1. Brandon Davies 6’9 235 lbs. Forward (BYU)- Davies led his team to the championship on Saturday at Churchland High School as he scored 23 points on 10 for 14 shooting and captured the PIT MVP.

Davies averaged 20.6 points and 9.3 rebounds as he impressed onlookers with a host of skillful post moves and midrange jump shots. Over three games, Davies managed to shoot 67.6% from the field. He definitely improved his stock and I will not be surprised to hear his name called on draft night.

2. Dwayne Davis 6’5 224 lbs. Guard (S Miss) – The 6’5 G/F had a very strong tournament leading all scorers averaging 21.7 points per game. Davis was 9 for 9 from the free throw line, second in three pointers made (10) and fifth in three point field goal percentage (.500) Davis saved his best game for his last, scoring 29 points and connecting on 7 three pointers, while leading his team to victory.

3. Keith Clanton, 6’9, 250 lbs. Forward (UCF)- Clanton was highly favored in the PIT physical style of play as he was able to move throughout the interior and make big plays. Clanton averaged 12.7 points, 7 rebounds, and 1 block per game at the PIT. He definitely showed that he can score inside and protect the basket as well.

4. Robert Covington, 6’9, 205 lbs. Forward (Tennessee State)- Covington scored the ball very consistently throughout the camp. Covington averaged 17 points and grabbed 9 rebounds per game at the PIT. He could possibly get drafted in the second round if he performs well in upcoming workouts.

5. Durand Scott, 6’5, 203 lbs. Guard (Miami) – Scott lived up to his ACC Defensive Player of the Year Title. He’s a very strong defender and very decisive on the offensive end. He exploited the opposing defenders strategy; some players allowed Scott to shoot and he consistently knocked down jumpers and others guarded him tight and he used his evasive play to drive right by them on his way to the basket. Scott averaged 13.7 points, 6.7 rebounds, and 4 assists during PIT. He’s hoping to catch on with an NBA team as a defensive specialist and if he continues to display his offensive abilities like he did in the final game of the PIT, scoring 19 points and delivering 9 assist, he stands a good chance of being a second round pick.

6. Tyler Brown, 6’4 185 lbs. Guard (Illinois State)- Brown was at one point projected as a second round draft pick, but after some inconsistent play and a suspension, his draft stock began to slip. Brown was easily one of the best scorers in camp. He showed off his deep range and consistent jump shot in his final two tournament games. During the first game Brown was more of a distributor and set his teammates up for easy opportunities. In a camp that I would rate very stout in regards to its guard play, Brown stood out as one of the best of the bunch. His draft stock and/or interest should increase over the next few weeks. Brown was third in scoring at 19.7 points per game, although he needs to continue to improve on his turnover to assist ratio (1.8)

7. Carl Hall, 6’8, 238 lbs. Forward (Wichita State) – Hall is one of those players that plays the game the way it was meant to be played. He averaged 13 points and 9.3 rebound per game. When you look at how Hall plays, he resembles Carl Landry, a guy off the bench that can inject energy into a lineup.

8. Ramon Galloway, 6’3 180 lbs. Guard (LaSalle) – Galloway averaged a very solid 13 points, 5.7 rebounds, 5.7 assist, and 1.3 blocks per game. He was very effective on both ends of the floor, although he was very careless with the ball in many instances.

9. Jack Cooley, 6’8, 246 lbs. Forward (Notre Dame)- Cooley surprised me and I’m sure a lot of others in the way he overpowered opponents, averaging 13 points and 14 rebounds during PIT. I’m sure some coach will fall in love with Cooley during an workout and he’s have a chance to find himself on an NBA roster next fall.

10. Ed Daniel, 6’7, 228 lbs. Forward (Murray State) – Daniel averaged 12 points and 8 rebounds, and was very comfortable in this type of setting. He needed to prove he has a skill set worthy of drafting, and he did just that taking the ball off the backboard and pushing it down the court and finishing strong at the rim on multiple occasions.



  1. Carl Hall
    I have a particular rooting interest. I met him right after the NCAA tournament was finished and he was a very humble, soft spoken, down-to-Earth type of a person. Even with the hype Wichita State received this past NCAA tournament, he was very approachable and willing to engage in conversation as if you had been long time friends. I sure hope he ends up having a successful professional career, even if it’s not in the NBA.

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