The Nike Elite 100 was back for the first time since 2019, showcasing talent from the 2025 and 2026 classes.

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Jermaine O'Neal Jr. 6’3 173, 6’8 wingspan SF – 2025

O’Neal scored well and was a consistent weapon for his team. He got to his spots, shooting it from deep as well as midrange, getting his feet set while on the move and can knock it down with just a little bit of space. O’Neal’s a solid athlete and while much of his scoring came as a shooter, he got into the paint too.

Jasper Johnson 6’3 171, 6’8 wingspan PG/SG – 2025

Johnson has great length and covers a lot of ground with the ball. His size and quickness give him a lot of intrigue on the defensive end. There were times he went through the motions, but he had plenty of eye-opening plays as well. His 3-ball can improve consistency but he’s plenty capable from distance. He can see the floor and pass well, showing solid decision making off the dribble.

Nykolas Lewis 5’11.5 182, 6’2 wingspan PG – 2025

Lewis was one of the quickest players in the camp. His natural pace is fast and he’s able to stay under control at a high speed. He creates well and makes things happen when the ball is in his hands. He shoots a nice ball from 3PT and can get to the rim at a good rate. He does a good job of playing in rhythm as he’s never passive but doesn’t force it as a scorer.

Darius Acuff 6’1 174, 6’5.5 wingspan PG – 2025

Acuff had a good showing, knocking down shots and scoring at a high rate. He has a casual demeanor and pace, not getting sped up. He isn’t super quick or explosive, but he gets by his guy well at this level and scored a lot at the rim. We’ll see less scoop layups at the next level, but he has a floater and uses glass when having the angle. He shoots it well from deep and made his man pay for having his hands down. He does have a way to go in developing his lead guard skills and bringing out the best in his teammates, as he’s wired to score and not a true point like his size suggests.

Kaden Magwood 6’0 168, 6’5 wingspan PG – 2025

Magwood was consistent throughout camp, hitting pull-up jumpers in defender’s faces. He’s a strong and quick ball-handler, getting downhill well to put pressure on the defense. His shoot-first approach worked for him in a camp setting, and he was on this weekend, but he can be a more willing passer to keep his teammates involved. Defensively he’s quick laterally and stuck/harassed the ball while fighting through screens well.

Alex Lloyd 6’1.5 162, 6’6 wingspan PG/SG – 2025

Lloyd is so quick, accelerating well with the ball and his first step is very reliable, translating well in both the half-court and in transition. He’s a nice athlete, throwing down plenty of jams when getting to the rim. He shot well from 3PT and displayed touch over the 4 days. He played in rhythm as well as anyone which you don’t always see in a camp setting. He split time playing on and off the ball, doing both well, creating and cutting/moving when appropriate. Overall, Lloyd was one of the most impressive players in the camp, not having any bad games when I watched and brought it every day.

Trey McKenney 6’2.5 229, 6’8.5 wingspan SG – 2025

McKenney shot and scored with the best of them. It’s so difficult to keep him from getting to his spots with his strength and he hits shots with a high degree of difficulty. His fadeaway and midrange scoring was on display. He’s not real quick and doesn’t penetrate much off the dribble, picking up his dribble early somewhat often, but he shows capability passing with some nice skip passes when the defense over-plays.

Kiyan Anthony 6’3 172, 6’6 wingspan SG – 2025

Anthony filled it up as a midrange scorer and his range extends to the NBA 3PT line with comfort. He got to the rim on occasions but that’s an area he can improve, as well as scoring in the paint as he’s much more comfortable pulling up from midrange. He handles well enough to free himself up for a shot and connected well. When driving, he prefers his right hand, when forced left, he looked to stop and pivot before going up with the shot.

Meleek Thomas 6’3 170, 6’5 wingspan PG – 2025

Thomas hit a lot of shots like he’s known for, from 3PT and midrange. I would like to see him get to the rim more as many possessions end with him shooting a reverse pivot contested fadeaway far from the basket, especially considering the volume the ball is in his hands. He got to the basket on some semi-transition plays and occasionally in the half-court, but he can mix it up more. He flashed his solid passing and playmaking but serves more as a scorer. Thomas played with a lot of confidence and aggression, never letting up.

Davion Hannah 6’4 174, 6’8 wingspan SG/SF – 2025

Hannah was one of the top athletes in the gym. He displays his explosive athleticism in the half-court as well as anyone. There were times he created off the dribble against a set defense and capped it off with a jam. He played with great aggression and stayed in attack mode. In addition to his high-level athleticism, he’s a 3PT threat, not only hitting a few but creating the opportunities for himself off the dribble.

Jamier Jones 6’5 207, 6’8 wingspan SF – 2025

Jones looked better as the camp progressed, having a much better day 4 than day 1. He’s a top-notch athlete with a good body to handle contact, dunking through traffic with ease. Early on, he wasn’t playing as hard and blended in, but he looked better on the final day of camp, getting to the rim when he wanted and finished well inside, going on a run of his own on a few consecutive plays. He has room to expand his half-court game and he doesn’t have a lot of creativity on his drives, but the defense couldn’t keep him from getting into the paint with his right hand.

Joshua Lewis 6’5 162, 6’7.5 wingspan SG – 2025

Lewis made plays happen on a consistent basis. He knocked down a fair amount from 3 and wasn’t shy to throw down dunks when getting all the way to the rim. Defensively, he wasn’t afraid to contest dunks at the rim and he covers ground well for his position. His athleticism, consistent motor, and skill set stood out.

Jalen Haralson 6’5 206, 6’10.5 wingspan PG/SG – 2025

Haralson (pictured) plays at his own pace and while he might appear too casual, he doesn’t get rushed. He drives well going to his left or right and gets impressive pop when finishing at the rim. He has solid technique and craft at the rim when he doesn’t end with a dunk. His shot doesn’t get a lot of rotation, but he had no trouble connecting with the defender in his face. He spent time defending a few different positions throughout the camp, solid on each.

Trent Sisley 6’6 205, 6’10.5 wingspan PF – 2025

Sisley played hard and looked to attack his man when he had the ball, showing some solid iso scoring. His jump shot connected on a few 3PTers as his team started using him more in pick and pop situations. He drew a lot of fouls when attacking the rim but can work on driving left more.

Sadiq White 6’6.5 181, 7’0 wingspan SF – 2025

White had some very good moments throughout the camp. He’s a very good athlete, showing out in the open floor and catching dump offs. There were times he tried to do too much but overall had a great showing. He showed some impressive shooting on day 3. The defense wanted to give him space to keep him from slashing, but he got it going and lit it up from outside. His shot, athleticism, and 7-foot wingspan are plenty to be excited about for White’s future.

Jacob Wilkins 6’6.5 167, 6’7.5 wingspan SF – 2025

Wilkins had some incredibly athletic plays, which is somewhat expected considering his bloodline (Dominique’s son). He translates his athleticism well in games and didn’t care who wanted to challenge him at the basket. On one play, he got to the rim in the half-court and threw down an easy windmill. He does have a way to go in expanding his game when he doesn’t dunk, lacking ball skills in general and shooting.

Alier Maluk 6’8 190, 6’9.5 wingspan C – 2025

Maluk had his bright spots. He has a nice spin baseline out of the post, using it to dunk on a defender on one play. He flashed his shooting ability from various spots on the court. He threw down a nasty poster dunk when a defender tried to take a charge. However, he must be stronger with the ball, failing to secure some rebounds he gets a hand on and lacks body strength in general. He blocks some shots, but he got beat on the perimeter at times and there are concerns if he can defend the positions he wants to play offensively.

Ikenna Alozie 6’0 189, 7’4.5 wingspan SG – 2026

Alozie played hard on both ends. He moves the ball well and gets his shots off against most defenders, whether it being a jumper or a penetration opportunity. His athleticism translated in more ways than scoring for him, challenging shots at the rim and snagging rebounds above the rim. He moves well off the ball, reading cuts and alley-oop opportunities well, catching some impressive ones far away from the basket and may have been the most explosive guard in the camp.

Jaylen Harrell 6’4 208, 6’8.5 wingspan SF – 2026

Harrell has a strong build and good strength level. He can shoot and score in isolation, but he hunts for his shot opportunities a bit often, sometimes getting blocked on predictable jump shot attempts. Harrell hit shots off the dribble and catch, created on his own, and used his size in post, showing some variety as a scorer.

Chris Washington 6’6 178, 6’11 wingspan SF – 2026

Washington had a great showing. He displays his athleticism and translates it well in game situations. He seeks out dunk opportunities against a set defense and hit plenty of shots behind the arc. He created and scored well, showing solid ball skills combined with his impressive length. He played with a lot of tenacity and competitiveness on both ends.


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