With the 2023 draft in the rear view mirror, and Summer League in full swing and a plenty of Summer events impacting rankings, it’s time to look forward to the 2024 draft.  There will be plenty of changes to come, but if you’re looking to learn about the upcoming group of draft prospects, look no further than our first installment of the 2024 Extended Mock Draft.

1. Detroit: Aaron Bradshaw 7-2 210 C Kentucky Fr.

John Calipari is bringing in a vintage group of freshmen to Lexington this season, and he’s going to need each one to produce at a high level without much experience to speak of on his roster. Unfortunately, he might have to wait a little time to see Bradshaw produce after the 7-2 freshman decided to get an operation done on an injured foot. Still, the Camden native projects to be a menacing interior defender who can eventually spread the floor and blossom into an imposing stretch-five as he fills out his impressive frame.

2. Houston: Tyrese Proctor 6-5 185 PG Duke So.

It’s no mystery that the Blue Devils were a different team as Proctor grew more comfortable running Jon Scheyer’s first-year offense. Even as he shares the backcourt with Jeremy Roach once again, expect Proctor to make a massive leap offensively with more confidence and experience under his belt. He already looks the part of an elite and versatile backcourt defender, but it will be his growth as an inside the arc scorer and perimeter shooter that could bolster his draft stock this high in the lottery.

3. San Antonio: Justin Edwards 6-8 190 SF Kentucky Fr.

Edwards is the second Kentucky freshman projected to go in the top-three with a feathery outside shot and an NBA frame that he will need to bulk up in Lexington. If he can do that, show consistency from beyond the arc and showcase the tantalizing leaping ability that he featured in his high school tape, he could climb as high as a top 3 pick in a wide-open draft class toward the top of the rankings.

4. Charlotte: Trevon Brazile 6-10 210 PF Arkansas So.

A devastating injury that ended Brazile’s freshman season at Arkansas destroyed his 2023 NBA Draft stock, but he is back with high expectations in 2024. As one of the most athletic returning players in college, he can be in the thick of things among draft prospects, if he bounces back well from his injury. With Brazile’s tools and athleticism for his size, he could strike gold again in year two in Fayetteville.

5. Portland: Bobi Klintman 6-10 225 PF/C Australia 2003

One of the biggest surprises of the pre-draft process was Klintman removing his name from the draft after a rumored promise inside the first round. He doesn’t need to climb this high to feel great about his decision, but his flashes of floor-spacing and athleticism in just two years of amateur basketball in the U.S. could just be the beginning for the 20 year old moving to play a season for the Cairns Taipans of the Australia National Basketball League (NBL) auditioning for the NBA .

6. Orlando: Stephon Castle 6-6 205 PG/SG UConn Fr.

Castle is a slithery, playmaking guard who should get a lot of run as the lead guard for the defending national champions this winter. With outstanding shooters around him and a freakishly big and coordinated center in Donovan Clingan, Castle should benefit as much as any freshman within his system in Storrs. Due to his intriguing size at the point and advanced transition play, resulting in a lottery prospect who should flourish under a terrific coach in Dan Hurley.

7. Indiana: Trey Alexander 6-4 185 SG Creighton Jr.

A weaker 2024 draft class is likely the biggest reason why Trey Alexander decided to return to Creighton for his junior season. He could have been a first round pick this year, but the chance to hone his skills as the lead guard in Omaha and potentially climb into the top-10 of the 2024 draft was too much to pass up for the 6-4 combo guard. He has the skills and experience to be an All-American for the Blue Jays and cash in on his return to Creighton.

8. Washington: Ron Holland 6-7 195 SF G-League Ignite Fr.

Holland spent some time this season as the top ranked prospect in the Class of 2023 and his decommitment from Texas drastically shifted the expectations for the Longhorns. The Ignite have produced a lottery pick in each of the three seasons in their history and Holland has the best chance to continue that streak in 2024. The 6-7 wing is an electric finisher in transition and thrives on the defensive end of the floor. Creating consistent separation and developing more efficiency as a half-court scorer will be the crucial aspects of his game that could make or break his draft stock this season.

9. Utah: Ja'Kobe Walter 6-5 180 SG Baylor Fr.

With Scott Drew’s history of player development and Walter’s already advanced scoring skills, Walter has a chance to develop into a lottery pick. While not a freakish athlete, he has good fluidity and size and the potential to develop into a solid scorer. Efficiency will be the biggest question for Walter, but with a proven playmaker like RayJ Dennis playing alongside him, his strengths should be featured in the fast-paced Baylor offense.

10. Dallas: Kyle Filipowski 7-0 230 PF Duke So.

It’s rare to see even one productive freshman return to school at a blue blood program like Duke, but Filipowski is the second of this season who could benefit in a big way in his sophomore season in Durham. Like Alexander, Filipowski could have been a first-round pick, but wanted to return in the hopes of contending for a title and climbing into the lottery with another exceptional college season. It will take growth as a shot-creator, 3 point shooter and defender, but Filipowski has the determination, work ethic and ability to ascend into the lottery next season.

11. Chicago: Thierry Darlan 6-6 190 SF G-League Ignite Intl.

Darlan is one of the more unheralded prospects in the Class of 2024, but his enticing two-way skillset paired with shifty ball-handling and outstanding court vision in transition make him one of the biggest boom-or-bust prospects in the draft. In a year without many surefire NBA players, a team could take a chance, much like the Wizards did on Bilal Coulibaly, on a foreign prospect with immense upside in the lottery.

12. Oklahoma City: Trentyn Flowers 6-9 200 SG/SF Louisville Fr.

Flowers is an aggressive scorer on the wing who excels at getting out in transition and finishing around the rim. He should be the cornerstone of the Louisville rebuild this season and has the potential to develop into a three-level scorer on the wing with the length and athleticism to defend three or four positions as he rounds out his game and grows more comfortable in his body. He might not be the most mature freshman in the class but possesses the tools to be a high-upside lottery prospect in 2024.

13. San Antonio (via TOR): Baba Miller 6-11 205 SF/PF Florida St. So.

The long-term suspension that ruined Baba Miller’s freshman season for Florida State was one of the largest injustices in the sport this past season. With a full offseason and preseason under his belt this year, Miller should be one of the highest risers on draft boards and a legit candidate to be an All-ACC player with his smooth outside shooting at 6-11. He’s at his best spotting up from the perimeter and capitalizing on the terrific length that allows him to finish at the rim without needing to dribble inside the 3-point line.

14. New Orleans: Elmarko Jackson 6-4 195 PG Kansas Fr.

Jackson will join a crowded backcourt in Lawrence headlined by returning point guard Dajuan Harris and could have trouble establishing a consistent role early in the season. His shooting motion is a bit slow, but with his incredible speed and energy both in transition and on the drive, he has a high playmaking ceiling and could be one of the most exciting freshmen in the country in whatever playing time he contributes.

15. Atlanta: Alexandre Sarr 7-1 205 C France Intl.

What are they feeding these prospects in France? Sarr is yet another seven-footer with a lean frame, confidence in putting the ball on the deck and sensational athleticism for his size. There’s no questioning that he needs to fill out his frame, but with his disruptive play on the defensive end and smooth ability attacking the basket, it’s not out of the picture for another French big man to earn another high selection in the draft.

16. Minnesota: Izan Almansa 6-9 210 PF Overtime Elite Intl.

If you’re looking for a clear winner from the U19 World Cup, Izan Almansa is your guy. He ranked sixth in points per game for the tournament and led Spain to a championship thanks to two wins over France in the group stage and then in the championship. Almansa is a fluid athlete who is yet to find a consistent stroke from beyond the arc, but after outstanding efficiency inside the arc and at the free-throw line, he looks to be finding that shot ahead of the most important season of his career.

17. New Orleans (via LAL): Matas Buzelis 6-11 190 PF/SF G-League Ignite Fr.

Buzelis has been projected as high as the top pick but there are fears that his lack of physicality will be exposed in the G league. Not many players at his size can do the things he does, whether it’s ball-handling, quick shifts of direction or perfectly placed passes in the open floor. Much like many of the other elite prospects in the class, Buzelis needs to fill out his frame and get tougher if he wants to make an impact at the next level after one season in the G-League.

18. Miami: Zaccharie Risacher 6-9 200 PF/SF France Intl.

A less than impressive display at the U19 FIBA World Cup plummeted Risacher’s draft stock after once being considered the preseason No. 1 pick in our mock draft. Who’s to say he won’t regain that momentum and climb into the lottery, but his most recent struggles could prove detrimental to his draft stock all season long as he is primarily out of the spotlight overseas. Risacher has some tweaking to do on a shot that is flat and needs more arc. He’s a talented player but it’s apparent he’s currently not ready for the limelight.

19. Memphis (via GS): Terrence Shannon 6-7 220 SG Illinois Sr.

Maybe this will finally be the year that Terrence Shannon finally puts it all together as a first-round NBA Draft pick. He is a powerful athlete who knows how to play on both ends of the floor in various roles. He can be trusted to run the offense and create shots for himself or bury 3-pointers with his feet set off the ball. Defensively, he can take the toughest assignment or use his length and athleticism to cause chaos off the ball. Consistency has always been his biggest issue, but with more leniency afforded to super seniors in today’s post COVID climate, this is his year to shift that narrative.

20. Oklahoma City (via LAC): Riley Kugel 6-5 205 SG Florida So.

An impressive second half to the season catapulted Kugel onto many draft radars, but it wasn’t enough to feel confident in his stock in 2023. That could be a blessing in disguise for Kugel who has a real chance for a breakout season in Gainesville. He is simply an offensive asset who can score on his own and could develop into one of the best shooters in the country. Look for him to build on his late season surge and be a strong candidate to become a first round pick.

21. Phoenix: Donovan Clingan 7-2 265 C UConn So.

Adama Sanogo’s decision to enter the NBA Draft has opened the door for Clingan to take over as the main man in Connecticut. We saw the brilliant shot-blocking production in limited time as a freshman, but now the spotlight will be fully on the gargantuan sophomore. If he can showcase enough polish in his game, especially as more than just a lob threat on the offensive end, Clingan could solidify himself as a first round pick.

22. Houston (via BKN): Aday Mara 7-2 242 C Spain Intl.

Mara is another Spanish international who could hear his name called at the draft this summer. His stock could fluctuate considerably from now until June, but at 7-2 and nearly 250 pounds, he would already boast one of the most imposing bodies in the NBA. He is still just 18 years old and has a tremendous feel for the game at a young age. He’s in the mold of a Marc Gasol, but may struggle with the speed of today’s NBA game.

23. New York: Isaiah Collier 6-3 190 PG USC Fr.

Collier is a top high school recruit for a reason and should enjoy a ton of the spotlight as a freshman this season playing in front of big crowds with Bronny James. He rarely gets taken off his path on the drive and utilizes elite speed to turn the corner on these attacks to the basket. However, his improvement as a perimeter shooter will need to continue at USC if he wants to climb into the lottery and enhance his draft stock with the Trojans this season.

24. Atlanta (via SAC): DJ Wagner 6-4 165 PG/SG Kentucky Fr.

Some believe that Wagner could be the best freshman for the Wildcats this season, but from a draft perspective, he’s at least a tier below his teammates in Bradshaw and Edwards. His lanky frame is concerning from an NBA standpoint, but the natural scoring and mesmerizing handles allow him to create shots at a level that no other player in this draft can rival. Developing more consistency from all three levels and in particular as a 3 point shooter is the key to him solidifying himself as a first rounder and potentially moving higher in the first round.

25. Memphis: Omaha Biliew 6-8 210 PF Iowa St. Fr.

Omaha Biliew is every bit of 6-8, 210 pounds with one of the most intimidating frames who can rebound and defend but also flash some wing potential. The Iowa State commit is an energetic forward who finishes with ferocity whenever he has the chance. At his worst, Biliew will be a fascinating developmental player who can bring defensive energy and versatility to the NBA from day one.

26. Cleveland: Tidjane Salaun 6-9 207 PF France Intl.

Salaun is still only a 17-year-old prospect from France who is worth keeping an eye on this season with Cholet in the French Jeep Elite league. He tried to display wing skills in front of scouts at the Treviso Eurocamp, but it’s clear his future is as a four who can occaisionally step outside to knock down shots. He has confidence in his outside jumper and has been known to showcase range that extends beyond an NBA 3-point line. He is likely one of the least NBA ready players in this mock and is incredibly raw, but with his length and fluidity he could be a high upside stretch four if he shows a dedication to improve.

27. Denver: JJ Starling 6-4 200 PG Syracuse So.

Expectations were high for both Starling and the Irish last season, but it obviously didn’t work out that way with the 6-4 sophomore looking for a change of scenery at Syracuse. His greatest strengths are on the offensive end, but after a season with 42/30/64 shooting splits, it’s clear he needs to live up to the high school hype as a high-level scorer. Maybe a new system and setting will be the difference to unlock the talent we know he has.

28. Philadelphia: Tyler Burton 6-7 215 SG/SF Villanova Sr.

Burton could be one of the most underrated transfers of the season after moving to Villanova after a productive four-year career at Richmond. The slashing wing averaged 19 points as a senior, one season removed from leading them to the Round of 32 in the NCAA Tournament. His 3-point percentage endured a bit of a dip over the past season (36% to 29%), but he has the confidence to let it fly and the slashing talent to create shots for himself inside the arc when his shot isn’t falling. Any contending team will need to keep an eye on him as a potential instant contributor as a shot creator and scorer.

29. Boston: Mark Mitchell 6-8 220 SF/PF Duke So.

Most of the flashes for five-star freshman Mark Mitchell last season were either attacking the rim when he had a clear path or on the defensive end. His shooting form and ability to create offense left a lot to be desired, but he is a high level athlete has the size and strength to be a terrific defender even if his offensive game doesn’t come to fruition. A bump in offensive efficiency would give the long, athletic forward a shot to be a first rounder.

30. Milwaukee: Nae'Qwan Tomlin 6-10 210 PF/C Kansas State Jr.

Tomlin has one of the most intriguing skillsets in all of college basketball, which he showed during Kansas State’s run to the Elite Eight this season. He is an impressive athlete who moves well in the open floor as a ball-handler or cutter to the basket. He can also spread the floor as a stretch-four or finish around the rim through contact. With a little refinement and more experience on the floor, Tomlin could be a Swiss-army knife at the next level who could be worth a late first round pick in a draft lacking great depth.


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