24 - Tiny Gallon

6-9, 296 Power Forward
Oklahoma Freshman
Vallejo, CA
High School
Oak Hill Academy
Team Site Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Post Skills

NBA Comparison: Glen Davis/Robert Traylor

Strengths: A wide bodied and extremely strong inside player … His bulk and strength allow him to muscle his way and clear space in the paint … Shows a promising (yet selective) repertoire of moves with his back to the basket; he feels out his defender and then turns and spins according to what is available … Incorporates an effective drop step, covering a lot of ground and physically dislodging his defender out of position … … Comfortable making counter moves in the post; he has good footwork and is able to turn and make secondary moves without losing his balance … Has the ability to turn to both shoulders and can finish with either hand around the basket … A soft touch inside helps him finish with a mix of mini hooks and turnaround jumpers … His midpost faceup game is his go to aspect at this point and it could become his bread and butter at the next level … He has nice range and has terrific confidence in his jumpshot … Facing up, he can put the ball on the deck and attack with a surprisingly advanced repertoire off the dribble, but most often he looks to get his shot off early … As a pick and pop option, he shows a lot of promise, because he can set strong and wide screens and then complete plays with his shooting ability … Rebounding the ball, he has a good feel for the ball, but more importantly his wide body allows him to clear space and hold boxouts …

Weakness: His main strength is also a weakness, as his size and weight are major limiting factors … He is not a great athlete and does not get off the ground well … Settles for too many outside jumpers even though most of the time he has a distinct advantage by attacking inside … He struggles against taller and longer defenders because even though he can body them out of position, he still has a hard time finishing overtop of them … He undoubtedly carries too much weight and it shows in his footspeed and inability to get up and down the floor.  His lateral quickness is very limited and he has trouble defending quicker faceup forwards, or defending against the pick and roll … His motor is also a bit of a question mark at this point, he didn’t play major minutes this season and at times he seemed winded when playing for longer stretches … Battled with inconsistency all season – he was not able to put together a string of good games at any point during his freshman season … Very turnover prone, he struggles making plays in traffic or when the double team comes, he seems to panic and has a tendency to throw ill-advised passes …

Borko Popic – 05/28/2010

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