Kentucky commit, Cason Wallace, is one of, if not the best point guard in the nation. His ability to compete on both ends, combined with size, athleticism, and skill set gives him a lot of intrigue. After a big high school season, the Texas Gatorade Player of the Year finished his high school career playing in the Iverson Classic, contributing with 13 points and six assists.

NBADraft.Net: How has Memphis and the Iverson Classic week been for you?

Cason Wallace: The Iverson Classic has been very exciting. Being out here competing with these great players. Some of them I’ve never met before but seeing that they’re pretty good and overlooked is very humbling.

NBADraft.Net: How do you feel like you’ve played in practice and scrimmages?

Cason Wallace: I’ve been playing very good. The first day I came out, got some highlights. Second day, kept it going. Today I’m just ready to put it all together and win this game.

NBADraft.Net: Who else has impressed you here?

Cason Wallace: Jayden (Epps), he’s been locking up, doing his thing, won the one-on-one contest. He is obviously one of the shortest players out here, but one of the best players.

NBADraft.Net: Some consider you the top point guard in the class, what do you think it is that separates you from the others?

Cason Wallace: My defense is what sets me apart. A lot of them can score. We all can score, but who’s going to stop that person from scoring? That’s me.

NBADraft.Net: Do you model your game after anyone?

Cason Wallace: I would say Shai (Gilgeous-Alexander). Offensively, I like to shoot floaters, get into his bag a little bit.

NBADraft.Net: How is this game different than the other post-season events you’ve played in?

Cason Wallace: I would say it’s more competitive. We’re all getting after it, not looking for the cameras, not so much clout chasing, or trying to get the looks but just competing at the best of their ability.

NBADraft.Net: When did you realize that basketball could be more than a game for you?

Cason Wallace: I’ve always wanted to do something with the sport, but I didn’t take it seriously until sophomore year. Only playing basketball, locking in on that, just training for that. So, that’s when I would say I was locking in on it.

NBADraft.Net: Your sophomore year when you wanted to commit yourself to basketball, did you make any big workout changes to your routine?

Cason Wallace: Yeah, I stopped playing other sports. I worked out on basketball more, all year, more so than just half the year, so it has just been a grind ever since.

NBADraft.Net: What attracted you about Kentucky?

Cason Wallace: The culture, the history that Coach Cal has, and the players that are already there. They’re great people.

NBADraft.Net: If you could go back and give advice to a ninth grade Cason Wallace, what would you say?

Cason Wallace: Stay to your path and keep doing what you’re doing.

NBADraft.Net: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Cason Wallace: In the NBA being a superstar.


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