When you look over our rankings please take note that international born players who are currently playing high school or college ball are eliminated from our rankings; as well as any international born players who have signed a letter of intent to play college basketball in the fall or any player who entered the draft past the withdrawal deadline in previous seasons.

Top 10 International Players for 2013 Draft Article

While most of our readers know the projected guys in 2013 draft such as: Lucas Nogueira, Dennis Schroeder, Giannis Adetokoubo, Sergey Karasev, Rudy Gobert, Livio Jean-Charles, and Alex Abrines. There are a few others that also have a chance having their name called this Thursday.

The following are our top 15 rankings by year plus 15 honorable mention. 1995 and 1996 are combined. The 1996 and beyond prospects will be separated and upated over the summer after attending a number of European and International events.

1991 International Rankings
1992 International Rankings
1993 International Rankings
1994 International Rankings
1995+ International Rankings

And while the highest ranked 1991 born players have entered the draft over the last three drafts there are few players that an NBA team may draft with hope that they add depth to their bench or stash for a few seasons in Europe and hope they develop further. Of the 1991’s the top 4 in our rankings have the most realistic chance of being drafted in the second around with Bojan Dublevic having the best chance in our estimation hearing his name from Adam Silver.

The 1992 class consists of Lucas Nogueira, who remains our top International prospect for ’13. French bigman Rudy Gobert has been slipping on draft boards lately. While Ondrej Balvin is an interesting bigman for 2014 in the mold of a Marc Gasol. fellow early entrants Janis Timma and Raul Neto caught scouts attentions in Treviso. Timma is an energetic athletic forward and Neto a Brazilian speedster who plays in the first division in Spain.

This is a big draft year for the 1993 class with 4 early entrants led by Dennis Schroeder and Sergey Karasev. None of the early entrants are a finished product and there is talk that a couple if not all may spend a season or two overseas. The Two players who made bigest moves on our big board were big man Piotr Niedzwiedzki, often over looked when playing at the international level plqying alongside current Gonzaga big Przemek Karnowski, moved up to #6 on our list and the biggest dropper was Nenad Mijenovic, falling to honorable mention, who has been one of the most overhyped players of this class over the past few seasons.

The Future

With only Giannis Adetokoubo entering the 2013 draft, the 1994 class should have a much bigger impact in the next few drafts with Saric leading the way there are quite a few who could test the waters in 2014. Over the next year you will read and hear more about Rasmus Larsen, Benjamin Sene, Vasilije Micic, and 1995 of course the crème of the 1995 class Dante Exum and Mario Hezonja are names to remember for 2014. Others of the 1995 class to take a look at are Edvinas Seskus, Nedim Buza, and Iliame Diop and my sleeper of the 1995 class French bigman Drissa Ballo.


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