Killian Hayes is considered one of the top European prospects of his generation. He had a good showing at Basketball Without Borders despite sitting out the final day. With good creativity and perimeter skills, Hayes was arguably the top guard prospect in the camp. What did you think of the camp and NBA All Star Weekend?

Killian Hayes: It was a fun experience playing against the best around the world. It was pretty nice. Then me, I got hurt with my tendonitis, so I didn’t play the final day because it was a little sore, so I’m kind of disappointed and frustrated because I wanted to play and show myself. Then All Star weekend is pretty nice, we get to see everything for real. It’s pretty cool. Has tendonitis bothered you in the past?

Killian Hayes:
It’s been a few weeks now because I’m still growing a lot. They’re like growing pains and I practice a lot so these two is not a good match, so it’s kind of hurting.
How do you like Los Angeles?

Killian Hayes: It’s like my third time coming to LA, always nice. Good weather, seeing all the stars up at the game. I thought that was pretty cool. The first time I saw you play was at the Jordan Brand Classic, how have you improved since then?

Killian Hayes: Since then, I’ve been working on my shot. Working on my IQ, like finding my teammates. I’ve been working on that. Do you get to watch a lot of NBA games?

Killian Hayes: I watch highlights of my favorite players like (James) Harden, Lou Williams. These players I watch a lot. Do you have a favorite team?

Killian Hayes: I have favorite players, not a favorite team. Do you have a player you try to emulate?

Killian Hayes: Manu Ginobili. He’s a lefty, I like what he’s doing. He’s very creative.

Killian Hayes: Yeah, I like his movement. Who did you feel like stood out other than yourself?

Killian Hayes: Sekou (Doumbouya) is always loud, always cheering on everyone. On the court, always plays hard. Josh (Green), with his athleticism is a high flyer. Luka (Samanic), that was my first time seeing Luka, he’s pretty good. And all the big men, (N’Faly) Dante, the guy who won MVP (Charles Bassey). Who would you say is the best you’ve ever played against?

Killian Hayes: That’s a good question. I actually don’t know. Maybe…I have no clue. Do you follow college basketball at all?

Killian Hayes: I do yeah, Trae Young. I watch his crazy stuff, he goes off.
Do you have a favorite college team?

Killian Hayes: No, not really. If I’m an NBA GM and I draft you, what am I getting?

Killian Hayes: A (player with a) high motor. Always wanting to stop the person on defense. Transition offense and I can also find my teammates and create for myself. When did you become serious about your basketball career?

Killian Hayes: When I saw my Dad play. When he was playing pro, I was always at his games, looking at him and I wanted to be in his place. So, he’s been a big influence on you?

Killian Hayes: Yeah, always. All my life. He’s trained me since I was a little kid, so yeah. Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Killian Hayes:
Hopefully in the NBA playing, an All-Star, and French National Team Olympics. All that.


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