This Saturday in Houston, TX, John Lucas will be holding a private workout for NBA teams. The group of players being showcased include: 6’2 Cory Joseph (Texas), 6’4 Jeremy Green (Stanford), 6’2 Devin Gibson (UT San Antonio), 6’7 Troy Gillenwater (New Mexico State), 6’10 Ater Majok (UConn/Australia), 6’10 Terrence Jennings (Louisville), 6’10 Reggie Johnson (Miami), and 5’11 Jai Lucas (Texas).

Player Previews

6’3 Cory Joseph – A former McDonalds All American, Joseph had a solid freshman year. A strong defender, he showed the ability to make plays as well as take and make big shots as he did in beating North Carolina earlier in the year on a last second pull up. He’s currently considered an early second rounder, but it certainly does not hurt for him to take a serious look and get some NBA feedback.

6’10 Terrence Jennings – Jennings has improved his production every year at Louisville. A high level athlete who runs the floor well and has been well schooled on defending the pick n roll within the Big East. Not considered a first round prospect but his size and athletic ability should garner serious attention in this 2nd.

6’10 Reggie Johnson – This 3rd year sophomore for the Hurricanes was a problem in the ACC this year for inside players. He manhandled North Carolina’s front line and hung 20 on Duke. He shot 59% from the field this year and has dropped a reported 50 pounds since he arrived at Miami. When he got 10 shots in a game he always produced in the paint. This is a draft that could see him sneak in somewhere in the 2nd with good workouts.

6’4 Jeremy Green – Green was Stanford’s best player this year in the Pac 10 and he can flat out shoot it. He shot better than 43% from deep this year having numorous games of hitting more than four 3’s in a game. His range should help him get a look from teams needing perimeter shooting.

6’0 Devin Gibson – Gibson ruled over the Southland Conference for four years, improving his game every single season. Lead the country in steals as a freshman and was in the top 10 in that category all four years at UTSA. Gibson’s unique ability to get to the foul line, 8.7 attempts per game is an added piece that not many point guards can claim to their strengths. In addition he rebound, has improved his shooting from the perimeter and was the leader for a 20 win team this year. 17ppg,5reb,5asst, 2.7 steals per game are impressive stats for a point guard in any conference.

6’7 Troy Gillenwater – 18.7 points per game in the WAC tells its own story, but that he did it playing hurt and overweight all year tells another. He ahs slimmed down from the 250lbs he wound up playing at this year at New Mexico State due to a stress fracture in his foot it limited his practice time and in turn put on unwanted weight. Gillenwater’s reputation as a warrior around the basket will need to stand up in order for him to crack an NBA roster but the ability and athleticism are there. 

6’10 Ater Majok – Highly skilled bigman from Australia who played one year at UConn before going overseas to play. 7’6 wing span, very athletic, good pick n pop 3 pt range, face up 4 man who is a good shot blocker that is very active and alters lots of shots and has a very good defensive presence.

5’10 Jai Lucas – Former McDonalds All American point guard from Houston, son of John Lucas, was caught in a log jam at point guard this year at Texas. Played well in spurts but never really got extended minutes. Texas always seemed in its best flow with Lucas and Joseph in the game together. Likely an overseas prospect.

*We’ll post a recap of the workout afterwards.



  1. I wonder what Reggie Johnson

    I wonder what Reggie Johnson can show scouts. Joseph and Jennings should dominate this workout. I think Majok could also do well.

  2. After Majok, Dont make me laugh

    Having watched some games of Ater, I make the following comments:

    1. Raw Raw Raw

    2. Short Blocker, and effort player thats about it.

    He may be very skilled and good face up jump shooter in practise, but not in games, he looks like your typical inexperienece athletic bigman, trying to block everything and fumbling everything but dunks. If I played as well as I practised I would have been a superstar (which I am not)

    His long and fairly atheltic, but easily pushed around by wide bodies, could not dominate the Australian league, where all the decent big men have left to play overseas. 

    The best comparision would be a taller right handed Jerome Moiso with less shot blocking skills, and that is not really a compliment.



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