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2:51 PM

OKC Targeting Cole Adrich at 10

The Thunder are looking to put a deal together with Indiana to move up the 10th pick to acquire Kansas bigman Cole Aldrich. The Thunder are desperatly looking for a quality center to add to their young nucleus.


2:38 PM

Orton Slipping

There has been speculation that Daniel Orton could slip into the second round. After averaging just 3 points and 3 rebounds per game, he hasn’t exactly proven himself against a high level of competition.

An NBA source told us this afternoon that concerns with his knee could be another factor casuing teams to shy away from him.

2:33 PM

Favors the pick at 3

Then Nets have made a decision with the 3rd pick and they’ll be taking Derrick Favors. They were still debating taking Wesley Johnson as of an hour ago, but now it’s a certainty Favors is their guy at 3.

2:07 PM

Hinrich & 17 to Washington

The deal was first reported by Ric Bucher and we have confirmed that the deal is in fact going to happen. We reported earlier in the day that Chicago was looking to move Hinrich (Indiana was also in the mix for him).

The one difficulty is that the deal cannot be completed until July 8th, so the pick will be made by Chicago and likely there won’t be an official announcement of the trade until July 8th.

The agreement has to be a "gentleman’s agreement".  But we have confirmed that the Wizards are willing to take on the Hinrich contract. Washington is rumored to be targeting Longhorn forward Damion James with the 17th pick.

11:32 AM

Paul George at 10 or 11

There’s a good chance that 6’9 Fresno State sophomore Paul George will end up at the 10th or 11th picks.

However, it may not be for the Pacers or Hornets. Indiana is actively shopping the pick trying to shore up their point guard position. The Hornets have financial concerns with a salary cap that’s way out of whack and their pick is on the market as well for a team willing to eat a contract.

There are a number of teams that love George’s upside and the 10th or 11th pick are both in play. Minnesota is one team that loves George and would like to move up for him, another possibility is Chicago.

Then again Larry Bird is said to be high on Luke Babbitt and could wait to make sure he’s not available at 10 before making a deal.

It is considered highly unlikely that George will slip out of the lottery.

10:59 AM

Nets Considering Tiny Gallon at 31

6’9 Oklahoma freshman Tiny Gallon could be headed to New Jersey. The Nets only have one second round pick and could take Gallon at their pick. Another scenario would be buying or dealing a future second(s) for a mid-second rounder to grab him.


10:31 AM

OKC TargetingTibor Pleiss

7-foot-1 German bigman Tibor Pleiss has long been rumored to be a target for Oklahoma City GM Sam Presti at the 26th pick. The lastest rumor is that he is considering taking him as high as 18 because he’s afraid San Antonio and former boss RC Buford will take him at 20. Pleiss shows a soft touch and great length at 7-foot. Though not the most athletic bigman, Pleiss can run the floor and has good fluidity. He is a strong candidate to leave in Europe for another year or two of seasoning and keep off the books until he’s completely ready to contribute.


9:57 AM

Detroit Still Debating Monroe/Davis

Joe Dumars apparently made a conditional promise to Ed Davis at 7, however he was under the impression that Greg Monroe would be gone at 7. Now with a good chance that Monroe will be there, he’s got a decision to make. We’re hearing it could be either of the two, but whichever goes 7 the other is likely to go 9 to Utah.

9:49 AM

Derrick Favors to New Jersey

It appears what we initially reported is true. The smoke screen that New Jersey attempted to put on Minnesota that they were going to take Wesley Johnson didn’t work. The T-Wolves called their bluff and were willing to take Derrick Favors if he fell to them. It is now said to be a 90% chance the Nets will go with Favors at 3.

Warriors Eyeing Aminu

The consensus is that the Warriors have settled on their guy – Ekpe Udoh. But  one league source tells us there could be a new player in their sights – Al-Farouq Aminu. According to the source he’s the guy they are now targeting and they are worried Sacramento is going to take him at 5. There are conflicting reports however as we’re hearing from other sources that Udoh is still the guy.

Kirk Hinrich trade Rumor

An NBA source has told us the Pacers and Bulls are discussing a deal that would send Kirk Hinrich and the 17th pick to Indiana for the 10th pick and possibly some salary relief to even out the deal. The Pacers are supposedly  targeting Gordon Hayward at 17.



  1. of course the pacers are
    of course the pacers are targeting Gordon hayward HES WHITE DUH! I hate when teams just pick people because They are a certain race bird does it every year instead of taking the best available hes like this white guy could be the next bird

    • Word up…. It seems crazy
      Word up…. It seems crazy but Bird and Magic had that interview on ESPN some years bacak and he said the NBA needs a great white player from America…. I don’t know what his deal is but he is enamored with trying to find the next great white basketball player… Good Luck

  2. Bird
    Bird’s a freakin idiot. Of course all the white players murmering will happen if he trades for a white point guard and drafts a white SF. Draft Paul George and be done with it!!!!

  3. BIRD
    Gordon Hayward is a stud — way more athletic than people give him credit for. If he’s the best player available when Indiana picks, then you have to take him.

  4. Moronic post of the Day
    So the crowd would rather see a bunch of white guys running around than a winning team? OMG, he looks just like me, I can’t wait to go to the Pacer game tonight!

    Most white basketball players are not gifted with the the exceptional athleticism that alot of black players have.Some guys get in the league that are great athletes, and not great basketball players. You have to have desire and basketball IQ added to the mix to make you great.Most players are missing at least one element.Some make up for it by being great at a couple of those, or having one special skill set that gets them by. At worst Larry Bird might overlook a players perceived lack of athleticism because his own desire,basketball IQ,and skill level was so phenomenal,his lack of athleticism didn’t matter. When Kevin Love was in High School,everybody said he wont be any good in college because he’s UMMMM “unatheletic”. Freshman year….1st Team All American.” Well he can’t play in the NBA cause he’s just not athletic enough”.Code for”He’s White”. As a second year player that didn’t start alot of the season he was ninth in rebounding, led the NBA in rebounding per 48 minutes for player averaging more than 20 min. per game.He can play. Yes the league is predominately black,but stop writing off guys just because their white. And guess what ,of the last six players Bird has drafted ,5 were black. Tyler Hansbrough being the exception.

  6. Unless the Nets end up with
    Unless the Nets end up with Lebron, I can’t understand why they would take Favors over Wes Johnson. The Nets need players who can score, and Favors is still very raw on the offensive end. If Favors does become a good offensive player it will take 3-4 years for it to happen. If you’re the worst team in the league, do you really want to wait that long?

  7. the reason they’re going with
    the reason they’re going with favors is because they cant stomach jianlian anymore, hes just such a bad player, shooting 40% from the field and not playing any defense

  8. @hrott
    Actually, in many areas such as Indiana I think that is true. Heck, even here in the Philadelphia area there is a lot of unspoken racism. You should of seen the amount of Korver jerseys when he was here

  9. The Nets should trade down to
    The Nets should trade down to select Greg Monroe and add a veteran to the roster. Greg Monroe would be a nice complement to Brook Lopez. The Nets should take Gani Lawal with their next pick. He’s has a similar game to Derrick Favors except with a little bit more experience.

    There’s a player that I’m surprised thats not on anyones draft board. At the beginning of the college season was in the top 15 in terms of draft status but now I don’t see him on anyone’s draft board. He is also my potential sleeper of the draft. Scottie Reynolds

  10. Well I can tell you that all
    Well I can tell you that all kinds of “We hate non-whites” rallies go on here in Indianapolis.. /sarcasm

    I have not been impressed with any of the decisions made by management since Larry has been around with the exception of being gifted Granger and Hibbert for the aging J.O. The track record is terrible and I would say having a bunch of mediocre white players is just the icing (obviously not chocolate) on the cake.

  11. FTW
    What’s up with this white/black racism BS? Don’t any of you remember that this was the same Larry Bird who coached the Pacers to the NBA Finals and forced the second three-peat Bulls to seven games? If Bird can coach, he can GM. I have faith in the Pacers’ rebuilding project. Plus, is Danny Granger not black, and didn’t Bird sign him to a big extension?

    While I think the white player thing may be a coincidence, just remember the off-court (and on) problems the Pacers have been dealing with the past decade, from the Malice at the Palice with Artest, Jermaine O’Neal, and Stephen Jackson, to flat-out thuggery from Jamaal Tinsley. Bird is not going to draft anybody with any personal issues.

  12. oh my goodness! Daniel Orton
    oh my goodness! Daniel Orton may fall to the second round! What a shocker, especially after a stellar freshman year. This just can’t be true…lol

  13. it isnt that we are racist by
    it isnt that we are racist by saying the comments its saying bird trys to find a white player all the time. even when he gets asked if white people are as good as black people he gets really offended. im white so obviously im not racist to whites.

    • You people are the ones that
      You people are the ones that are caught up in race, not Larry Bird. He has drafted many black players as well, in fact he wanted to get Ty Lawson last year.

      You say Bird is bad when it comes to drafting well, because he is. But to call him racist or only interested in white players is simply NOT TRUE. Look at the facts people! Look at the amount of black players he has drafted!

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