5 - Ater Majok

6-10, 240 Power Forward
The Sudan Sophomore
07/04/87 (33.5 yrs)
The Sudan
High School
American International
International Team
Gold Coast Blaze (Australia)
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Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Post Skills
87 Overall:

NBA Comparison:

Strengths: Physically, the 6”10 Majok posses tremendous length (7”4 wingspan) with above average athleticism, and able to carry the additional weight (240 lbs now) without any decline in agility … He is comfortable using both hands and shows good timing when going after shots … He alters numerous plays and has the capacity to be a formidable post and help defender … Desite his slight frame, he isn’t afraid of physical play, hustles hard and will get after loose balls … He gets to the line where he had made over 70% of his foul shots since leaving UCONN … Majok runs the floor well for a big man and also has quick enough feet and the length to be an effective perimeter defender … Offensively, he is more comfortable facing the basket, however has shown nice moves and a soft touch from the low block … He makes good use of shot and pass fakes in the half court and has demonstrated the ability to correctly use pivots when around the basket … He possesses a decent outside shot with three point range, good mechanics with a high release, making his jump shot nearly impossible to block (his jump shoot looked impressive in game in treviso) … Has a decent handle for a player his size, is a good pick and pop option that can also put the ball on the floor … Majok has displayed the ability and willingness to find the open man … He is a vocal teammate and an intense competitor …

Weaknesses: Majok is turning 24 in July 2011 and hasn’t yet completed a full season in his short career. He therefore hasn’t had the consistent level of competition, experience and coaching that most of his peers have received … There are concerns his feel for the game is behind schedule as a result … As a shot blocker, Majok tends to go after any shot taken within 8ft of the rim. His judgment on when to challenge shots and when to keep his feet on defense should improve with further experience … He is currently prone to picking up cheap fouls and the occasional goal tend due to his exuberance … Although he has sound footwork, it could still use some tightening up reduce the risk of turnovers when putting the ball on the floor … For his size and athleticism, Majok hasn’t been the best rebounder throughout his short career either … He is active on the offensive boards and finds his man on the defensive end, however due to mainly his lack of strength in the past, he has not been a dominant rebounder up to this point … He has also had some difficulties with foul trouble playing the 4/5 spot … Without the ball, he will need to focus on setting effective picks and making more decisive cuts.

Overall: Majok has had a patchy career so far and has taken an unusual path to the NBA draft. His decision to declare for the 2009 draft before even playing a college game was criticized … The feedback he received and lessons learned from that experience however, assisted him in preparing for this year’s draft … He will more than likely spend at least the next season in Europe where he can further develop his skills … His game does need refining however he has some obvious tools at his disposal … He has bulked up some during the pre-draft process and is now closer to 240, and carries that weight extremely well … With continued hard work and development, we haven’t ruled out Majok cracking the league at some stage in the next couple of years … Although he would come relatively cheap, making the Lakers roster next season is highly unlikely …

2009/2010 season:

– Member of Winning Australian National team squad for the 2009 Stankovic cup in China – Scored 10 points in the final.

– University of Connecticut – 26 games 2.3ppg 3rpg 1.6bpg 42fg% 14.6mpg

2010/2011 season

FMV Isikspor (DII Turkey) – 7 games 13.9ppg 8.6rpg 3.1bpg 47fg% 28.3mpg

Perth wildcats (Australian NBL) – 8 games 7.5ppg 2.9rpg 2bpg 51fg% 13.3mpg

Gold Coast Blaze (Australian NBL) – 6 games 2.8ppg 2.3rpg 0.7bpg 37.5fg% 9.8mpg

Rodney Halprin 6/29/11

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