3 - Killian Hayes

6-5, 195 Point Guard
France International
07/27/01 (21.5 yrs)
Lakeland, FL
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NBA Comparison: Kirk Hinrich/Spencer Dinwiddie

Strengths: Tall, left handed point guard (6-5), with very good size for his position … Very good length (wingspan measured at 6-foot-8) … Great feel for the game … Nice build, with long arms and wide shoulders that look they can fill up well … Has good level of athleticism … Fluid athlete … Versatile, can play in either guard position thanks to his size and length … Has a high basketball I.Q. … Experienced for his age, has been playing at a good senior level the past two years … Can change speeds and directions at an elite level … Can create his own shot … Has good touch around the basket … Already has a great pull up game and a constantly improving step back shot, with his range going all the way out to the 3-point line … Has improved as a shooter in Spot Up situations … Good ball handler, with a few hesitation moves that help him create his shot … Has excellent body control while driving to the basket … Likes to finish plays hard when he goes to the basket and even dunk when he has space … Has already some nice counter moves when he drives to the basket and can’t get all the way to the basket … At his best in transition, he can be a one man fast break … Excellent passer with great court vision … Creative passer, has the ability to find the open teammate in any situation … A Pick and Roll maestro … He makes good reads and most of the time knows when and where to pass the ball … Very good in drive and kicks situations … If he has a good Pick and Roll big with him can make a lot of damage … Good on ball defender when focused, can disturb his opponents with his size and length … Good team defender, knows the basic concepts of team defense … Has quick hands that help him make a lot of steals … Dependable defender in Pick and Roll situations thanks to his size, length and basketball I.Q

Weaknesses: Good, but not an elite athlete … Lacks an explosive first step … He needs to bulk up his body … At times he just plays too fast … Still learning some of the nuances of playing point guard … Tries to do too much, too soon on offense … He has the tendency to force things and needs to find some balance and know when to slow down a bit … The fact that he is not an elite athlete limits him in Isolation situations, since he might have problems creating from a stand still position … Extremely left hand dominant, he can be easy to read, especially at the next level … Not really a threat when he drives with his right hand … He doesn’t attack the basket as much as he could or should … Can fall in love with his pull up game and settle for average shots instead of looking for the better play … Has made improvements as a shooter but he still can’t be considered a real threat in Spot Up and Catch and Shoot situations … Doesn’t attack close outs as hard as he could … Has problems finishing through contact, he needs to bulk up to improve in that area … Inconsistent finisher at the rim … He should be able to draw more fouls with his playing style … Ball handling still needs some polishing, especially with his right hand … Occasionally suffers from tunnel vision when he drives to the basket … His passes can be a little wild, since he tries to pass from angles that just aren’t there … Turnover prone, his assist/turnover ratio is considered average for now … Off the ball game needs work … Inconsistent defender, his motor can come and go depending on the opponent … Average lateral quickness for a point guard, he could have problems against speedy opponents … Can be too focused on the ball while defending on the weak side and loses truck of his opponent …

Outlook: Possesses a 6-foot-8 wingspan … Killian Hayes is a combo guard with great size, who can become a really good point guard at the NBA level … His size and length, ability to shoot off the dribble and passing instincts are his calling cards … If everything clicks, he could be a productive point guard, who could carry a team …

Stefanos Makris 5/18/20