NBA Summer League: Day 3 Recap

Mon, 07/14/2014 - 1:15am

By Rick Fois

Player of the Day:

Dennis Schroeder: Apologies to Doug McDermott who had 31 pts, but on a day when Germany won the World Cup, it's only fitting that the player of the day award go to a German, and he is deserving. The young Hawks PG put on a show today vs the D-League team. He not only was able to use his speed to create for his teammates dishing 4 assist but he consistently attacked the defense scoring or getting fouled and ending up with 30 pts also connecting on 3/4 from long range. His transition game was very good as usual but Schroeder also looked stronger and handling the contact in the paint better as well. We'll look the other way on the 8 TO, too many for a PG, but an impressive effort nonetheless.

Biggest Surprise

Will Cherry: The former Montana PG has certainly a lot to be happy about with his game today. Starting from the bench in a very talented team he was huge in the Cavs win over the Spurs. Cherry did what he does best, being an all around PG, scoring 21 points, grabbing 7 rebounds and having 4 assist with 0 TO. A real Spurs kind of performance against the Spurs. He was also very good on defense making life for Cotton and the other Spurs guards very hard. When it came to the surprise of the day it was very easy today, with Cherry.

Biggest Disappointment

Kyle Anderson: for all the good things that have been said about Anderson going to the best possible team to fit his style, where he could be groomed as the new Boris Diaw it certainly wasn't the case today as Anderson struggled like never in his career against more physical and athletic players. His 2 points with 1/7 from the floor and 0 assist in 25 minutes aren't something Spurs fans were hoping for. He has everything to do well, but today he looked some years away from being an important player in the Spurs franchise.

Top Performers

Doug McDermott, the Bulls forward was outstanding today. He started the game with two quick three pointers and didn't stop. He abused the defense over and over again scoring 31 pts in 27 min with 5/9 on three pointers and a perfect 12/12 from the free throws. He was great in running off of screens and punishing the defensive mistakes. Bulls fans in the building were all on their feet after his dunk on a fast break. His feet are always set and ready to shoot. Defensively was very good taking Green and Harris from off the dribble a couple of times and forcing them into bad jumpers. Coach Thibodeau was happy to see that from the stands.

Quincy Miller: he started a shootout with McDermott and really looked strong in defeat against the Bulls. 26 Pts with 8 rebounds and 3 assist were very impressive numbers and what was even more impressive was his ability to shoot over small defenders, while attacking the basket against slower players like Barstow.

Tony Snell: it took him 22 shots to score 23 points today but since he got his haircut it seems like he doesnt miss a jumper anymore. He was the Bull first option offensively, and not only did he shoot well from outside but he also attacked the paint handling contact pretty well. It suddenly looks that with Snell, McDermott and the signing of Spanish Star Mirotic that the Bulls will have plenty of shooters next year to help Chicago in the quest for the Eastern Conference crown.

Seth Curry: Steph brother was on fire today with 5 three pointers and a lot more big plays to help his Suns over the Bucks. Curry finished with 26 points in just 21 minutes shooting 7/9 from the court and making a lot of important shots in the second half to help Phoenix getting away.

Archie Goodwin: The Kentucky product put forth another good performance adding to his high level transition game, a couple of shots from distance. He finished with 17 points today and left a very good impression for his activity, he seemed to be everywhere on the floor always ready to run out in fastbreak. Fits perfectly in the Phoenix system we learned to appreciate last year.

Giannis Adetokoubo: The Greek freak was impressive as usual, showing his constant improvement in his game and athletic abilities. Scoring on him is almost mission impossible. He is still very raw and needs to get much stronger to become an elite player but he had a couple of moves that really showed what he could be some day ( a full speed Euro step in traffic to free himself from the defender), unluckily he seems to still lack the necessary lower body strength to finish in some occasions. However today, with minimum effort, he had 16 points and 6 rebounds with prime level defense. He's getting there.

Noah Vonleh: Much better day for him at the Summer League. He scored his first points and looked much more confident in his game. While his face the baskets moves are a work in progress he did show his soft touch from mid-range. Most importantly he was a beast on the boards grabbing 18 and making sure the Kings would not get second chances on offense. His first double-double ( 10 points) was a loss, but though there is a lot to like as he clearly showed some of his upside today.

PJ Hairston: He was the leader offensively and first offensive option for the Hornets and he wasn't shy about it. Took 22 shots making some very tough 3 pointers (6/13 overall). His shot selection is very questionable in many cases but the talent and ability to put the ball in the basket is easy to see. He looked today like somebody who could have immediate impact for the team if he learns how to fit his quality into the team needs.

Glen Rice Jr: another solid game for the Wizards guard. Rice was efficient attacking the basket and made 50% of his three pointers finishing the game with 20 pts in the win over the Wolves.

CJ McCollum: the Portland PG lead his team against the Rockets with 19 pts, 5 rebounds and 3 assist. It is not easy to be Lilliard substitute but McCollum showed today he has the talent and gifts to play high quality minutes.

Drafted Notables

Cameron Barstow: The Bulls, former new New Mexico big, didn't have an unbelievable performance from a statistical standpoint. But he really knows how to compete and play hard for the team. His boxing out today was to be shown to HS bigs. With a good diet and getting stronger he could find immediate minutes in the Bulls rotation.

Nick Johnson: after his brilliant summer league in Orlando, Nick Johnson is continuing to play extremely hard, competing very hard on defense but also showing good scoring ability. 16 points for him today in the loss to the Trail Blazers.

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Kyle Anderson

I have said many times that, although I am a UCLA fan. I don't believe Kyle Anderson will have a productive NBA career. certainly, he cannot be judged on 1 game, but slo mo doesn't make it in the league. he's not athletic enough or strong enough to be able to use his high IQ, so unless he transforms his body completely, he'll play only when games are out of reach.

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Still no Anthony Bennett Mention

this is the second post and nothing.

You need to add a most improved section or something.

kid dropped 30lbs, and has 29pts and 21rebounds through 2games, handling the ball on the perimeter well and throwing home emphatic dunks.

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Guess you forgot about the

Guess you forgot about the first game where he had 6 points 4 rebounds and 6 assists 1 steal with no turnovers. He played well today too 9 points 3 rebounds and 3 assists off of 4-8. If you paid attention Kyle Anderson has been playing off the ball and playing guess chucking the basket ball. He's been impressive so far and will only get better with Spurs training program, shooting coach and veteran leaders with a hall of fame coach. Watch the game dummy

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