The Annual Pangos All-American Camp presented by Dinos Trigonis was held at Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas, Nevada from June 2nd to June 4th, 2024. This camp has consistently been able to showcase future NBA talent, giving NBA scouts a great opportunity to see future pros, early in their metamorphosis. The camp concluded first with the top 60 game where Chuck Love III won game Co-MVP and led the blue squad over Co-MVP Kelvin Odih, then finished with a thriller where Top 30 game MVP Jacob Lanier help lead the blue squad over red squad Co-MVP Tounde Yessoufou. Despite missing the first day due to travel issues Meleek Thomas was voted the overall MVP of the 2024 Pangos All-American Camp (Photos provided by Greg Stein) . Here are the top 10 NBA draft prospects from the camp and some notes on other very good players.

Top 10 NBA Prospects:

Brayden Burries 6’5 CG Roosevelt Class of 2025, 2005 Born

At Pangos, Brayden Burries showcased his skills as a passer. Pocket passes in pick and dives. passes on drive and kicks and passes on fast breaks to the breaking big men. He is determined to prove that he can play as a point guard at the NBA level which would make him more intriguing as a prospect given his height at 6’5. His most memorable play was in the top 30 “Cream of the Crop Game”, where he dribbled the ball up the court on the right wing, came down the lane and attempted to flush it over both Jacob Lanier and highflyer Ikenna Alozie. On that play Burries ended up being fouled on the arm and slammed into the nearby bleachers while the ball circled around the rim, eventually popping out at the last moment. There was an initial gasp both on the athleticism of that play and to make sure that Burries was ok. Thankfully he was bruised but unharmed and was able to finish the game. Burries made a few jumpers and was able to get to the rim (using his broad shoulders to get into the paint, but scouts were expecting a little more consistency from his outside jumper and overall, more scoring given his 2025 ranking coming into Pangos. He is one of the older prospects at Pangos and the oldest in my top 10.

Cam Ward 6’8 Forward Largo Class of 2025, 2006 Born

Cam Ward was unable to finish the camp off due to a minor injury, but he was good both in EYBL Kansas City and here at Pangos in the first few games. An athletic forward, he finishes plays off strong at the rim with either two handed or one-handed dunks. He has strong handles and runs well for a wing making him a real threat as a scorer in the fastbreak. In half court sets he scores mainly around the rim and off offensive rebounds. Mechanically his shot looks fine, but he needs to be willing to take the open shot and to continue to expand his range to develop into the prospect NBA teams highly covet. Defensively, he has the athleticism to get in the passing lanes, get deflections, and get weak side block shots. He has good lateral quickness which should allow him to stay in front of guards and good strength when matched up with someone bigger than him and shows some fight for defensive rebounds. However, he lacks defensive discipline as he tends to gamble for steals and go for pump fakes on shots. Due to his height and length his chances for the top level would increase exponentially as a small forward rather than a power forward thus increasing his shooting range is imperative.

Chidi Nwigwe 6’6 Wing St Benedict’s Prep Class of 2026, 2007 Born

Chidi Nwigwe’s top performance was the game prior to the top 30 game where he scored 32 points and overall ended up being the second leading scorer at the Pangos All American Camp averaging 21 points per game. Chidi has the prototypical body that NBA teams are looking for, broad shoulders, long wingspan, and good size for a wing. His combination of power and speed makes him a load to stop getting downhill on halfcourt and fast break opportunities; and his length allows him to finish plays off with two handed jams. He already can read defenses and has the recognition to drop to the dunker spot and finish off plays on lobs. His next step in development is to continue to develop both his handles and shot but has as good of an upside as any player at this event.

Christian Collins 6’8 Small Forward Westchester Class of 2026, 2007 Born

Christian Collins is a late bloomer having not played much his freshman year in high school. Slightly overlooked with teammate Tajh Ariza on his high school team, Christian was able to shine on his own here at Pangos. Christian can really handle the ball for a player with his length. Featuring a crossover, a spin move, and a euro step on drives to the basket. He featured guard like shiftability in his hips and his eyes were always up to make the right pass when he was dribbling. He consistently made mid-range jumpers and overall showed a good ability to score. Defensively he has length that helps him get deflection and alter shots. One of the concerns for scouts was if he can put on weight. Hard to say but his father is built like an ox and his body looked less mature than many of the other participants at Pangos. In any case one of the things, he does need to work on is strength and power. In addition, extending his range further out would make him much more attractive as a wing at the top level. He is still quite raw but is also the most improved player I have watched in the last year (I last saw him play at Section 7 in 2023).

Dylan Mingo 6’4 PG Long Island Lutheran Class of 2026, 2008 Born

Dylan Mingo, the youngest player at Pangos, was the leading scorer at 23 points per game. At 6’4 he has good positional height for the top level and both here and at EYBL session 4 opponents were unable to stop him from getting inside of the paint. His ability to take acute angle cuts on drives and get back to the middle both from the right and left side is impressive. His read off screens to get downhill is excellent and he already can finish plays around the rim by creating separation (putting a shoulder in defenders’ mid body thus destabilizing them). Dylan shoots it well enough to keep opponents honest but needs to continue to work on both that and setting teammates up. His long-term upside is as a point guard and not a shooting guard and he can get tunnel vision in focusing on scoring instead of creating for others.

Jacob Lanier 6’5 SG Maumelle HS Class of 2026, 2007 Born

Jacob Lanier was the biggest stock riser at Pangos. His name buzzed among media, coaches, and scouts alike. Throughout the camp he was able to find his spots effortlessly and either take a very direct path and finish at the rim or if he was stopped make a mid-range jump shot over the defender who cut him off from getting to the rim. He showed good athleticism finishing fast break opportunities with dunks and half court sets with lobs. In the finals, he was on fire from beyond the high school 3-point line (all 3 pointers are from the high school line at Pangos) making five for the game and ending up with 19 points officially. His scoring prowess stood out among the other scorers at Pangos. True scorers, such as him, can put the ball in the basket the majority of the time without having to make the spectacular play and that is what he excels at (although he had a few spectacular plays as well). Defensively competed to stay in front of opposing scorers and was able to get his hands in the passing lanes. Overall, a great showing, averaging 17.3 point per game for the event. He will need to build from this positive momentum and understand that more players from his class will make it a point to outplay him at his next event.

Jaden Toombs 6’9 PF/C Dynamic Prep Class of 2025, 2007 Born

The more you watch Jaden Toombs, the more you appreciate his game. Toombs has excellent footwork in the post. Showcasing a drop step and a spin move around the rim. What he lacks in height he adds in length. He has a strong base that allows him to destabilize opponents both on offense and on defense. He is creative around the rim either creating space with his body or using the rim to protect himself from shot blockers. He has soft touch around the rim and has good hands to grab rebounds A good passer, he has good vision and discipline in the post to make the right pass when the help defender gets too close to him. And is a very good player to be in the mid post given his excellent decision making as he will find the open pass and/ or attack the rim. He has shown some ability as a face up mid-range jump shooter but needs to continue to work on extending his range and to quicken his release. There are some questions of position at the top level as he lacks the ideal standing reach for a center and lacks the ideal athleticism for a power forward. He has reworked his body over the last year which has allowed him to increase his agility but unfortunately still lacks lift at the rim. Given his diligent work in lowering his body fat percentage perhaps his continual work in the weightroom will aid him in gaining some vertical power.

Meleek Thomas 6’4 PG Lincoln Park Performing Arts Class of 202, 2006 Born

Meleek Thomas didn’t make the first day in Las Vegas but there was immediate an increase in intensity in the morning of the second day when he was in the building. The highest rate incoming senior at the event, he did nothing to disappoint. At Pangos he took better quality shots than in Kansas City and was much more efficient from the floor. He has a good vertical, long arms, and is always in attack mode which can lead to some explosive plays at the rim. In Las Vegas he took and made his one foot turn around mid-range jumper which wasn’t always the case in EYBL Session 4. Scouts still have some questions about how well he can run a team, but he handles the ball well, all be it with a high dribble, and is no different than many modern attacking NBA point guard. He can make the pocket pass in pick and roll situations and is a willing and efficient spot up shooter. Still that question will be needed to be answered in the next 18 months. Defensively he can affect shooters in closeouts with his length but has some stiffness in the hips that slightly negates his lateral speed on the defensive end of the ball. All in all, a great camp for him as he ended up being the camp MVP.

Tarris Bouie 6’5 SG Chambers, Class of 2026, 2008 Born

Tarris Bouie was the second youngest player at Pangos and the second youngest player in the top 10. His body still has lots of room to fill out and grow but he already possesses good length and positional size. He was one of the leading shot blockers at Pangos and is a good defensive rebounder. Offensively, he showed nice rotation with his shot and soft touch around the rim. He has a quick first step and a quick jump on dunks. He has a real prowess in putting the ball in the basket. He needs to add strength and could be a real force as his body matures both on offense and on defense. Did not play the top 30 game due to a minor injury.

Tounde Yessoufou 6’5 Wing St Joseph Class of 2025, 2006 Born

Tounde Yessoufou brought the 2024 Pangos All American game to a thunderous conclusion with an in-game East Bay dunk. The game was already decided but the play gives you an idea of his athleticism. Tounde body hasn’t changed since I first saw him play a year ago; build like a tank, he could pass for an NFL linebacker. He’s super explosive and has a true calling at the top level as a 3 and D player. He’s highly switchable as he has the lateral speed to guard wings but also the strength and some length to guard NBA post players. Whether it’s a PJ Tucker or a Lu Dort those are the names that are commonly attributed to him on the defensive end of the ball. Offensively he is a menace on the offensive glass. On the fast break with his strength and athleticism he’s like a runaway freight train where few would dare to stop for fear of an unwanted collision. He has and will continually need to work on his outside shooting to make it to the top level; at Pangos he was able to make his outside shots at a high clip making him a very difficult player to defend. He showed a solid follow through, and a repeatable shot granted from the high school three-point line. Overall averaged 18 points per game and came away with game Co-MVP for the top 30 game.

Other Prospects, just missing the cut:

Xavion Staton 6’11 PF/C Sierra Vista Class of 2025, 2006 Born

Xavier Staton had his fans among NBA scouts with his ability to finish plays off and leading the camp in block shots. His combination of size, agility, verticality, and ability to regather and jump quickly made him an intimidating force in the paint. In particular in the drop or as a help side defender. For the same reasons he is a strong rebounder both on the defensive and offensive side of the court. Some of his highlight plays are off put back 2 handed flushes and finishes from the dunker spot. To become an elite defender, he needs to add strength and/or weight to his frame as players can get him off balance and then he becomes much less effective as a defensive enforcer. They also can get around him with their elbow or shoulder and shield away his shot blocking ability due to his lack of weight. Offensively he showed good form from the free throw line but there was some hesitancy from him to take open mid-range baseline jumpers. Adding some strength to his base could also help him in his offensive post game. As often he would be pushed out of the block and forced to pass it back out to the perimeter. He did flash a nice little half hook in a couple games.

Jerry Easter 6’3 PG La Lumiere Class of 2025, 2006 Born

Jerry Easter is a very efficient and solid point guard. He led his team to an undefeated weekend and was a highly efficient scorer in doing so. His shot is nice and tight with no leakage or wasted movement. He reads the pick and roll well and gets downhill and finishes plays off with easy layups. He has excellent shot selection and is a willing passer. Defensively he stays in front of his man and slides his feet well. He’s a very solid all-around player that may not have the upside that some of the players in the top 10 but has a higher floor than most. If he can shoot as efficiently from the NBA three as he shot the three here, then he would considerably add value to his draft prospects.

Joshua Lewis 6’5 Wing Blake Class of 2025, 2005 Born

Josh Lewis at 6’5 is one of the leading rebounders in EYBL U17. That stat tells you a lot about his athleticism, length, and more importantly his motor. Always moving he is a menace to make a highlight level finish on the fast break. Josh must be boxed out by his defender, or the defender may get his teammate dunked on the rebound. On halfcourt sets he is best slashing and has nice soft touch around the basket. His outside jump shot is inconsistent and in games it’s going in he looks like a top-level prospect and on days it’s not he looks like just another player with athleticism on the court. He has the tools and the motor to be an elite level defender and was one the top shot blockers at Pangos. As a 2005 born he is one of the older players at the event. The University of South Florida commit was voted to play in the top 60 game.

Cameron Holmes 6’6 Wing Millennium Class of 2026, 2007 Born

Cam Holmes’ highlight was when he hit a game winning three at the buzzer on Sunday morning. Cam, a lefty, has shot the ball well from distance both at Session 4 EYBL and here in Las Vegas in back-to-back weeks. He has some ability to put the ball on the floor and has good length that allows him to finish plays off with dunks. He lacks elite wing athleticism but can make up for it with his unorthodox lefty style and when he is making his jump shots. He enjoys creating for others and competes on the defensive end where he will get his share of steals and deflections. He played in the top 30 game

Devin Brown 6’7 SF Milwaukee Academy of Science Class of 2025, 2006 Born

Devin Brown is a solid all-around player who rarely makes a mistake and usually takes what the offense gives him. In this environment that can make him difficult to stand out, but he has good positional size, solid athleticism for his position and shoots the ball well. At Pangos he was one of the leading three-point shooters. In the top 30 game he was a double-digit scorer.

Ikenna Alozie 6’3 SG Dream City Christian Class of 2026

Ikenna Alozie is arguably the best athlete that attended Pangos All American camp. Built like a grown man, he can get some tremendous weakside blocks and improbable defensive rebounds. He had some highlight real fast break dunks and put backs at Pangos and showed some flashes of a mid-range jumper. His vertical power and speed are unique but he’s an undersized shooting guard that has clearly had his full body development at a very young age. As the rest of his class matures his athletic differentiation will lessen his impact and he will either need to show some ability as a lead guard or become an outstanding shooter for the top level.

Chuck Love III 6’6 Forward La Lumiere Class of 2025, 2006 Born

Chuck Love was the MVP of the top 60 game leading all scorers with 24 points. Throughout the event he showed his ability as a scorer. He continually made outside jump shots and as a counter to defenders closing out from three was able to pump fake, put the ball on the floor taking one or two dribbles for the midrange or to go to the rack. On fast break finished plays with dunks. and was able to put the ball on the floor taking one or two dribbles for the shot or to go to the rack. Needs to either add strength or weight to his frame.

Mazi Mosley 6’5 SG St. Francis Class of 2025, 2006 Born

Mazi Mosely showed some flashes as a combo guard. Making solid reads as a passer and shot the ball well from three. He has a quick first step and can slither through defenses. He was one of the top three-point shooters at Pangos showcasing his fluid outside shot He has room to add strength to his wiry frame.

Darrel Brown Jr 6’3 SG West Nottingham Academy Class of 2025, 2005 Born

Darrel Brown Jr was probably the most unknown player for most of the grassroots media coming in and he played himself all the way to the top 30 game. Him and Ikenna Alozie were the most athletic guards at the event, and it would have been fun to see a dunk off between the two. In game he had reverse dunks, tomahawk dunks, and even a windmill dunk. But Darrel is far more than just an athlete; he was consistently making his mid-range jump shot and creating offensive opportunities for himself off the dribble. Has some question marks as a defender and a passer but he is a true showman. He immediately received his first solid scholarship offer from Pepperdine after Pangos.

Cody Peck 6’10 Forward Carmel Christian School Class of 2026, 2007 Born

Cody Peck has some upside to him with his size he can really handle the ball and makes some good decisions when leading the fast break. He can also shoot it from long distance. Demonstrating that he is quite skilled. He however was overmatched physically here at times. He lacked stamina and strength and would at times give up on the play and stay stationary or get scored on the defensive end where he showed either a lack of will or lateral quickness. In fairness he has a body that is still very much developing relative to most of the players at Pangos. And all those are things he can easily work on to increase his value as a prospect. Cody was voted into the top 60 game

Oswin Erhunmwunse 6’9 PF Putnam Science Academy Class of 2025, 2007 Born

Oswin Enhunmwunse did his signature elbow in the rim dunk (a la Vince Carter), a couple of times over the weekend. When I spoke to him about it, he mentioned that it was his favorite player growing up and now it’s sort of the signature move that Oswin’s fans expect from him. He has a fully mature body and had a few two-handed blocked dunk attempts to his credit on the defensive side of the court. On offense, he tends to primarily finish plays off with dunks and has room to become a more diverse offensive player.

Badara Diakite 6’9 PF South Kent Class of 2025, 2006 Born

Badara Diakite was on fire the first couple days of Pangos making 3 pointers after 3 pointer and arguably the camp’s MVP for the first day. Yes, it was a high school 3-point line and yes, he couldn’t maintain that shooting efficiency for the duration of the event. But at 6’9 with a long wingspan it allowed NBA scouts to see him in a different light. In addition, he showed some ability to put it on the floor. If he can be viewed as a face up stretch 4 it would be a game changer for him as a top-level prospect.

Tammar Brown 7’0 C Rocktop Academy Class of 2025, 2005 Born

One of the few true centers at Pangos who has ideal NBA measurables. At 7 foot, with length, he effects shots around the basket. He is extremely raw and can take some time processing plays both on offense and on the defensive end of the ball, but he did show some agility for a player his size and didn’t mind playing physical. Offensively he’s just a dunker at this stage of his development but physically looks like he still has room to develop unlike some other big men at Pangos who are fully matured men. He was voted in the top 60 game.

Kenyon DeMuynck 6’9 PF Link Academy Class of 2025, 2006 Born

Kenyon DeMuynck is a late bloomer headed to Link. Blessed with a reported 7’2 wingspan his length caused deflections and was one of the leaders in blocks at Pangos. On offense he showed potential as a shooter, finished plays off with dunks and even had a few assists for good measure. He needs some work with his handles and there are question of consistency but he did create some follow up intrigue from two NBA scouts I was sitting near.

Cornelius Ingram 6’5 Wing Hawthorne Class of 2025, 2007 Born

Cornelius Ingram had some impressive finishes including a one handed put back where he skyed over the 6’10 post player to flush it in. A very good passer, he was one of the assists leaders at this event. Scoring wise he was best on the move slashing or running the lanes in fast breaks. Son of a football player, he is currently a highly touted high school quarterback. His experience being the engine that runs the team in both sports is something very few of his peers have. He has the talent to play either sport at a high major but must show a little more scoring ability on the basketball court to make it to the top level. Was voted into the top 60 game.

Bryce Heard 6’5 Wing Homewood Flossmoor Class of 2025, 2006 Born

Bryce Heard had a good enough camp to make it to the top 30 game. During the event he was the best of any camper in making closely guarded mid-range jump shots. It appeared that a defender having a hand in his face has little effect on whether he makes or misses his shot. He also has a nose for the ball, getting many offensive rebounds to score for himself or reset the offense.

Jermaine O'Neal Jr. 6’6 SF Dynamic Prep Class of 2025, 2006 Born

Jermaine O’Neal Jr played similarly as he did in EYBL Kansas City. Demonstrated some ability to defend bigger opponents in the post and stay in front wings on the perimeter. He finished plays with powerful dunks and made a good share of corner threes. He too was one of the top three-point shooters at Pangos and played in the top 30 game.

Davis Fogle 6’7 SF AZ Compass Class of 2025, 2006 Born

Davis Fogle has some ability as a shooter, some ability as a finisher and has some weak side shot blocking ability as a defender. His style is a little unorthodox but it’s functional and he should be an interesting player to monitor now that he is playing in a top-level high school circuit. He played in the top 30 game.

Jalen Reece 6’1 PG Oak Ridge Class of 2025, 2007 Born

Jalen Reece showed a solid ability in running a team and creating for others. He made perfect pocket passes and drives and kicks for his teammates. He has excellent handles and was an efficient scorer getting downhill for layups or shooting threes when the defender back offs him. He was named in the top 60 game.

Aliou Dioum 6’10 PF Accelerated Prep Class of 2026, 2007 Born

Aliou Dioum at 6’10 showcased some ability as a shooter and athleticism. He very much has potential on the wing but must become more consistent as a shooter and tighten his handles as he lost the ball when he drove from time to time. Questionable decision making at times taking too many defensive players at once. He is a strong finisher at the rim and looks to have good length. Aliou was voted into the top 60 game.

Aleks Alston 6’9 PF Kenwood Academy Class of 2025, 2007 Born

Aleks Alston both at EYBL Kansas City and here at Pangos showcased his long-distance shooting ability. Closely guarded or hand in his face he can make the long-range shot. He will finish plays off with a dunk when the opportunity arises on the fast break or with a back cut. Both at EYBL and here at Pangos he was with some bad defensive teams, so it was difficult to evaluate him as a defender.

Jermel Thomas 6’0 PG Cardinal Hayes Class of 2025, 2007 Born

Jermel Thomas can really handle the rock. His ability to change pace, cross people over and dribble through traffic is his most impressive skill set. At times this skill can cause him to over dribble instead of making the more efficient easy pass. He showed a good ability to shoot the mid-range shot. Slight in frame, his impact at the collegiate level will be based on his consistency from long distance. He was voted on the top 60 game.

Jasiah Jervis 6’4 SG Archbishop Stepinac Class of 2026, 2008 Born

Jasiah Jervis scored in double digits in the top 60 game showcasing his blend of being able to get to the rack and his sweet stroke from downtown. He is on the smaller size for a shooting guard, and you would like to see him either grow or more likely become a combo guard who has some ability to create for teammates on the offensive end of the ball. But one of the younger players in camp he has room to grow that skill set.

Paul Osaruyi 6’10 PF/C Canyon International Class of 2027, 2008 Born

Paul Osaruyi has the body, length, and athleticism that make him a coveted prospect. He played in EYBL u17 for the first time in session 4 in Kansas City and in the top 60 game here at Pangos. He is more polished defensively than offensively at this stage of his basketball career. He has the strength to push players away from the block and the length and athleticism to block or alter shots in the post. A good rim runner on fast breaks. He’s best in pick and dives or in the dunker spot in half court sets. Needs to continually to work on some post moves or mid-range jump shot.

Kelvin Odih 6’5 Wing South Kent School Class of 2025, 2006 Born

Kelvin Odih Was CO-MVP of the top 60 game. He flashed some athleticism with 3 dunks in the top 60 game including an in-game windmill dunk.

Dorian Hayes 6’4 SG Ridge Pointe Class of 2025, 2007 Born

Both in EYBL Kansas City and at Pangos showed the ability to shoot the ball from long distance. In fact, at Pangos led all in three-point shooting percentage. Dorian Hayes was voted on the top 60 game.


Other players deserving to be mentioned that played well but were consistent to how they played the previous week in EYBL Kansas City are:

Jake West 6’1 PG Penn Charter Class of 2025 top 30 game,

Matthew Gilhool 6’10 PF Penn Charter Class of 2025 top 30 game

Darius Adams 6’5 SG La Lumiere Class of 2025 top 30 game.

If you want to get a feel on their play style, I encourage you to check out that write up here: Link


Find Eric Guilleminault on X here


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