and athletic ability … Great strength which allows him to create space from defender and finish tough through contact around the rim … Great athlete, probably had the poster of the year in college basketball. Schofield has solid quickness and an impressive leap … Very good motor, always plays his hardest and genuinely cares about winning … Good form on his jump shot which allowed him to improve from beyond the arc each year during his tenure at Tennessee … Not afraid to take jumpers, has great range and can knock down the shot in a variety of ways. Schofield scored numerous times from the perimeter by catch-and-shoot, off the dribble, or even fighting through screens to get open … Dedicated to get better. Freshman year Schofield checked in with 11% body fat and his senior year brought it down to 5%. Allowed him to be more athletic and quicker which has catapulted his draft stock … Can cover multiple positions due to lateral quickness and strength to guard bigger players … Solid leader and has great intangibles …

Weaknesses: Does not draw enough fouls when driving to the lane, only averaged 2.3 FTA per game … Schofield is a big body who should consistently be able to put pressure on the defense when cutting and driving to the lane … Like I said, Schofield is not afraid to take the jumper but that means he sometimes settles which results in his low FTA mark … Schofield averaged 4.8 3PA per game last year, granted he hit them at a 42% clip, but just because he can space the floor doesn’t mean he shouldn’t put pressure on the defense on the interior … While Schofield is a quality playmaker, he has room to improve in regard to passing ability … He or Grant Williams were constantly double teamed which should’ve allowed for more assist’s opportunities (2.0 APG) … Schofield does struggle to guard quicker players; he has the lateral quickness and strength to do it but sometimes is caught flat-footed … For someone who is an average defensive player and athletic specimen, Schofield should be able to rack up more steals and blocks … Schofield is 22 years old which can be a red flag in comparison to the younger talent that has plenty of room to grow …

Schofield climbed NBA Draft boards after a stellar senior season … The kid can shoot it, has range is explosive getting to the rim, and has the physique to keep pace in the NBA right now … He also seems to be a great kid on top of being a very talented basketball player … Schofield seems to be hovering around the beginning of the second round (Where Crowder was drafted), but with great workouts he could catapult into a fringe first-rounder …

Notes: 2019 All-SEC First Team. Top 5 finalist for the Julius Erving Small Forward of the Year Award. Led Tennessee in 3-pointers this season … Showed up against top teams this year: Averaged 18.1 ppg and 6.0 rpg against ranked opponents … Was born in London in the same hospital that Prince William and Harry were born … His brother O’Brien Schofield played in the NFL and was apart of the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XLVII Super Bowl team …

David Correll 4/17/19